618054 A Power Series Approach for Heat of Vaporization Predicted By the SRK Equation

Monday, November 16, 2020
Student Poster Gallery (Poster Gallery)
Natalie Rowe and Michael Misovich, Engineering, Hope College, Holland, MI

Equations of state like the Soave-Redlich-Kwong (SRK) equation are used to predict the thermodynamic properties of various substances. In previous research, a new adjusted temperature variable, η, was introduced to simplify calculations of equilibrium properties. The goal of this project was to continue using the adjusted temperature variable in both the SRK and Clapeyron equations to model heat of vaporization. An existing calculation algorithm for the Clapeyron equation in reduced temperature was modified to express a new variable, the adjusted heat of vaporization, as a power series in the adjusted temperature. Coefficients of the power series consisted of a constant, K1, and a second term proportional to the acentric factor function of the SRK equation, K2f(ω). The series using K1 constants followed the predicted SRK heat of vaporization data to within the same multiplicative factor, which was used as an empirical adjustment. Constants up to the seventh series term were verified; constants for higher order terms were calculated but began to diverge from the predicted SRK data. Work continues to replace the empirical correction with an exact calculation, to find higher order constants which converge to the SRK data, and to evaluate the constants K2 for the terms proportional to the acentric factor function.

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