Poster Session I

Wednesday, September 16, 2015: 6:00 PM
Crowne Plaza Heidelberg City Centre
Poster Session I

A Dynamic Model of Metabolism That Integrates 13C Isotopomer Data
Carles Foguet, Silvia Marin, Vitaly Selivanov, Eric Fanchon, Pedro De Atauri and Marta Cascante

Dynamic Resource Allocation within the Metabolism of Synechococcus Elongatus 7942
Alexandra-M. Reimers, Henning Knoop, Alexander Bockmayr and Ralf Steuer

Accurate and Efficient Solution of Linear and Nonlinear ME Models
Ding Ma, Michael A. Saunders and Laurence Yang

Metabolic Flux Analysis at the Genome-Scale Increases the Scope and Accuracy of Flux Estimations
Douglas McCloskey, Jamey D. Young, Bernhard O. Palsson and Adam M. Feist

The Effect of Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis on Malnourishment
Parizad Babaei, Boyang Ji and Jens Nielsen

Metagenomic Study at Dynamic State to Analyze the Influence of Agricultural Activities in the Structure and Metabolic Functionality of Soil Ecosystems at the Parque Nacional De Los Nevados in Colombia
Astrid Catalina Alvarez Yela Sr., Silvia Restrepo Restrepo, Maria Mercedes Zambrano, Johana Husserl, Jorge M. Gomez and Andrés Fernando González-Barrios

Identification of Cancer Key Metabolic Patterns Using RNA-Seq Data
Cankut Cubuk, Marta R. Hidalgo, Jose Carbonell-Caballero and Joaquin Dopazo

A Whole-Plant Metabolic Model of Maize
Margaret Simons, Rafael Cañas, Bertrand Hirel and Costas D. Maranas

Rapid Evaluation of Itaconic Acid Production Strategies in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Zheng Zhao, Ben Meijrink, Bianca Gielesen, Burhan Ozalp, Rob van der Hoeven, Liang Wu, Roel Bovenberg and Johannes A. Roubos

In silico Design of a Phenotype Switch for Cell Factories
Paula Jouhten, Sergej Andrejev and Kiran Patil

Metabolic Profiling of CHO-K1 Cells Adapted to Glutamine-Free Media
Sarah Galleguillos, Jürgen Zanghellini, Nicole Borth and Michael Hanscho

Quantifying Cellular Robustness in Genome-Scale Metabolic Reconstructions
Sarah Galleguillos, Matthias P. Gerstl, Steffen Klamt, Christian Jungreuthmayer and Jürgen Zanghellini

Comparative Genome-Scale Reconstruction of Gapless Metabolic Networks for Present and Ancestral Species
Merja Oja, Esa Pitkänen, Peter B. A. Blomberg, Sandra Castillo, Dorothee Barth, Greg Medlock, Anna Blazier, Jason Papin, Merja Penttilä and Mikko Arvas

Comparing Condition Specific Genome-Scale Metabolic Networks Obtained from Multi-Omics Data: Exploration of the Metabolic Shifts Occurring during the Differentiation of a Human Hepatic Cell Line
Nathalie Poupin, Anne Corlu, Nicolas Cabaton, Helene Duboit-Pot-Schneider, Cecile Canlet, Clement Frainay, Florence Vinson, Marie-Anne Robin, Daniel Zalko and Fabien Jourdan

Prediction of Community Compositions in Stoichiometric Community Models
Sabine Koch, Dirk Benndorf, Udo Reichl and Steffen Klamt

Metabolic Modeling of Tuberculosis Persisters
Charlie Seto and Nicholas Chia

New Standard Resources for Systems Biology: BiGG 2 Database and Visual Pathway Editing with Escher
Andreas Dräger, Zachary A. King, Justin S. Lu, Ali Ebrahim, Nikolaus Sonnenschein, Philip C. Miller, Joshua A. Lerman, Bernhard O. Palsson and Nathan E. Lewis

Prediction of Metabolic States from Phosphorylation Changes in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Emanuel Gonçalves, David Ochoa, Pedro Beltrao and Julio Saez-Rodriguez

Validation and Benchmarking of Falcon, a Robust and Efficient Method for Estimating Enzyme Complex Abundance and Metabolic Flux from Expression Data
Brandon Barker, Narayanan Sadagopan, Yiping Wang, Kieran Smallbone, Christopher Myers, Hongwei Xi, Jason Locasale and Zhenglong Gu

Integrating Kinetic and Constraint-Based Models of Metabolism
Daniel Machado, Patrícia Lima and Isabel Rocha

Genome-Scale Dynamic Flux Balance Analysis of Aerobic Batch Cultures of Recombinant Pichia Pastoris Strains
Francisco Saitua, Paulina Torres, Alexandra Lobos, Ricardo Pérez-Correa and Eduardo Agosin

Hybrid Modelling to Investigate Plant Immunity
Lucas Marmiesse, David Rengel, Philippe Besse and Susana Rivas

Metabolic Model Reconstruction and Evaluation of Plasmodium Falciparum
Sumana Srivatsa, Mathias Ganter, Ruben Van Heck and Jörg Stelling

High-Quality Reconstruction of Human Synaptic and Asynaptic Mitochondrial Metabolic Networks Based on Predefined Metabolic Sets of Reactions
Diana El Assal, Swagatika Sahoo, Ines Thiele, Longfei Mao, Averina Nicolae and Ronan M.T. Fleming

In silico Analysis of Clostrdidium Acetobutylicum ATCC 824 Metabolic Response to an External Electron Supply
Roberto Gallardo, Alejandro Acevedo, Julian Quintero, Ivan Paredes, Raul Conejeros and German Aroca

Upgrading the Genome-Scale Model of the Methylotrophic Yeast Pichia Pastoris
Màrius Tomàs-Gamisans, Pau Ferrer and Joan Albiol

Metexplore: Handling Genome Scale Metabolic Networks Online
Ludovic Cottret, Florence Vinson, Benjamin Merlet, Yoann Gloaguen, Clement Frainay, Maxime Chazalviel, Florence Maurier, Floréal Cabanettes, Nathalie Poupin and Fabien Jourdan

Integrated Contextualization and Analysis of Metabolic Networks
Patricia Martins Conde, Maria Pires Pacheco, Nikos Vlassis, Thomas Pfau, Mafalda Galhardo, Jake Lin, Lasse Sinkkonen and Thomas Sauter

Generalist Strategy to Survive the Desert: Variable Nutrient Acquisition in Chloroidium, a Euryhaline Green Alga, Revealed through a Draft Genome-Scale Metabolic Network Reconstruction and Phenotype Microarray Data
David Nelson, Nizar Drou, Marc Arnoux, Ashish Jaiswal, Amphun Chaiboonchoe, Bushra Dohai, Glenn Butterfoss, Kris Gunsalus and Kourosh Salehi-Ashtiani

Searching Therapeutic Candidates Against the Yeast Malassezia Sp. By a Metabolic Reconstruction, Feasibility Analysis and Proteomics Validation
Sergio Heli Triana Sierra, John Mario Gonzalez Escobar, Silvia Restrepo Restrepo, Hans de Cock, Adriana Marcela Celis Ramirez and Andrés Fernando González Barrios

Adding Species to the Mix: Refining Models of Anaerobic Digestion
Sören Weinrich, Sabine Koch, Dirk Benndorf, Udo Reichl, Steffen Klamt and Florian Centler

Modelling the Metabolism of Human Endothelial Dysfunction
Sarah McGarrity, Haraldur Halldórsson, Sirus Palsson, Pär Johansson and Óttar Rolfsson
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