Call for Abstracts

Carbon Management Technology Conference 2017: Global CCUS Innovation Nexus


The deadlines to enter new abstracts and to edit existing abstracts have been reached.

The Executive Board of the Program Committee has set a rule limiting any individual to presenting no more than three oral presentations (excluding invited talks and non-presenting co-authorship, and excluding poster presentations).

Group/Topical Selection for New Submissions

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  • Note: Once you click the submission button to enter the online submission process, you will first be prompted to Select a Topic (i.e. Session).

To submit a Proposal to Present, please:

  • Compose a brief abstract of the proposal in your word processor, checking spelling and word count. The abstract may not exceed 750 words, including references. The abstract can be uploaded as plain text or HTML.
  • Abstracts are limited to 10 images. These images will not be used in any printed Program Book, but will be available in the online proceedings only.
  • Within the submission process, be sure to include the email address of each co-author (if more than one author).
  • Remember, when submitted, your abstract will be viewable to session chairs, other presenters, and the public.

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New Submissions Closed