Poster Session

Thursday, October 4, 2018: 5:00 PM - 7:05 PM

Poster Session

Kosmos: A Computational Web Server for Biomolecular Dynamics
Soon Woo Park, Byung Ho Lee and Moon Ki Kim

Targeted CRISPR/dCas9-Mediated Reactivation of Epigenetically Silenced Genes Suggests Limited Escape from the Inactive X Chromosome
Julian Halmai, Peter Deng, Jasmine Carter, Nicole Coggins, David Cameron, Casiana Gonzales, Jennifer Waldo, Henriette O'Geen, Jan Nolta, David, J. Segal and Kyle Fink

Investigating the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Transcriptional Burst Regulation
Connie L. Jiang, Sara H. Rouhanifard, Caroline R. Bartman, Benjamin Emert, Ian Dardani, Allison Cote, Sareh Bayatpour, Gerd A. Blobel and Arjun Raj

Path Dependency in Cell State
Eric M. Sanford and Arjun Raj

Identification of Candidate Inhibitor of m6a-RNA Demethylase ALKBH5
Yume Kato, Yoshie Fujiwara, Kanako Hori, Yu-Shi Tian, Dan Wang and Tatsuya Takagi

Identification of LPS-Induced Enhancers in Human Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
SunHwa Kim, Hae In Choi, Jin Choul Chai, Mi Ran Choi, Kyoung Sun Park, Young Seek Lee, Bert Binas, Kyoung Hwa Jung and Young Gyu Chai

Multiplexed Detection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms on Single Transcripts in Situ
Tongtong Zhao, Zachary Chiang, Fei Chen and Jason Buenrostro

Interpretable Deep Learning Approaches to Uncover the Sequence Determinants of Cell-Type-Specific Transcription Factor Binding
Katherine Tian, Avanti Shrikumar, Georgi K. Marinov, Anna Shcherbina and Anshul Kundaje

Mutation of SMAD4 in Pancreatic Cancer Results in an Epigenetic Switch in Molecular Subtypes Via Regulation of TET2 and Hydroxymethylation
Michael Eyres, Andrew Blake, Adam Burns, Tim Maughan, Anna Schuh, Somnath Mukherjee and Eric O'Neill

Linking RNA Methylation with Chromatin Architecture
Valentina Ignatova, Steffen Kaised, Stefanie Kellner and Robert Schneider
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