Single Cell Epigenetics

Friday, October 5, 2018: 10:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Single Cell Epigenetics

10:30 AM
Recording Cell Lineage and History
Michael Elowitz, KL Frieda, JM Linton, S Hormoz, J Choi, KK Chow, ZS Singer, MW Budde, L Cai, MA Yui, S Siu, S Pease, S Hirose, EV Rothenberg, KKN Ng, I Blythe, AY Kueh and A Mehta

12:00 PM
Exponential Fluorescent Amplification of Individual Nucleic Acids Using Clampfish Probes
Sara H. Rouhanifard, Ian A. Mellis, Margaret Dunagin, Sareh Bayatpour, Connie L. Jiang, Ian Dardani, Orsolya Symmons, Benjamin Emert, Eduardo Torre, Allison Cote, Alessandra Sullivan, John Stamatoyannopoulos and Arjun Raj
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