Author Index: I

Iaccarino, G.
283a The Sedimentation of Particulate Suspensions Under Orthogonal Shear: Mechanisms at Finite Weissenberg Number
394a Simulating Airflow in Human and Nonhuman Primate Airways with Applications to Aerosolized Drug Delivery Animal Testing
Iacomi, P.
510g Effect of Shaping MOFs on Adsorption Performance By Using Adsorption Microcalorimetry
Iacovella, C. R.
200e Choline and Phosphoryl Contributions to Hydration Structure and Dynamics of Poly(2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine)
220a Slip Slidin' Away: Three Decades of Adventures in Computational Rheology and Lubrication
253am A Transferable Multi-Resolution Coarse-Grained Model for Amorphous Silica Nanoparticles
253ay A General Tool Chain for Screening of Soft Materials
253bd A Logic-Based Framework for Defining Force Field Usage Semantics and Atom-Typing Molecular Systems
366j Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Permeability in Gel Phase Mixed Lipid Bilayers
377b Validation of Computational Models and Codes
595e Application of Concepts from Modeling Integrated Computing for Molecular Simulation for Workflow Encapsulation
717c The Influence of Lipid Tail Length and Cholesterol Content on the Structure of Model Stratum Corneum Bilayers
757g Molecular Dynamics Study on the Effects of Nanoscale Roughness on the Wear of Alkylsilane Monolayers
253bj Development of Transferable Coarse-Grained Force Fields Via Multistate Iterative Boltzmann Inversion
606e Development and Self-Assembly of Coarse-Grained Skin Lipid Models Derived Via Multistate Iterative Boltzmann Inversion
Iasella, S.
683h the Roles of Competing Dissolution, Diffusion and Transient Marangoni Convection Fluxes in Surfactant-Enhanced Spreading of Aerosols for Pulmonary Delivery
234u Innovative Water Treatment Process Based on Electrochemical Oxidation for the Regeneration and Reuse of Water in Marine Recirculating Aquaculture Systems: Eloxiras
449br Improving the Performance of Commercial Polyethylene Based Anion Exchange Membranes in an Electrodialysis Process Using Functionalized Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
234z Evaluation of Microorganism Resistant to Heavy Metal Isolated from Contaminated Water and Soil Used in the Agriculture Sector in Ecuador
Ibo, M.
560a Production of Nanodrops Using Interfacial Electrokinetic Polarization at a Flow-Focused Microfluidic Constriction
Ibrahim, D.
374h Optimisation-Based Design of a Heat-Integrated Crude Oil Distillation System Using Rigorous Simulation and Surrogate Models
682a Combined Use of the Sample Average Approximation and the Analytic Hierarchy Process to Support the Design of Chemical Processes Under Uncertainty
Ibrahim, G.
784f Reversible Ionic Surfactants for the Preparation of Monodisperse, Supported Nanoparticles
Ibric, N.
430h Analysis, Synthesis and Optimization of Multiple-Effect Evaporation Systems Using Mathematical Programming
228bz Profiling the Humoral Antibody Response in Type 1 Diabetes Via Peptide Display
234y Effect of MnO2 Catalyst on Nonthermal Plasma Reactor Combined with Ceramic Filter for Trichloroethylene Decomposition
257i Hydrothermal Synthesis of TiO2 Nanomaterials with Ethylenediamine
259b Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(Acrylic Acid) Coated Magnetite
449ca Preparation of Amine Modified Bimodal Mesoporous Silica Particles for CO2 Separation
Idem, R.
254f The Experimental and Simulated Investigation on Carbon Dioxide Absorption into Aqueous Alkanoamines Aqueous Solution in the Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor
572e A Study of Porous Support Amine-IL Binary System for CO2 Capture
Ideta, K.
446z Development of Activated Carbons for Adsorption Heat Pumps
Idowu, O. J.
512a Halophyte Biochar for Water Desalination Brine Concentrate Management
View Biomass Fueled Multiple Effect Distillation Unit for Water Desalination
Idriss, H.
664g Hercynite Reduction and ITM Membrane Oxygen Removal System for Solar Thermal Water Splitting
Idso, M. N.
98c Incorporation of Photo-Responsive Membrane Protein Species into Nanostructured Silica for Light-Driven Ion Transport
781a Understanding the Roles of Surfactants and Oligomeric Assembly on the Functionality of the Light-Activated Membrane Protein Proteorhodopsin
Ierapetritou, M.
35a Techno-Economic and Life Cycle Analysis of Chemical Production from Biomass Feedstocks
158b Integration of Scheduling and Control Under Process Uncertainties
233aq Gender-Dependent PBPK Modeling
422c A Combined Experimental and Computational Approach Using Discrete Element Method for the Development of a Mechanistically Motivated Breakage Kernel
448b Cyberinfrastructure Enabled Parallelization of Population Balance Models for Efficient Simulation of Granulation Processes
479e Data Management and Integration for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
480e Maria Burka and the Process Engineering Community
742c Advanced Flexible Control System Implementation into Direct Compaction Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pilot-Plant
767a Feedforward Control of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process
Ierapetritou, M. G.
181g Surrogate-Based Derivative Free Optimization of a Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain
233ap Prediction of Formulation Effects of Continuously Formulated Solid Oral Dosage Forms on Bioavailability Using PBPK Modeling
233aw Feasibility Analysis of Flowsheet Models in Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes Considering the Effects of Noise
635a Surrogate-Based Optimization Methodology for Pharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturing Processes
Iglesia, E.
508c Reactivity, Selectivity, and Mechanism of C-C Bond Formation in Alkanal-Alkene Prins Condensations on Solid Acids
689f Reactivity and Selectivity Descriptors for the Activation of C-H Bonds in Hydrocarbons and Oxygenates on Metal Oxides
Iglesia, E.
89e The Kinetics of Elementary Steps in Condensations Catalyzed By Solid Acids: Effects of the Size, Shape, and Charge of Intermediates, Transition States and Catalytic Structures
274a Active Site Requirements and Elementary Steps in the Ketonization of Carboxylic Acids on TiO2 and ZrO2
627a Strategies for the Encapsulation and Stabilization of Monodisperse Au Clusters within Zeolites
674b Light Hydrocarbon Reactions on Solid Bronsted Acids: Confinement and Acid Strength Effects on Ion-Pair Transition States and Their Precursors
688g Dioxygen Activation Pathways in Selective Oxidations Catalyzed By Metal Oxides
Iisa, K.
138h Upgrading of Biomass Pryolysis Vapors of Modified ZSM-5: Effects of Metal(s) Loading and Pretreatment
723b Optimizing Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis and Hydrotreating for the Production of Biofuels
Iiyama, T.
174a Intermolecular Structure of Binary Mixture in Confined Spaces
303a Non-Coulombic Structure of Ionic Liquid Confined in Carbon Micropores with HR MC-Aided X-Ray Scattering
Iizuka, A.
687f Removal and Recycle of Boric Acid from Waste Water with Electrodalysis
Ikeda, C. B.
424b Simultaneous Fast Measurements of Tablet Porosity/Moisture: Real-Time Release Testing for QC Dissolution Prediction
Ikonomova, S. P.
707b Modifying Histatin 5 for Enhanced Resistance to Candida albicans Secreted Aspartic Proteases
789e Purification-Free Antibody Fragment Immobilization Using in Vivo Biotinylation
Ikwuagwu, B.
301e Using Ultrafiltration to Concentrate Detergent-Solubilized Membrane Proteins without Concentrating Detergents
Ilias, S.
617eh A Novel Method for Synthesis of Pt/Momc Catalyst for PEM Fuel Cell Application
646e Influence of Surface-Treated SiO2 on the Transport Behavior of O2 and N2 through Polydimethylsiloxane Nanocomposite Membrane
Illner, M.
32d Microemulsion Systems As Smart Solvent Systems for Homogeneous Catalysis: Rhodium-Catalyzed Hydroformylation of Long-Chain Alkenes in Aqueous Media
143b Hydroformylation of 1-Dodecene in Microemulsions: Proof of Concept and Long-Term Operability on a Mini-Plant Scale
IM, B. G.
721g Viral Gene Vector-Releasing Biodegradable Polyelectrolyte Fiber-Sutures
Im, D.
724d Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of the Carbon Capture System Using Blended Amine-Based Solvent
Imaninezhad, M.
256ah A One-Step Method for Transferring Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes Onto a Hydrogel Substrate for Biomedical Applications
Imbrogno, J.
417c Active Layer Brush Membranes for Pervaporation: A New Class of Synthetic Membranes
Imhof, P.
282a Catalyst Performance Evaluation in Catalytic Naphtha Reforming - Using State of the Art Experimental Design and Reactor Technology to Select Catalysts for Non-Isothermal Reactors in Industry
Imoukhuede, P.
229ax Integrative Meta-Modeling Ranks RTK Signaling and Identifies Connection Between Nuclear Translocation and Extracellular Ligand Concentrations
341c VEGFR1 Mediates Cell Migration through Activation of PI3K and PLCɣ
570a Gentle Microfluidic Cell Capture and Release: PLL Stabilization of the Secondary Anchor Targeted Cell Release System
Imperial, J.
642f Water Soluble Enteric Polymer
Imtiaz, Q.
140c The Role of Support in Increasing Agglomeration Resistance of Cu-Based Oxygen Carriers
626d Understanding the Role of Fe in Bi-Metallic Ni-Fe Dry Reforming Catalysts: A Combined in-Situ XAS-XRD Study
652h Colorimetric Detection of Therapeutic Levels of Ionizing Radiation Using Plasmonic Nanoparticle Gels
View Gold Templated Indicator for Ionizing Radiation
Indermaur, E.
View Investigation of the HP1-SUV39H1 Interaction in S. Cerevisiae
Ingalls, M.
View Preparing Supported Metal Catalysts Coated with Thiols and Phosphonates
Ingber, M.
230ab Relationships Between Structure and Permeability in Colloidal Networks
Ingle, N. P.
170a Fast, Efficient and Gentle Transfection of Human Adherent Cells in Suspension
254ap Response of Activated Sludge to the Presence of Phenol in Batch and Continuous Flow Systems
402d Fixed Bed Modeling Revisited; Generalized Solutions for S-Shaped Isotherms
Ingwersen, W.
751c   Green Net Value Added As a Sustainability Metric Based on Life Cycle Assessment: An Application to Bounty® Paper Towel
218f Development of Solvent Selection Guide for CO2 Spray Coating System
218h Measurement and Correlation of Solubility and Diffusion Coefficient of Ethylene in Molten Propylene-Co-Polymers
Inoue, H.
785f Mechanisms and Adaptation of the Arabidopsis thaliana Root Microbiota in Iron Mobilization and Uptake from Iron-Limiting Environments
Inoue, Y.
481e Phase Equilibria of Mixtures Containing Alternative Solvents for Green Chemistry
Inturi, S. N. R.
371b Visible Light Photocatalytic Degradation of Organic Pollutant Using N Doped TiO2 nanoparticles Synthesized By One Step Liquid Flame Aerosol Method (LFSP)
517e S Doped TiO2 synthesized By Novel One Step Liquid Flame Spray Pyrolysis (LFSP) for Photocatalytic Oxidation of CO in Visible Region
Ioannidis, E.
370d Interpreting Functional-Sensitivity in Catalysis: Exchange-Tuning Vs. DFT+U
Ioannidis, N.
384d Nanoextrusion: A Platform Enabling Comparative Assessment of Nanocomposites Vs. Amorphous Solid Dispersions for Drug Dissolution Enhancement
473a State of the Art Chemical Reaction Model of Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger in Produced Gas Flow-Line Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Ipek, B.
573g Methane to Methanol Conversion in Small Pore Zeolites
Iqbal, M.
197a Polyelectrolyte Coating of Nanoparticles for Applications in High Salinity Media
449br Improving the Performance of Commercial Polyethylene Based Anion Exchange Membranes in an Electrodialysis Process Using Functionalized Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
109a Review and Perspective on Nexus System Analysis
109c Nexus Case Study: Tomato production in greenhouses
677e Improvement of Sn Electrocatalytic Reaction for CO2 Conversion into Formate
Irani, A.
672g Molecularly Imprinted Polymer-Peptide Hybrid Materials for Engineered Protein Recognition
Irawaty, S.
25a Reutilization of Coal Fly Ash for the Production of Highly Beneficial Products
Ireland, P.
149c A Comparative Study of Euler-Euler and Euler-Lagrange Mesoscale Simulations of Moderately Dense Gas-Solid Flows
378c Clustering in Gas-Solid Flows: How Are Clusters Modified By Shear?
Irizarry, R.
656d A Semi-Empirical CLD-to-Psd Model for Crystallization Process Monitoring
Irudayanathan, F. J.
253as Elucidating the Molecular Architecture of the Blood-Brain Barrier Tight Junctions
665d Membrane Guided Self-Assembly of Dimers and Trimers of Tight Junction Proteins
673f Protein Self-Assembly at the Blood-Brain Barrier Tight Junction Interface
Irvine, D. J.
396e Silk Microneedle Skin Patches for Tunable HIV Subunit Vaccine Delivery
Irvine, W.
260ad Cuboidal Colloidal Particles in Nematic Liquid Crystal: Defect Structures and Self-Assembly
Isaacson, B.
470e Evaporation Driven Assembly of on-Chip Nanothermite Devices
Isaksen, O.
735e Single Center Reactivity of Cu(II) Sites in Copper Substituted CHA Zeolite Followed By in-Situ Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Isayev, O.
681a Accurate Property Prediction for Inorganic Materials with Machine Learning
44f The Surface Properties of Organic Crystalline Solids and Their Interactions with Polymeric Excipients and Binders
Isele-Holder, R. E.
62i Formation Mechanisms for Microscopic Precursors in Droplet Spreading
Isern, N.
276b Investigation of Lignin Streams Generated during Ionic Liquid Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass
Ishigaki, Y.
228x Artificial Cellulosome Designed from Cellobiohydrolase Module Library on Streptavidin
391f Module Library Approach for Designing the High Performance Artificial Cellulosome on Nanomaterials
Ishigami, T.
391d Chiral Recognition of Small Molecules at Boundary Edge in Heterogeneous Liposome Membranes
Ishikawa, K.
474f Design, Synthesis, and Structure-Function Relationship of Amphiphilic Organic Ligands for Stable Nanoparticle Dispersions in Various Solvents
Ishikawa, M.
232ab On the Electrical Double Layers of Multi-Component Electrolytes
Ishikawa, N.
174e Understanding Gate Adsorption of CO2 on Elastic Layer-Structured Metal-Organic Framework-11
617at 「Kinetic Model on Conversion of D‑Fructose to 5‑Hydroxymethylfurfural.」
Ishimwe, J. Y.
530g Charge Storage Mechanisms of High-Surface-Area Carbides and Nitrides
Ishizuka, M.
27b Design of Energy Saving CO2 Separation Process Using Circulating Fluidized Bed
270g Integrated Exergy Recuperative Biomass Gasification and SOFC System for Hydrogen and Power Coproduction
619aq Development of Methanol Synthesis Process Using Self-Heat Recuperation
Ishizuka, T.
270g Integrated Exergy Recuperative Biomass Gasification and SOFC System for Hydrogen and Power Coproduction
Ishmael, M.
52e Isobaric Heat Capacity of Supercritical Fluid Mixtures: Experimental Measurements and Molecular Simulations
83c Application of Molecular Characterization to Bituminous Crude Oil to Study Asphaltene Precipitation
262s Modification of Staverman-Guggenheim Combinatorial Entropy Expression
515f Application of Molecular Characterization to Bituminous  Crude Oil to Study Asphaltene Precipitation
499f Effect of Monomer and Cross-Linker Concentration on pH Responsive Functionalized Membranes
Islam, M.
582d A Novel Approach for Mechanistic Modeling and Simulation of Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Systems: Application to Nanoparticle Transport in Tumor Tissues
Islam, M. F.
640f Non-Covalent Functionalization of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes with Engineered Proteins for Targeted Subcellular Delivery
113g Separation of Candida Cells Using 3D Carbon-Electrode Dielectrophoresis
185c Rapid Cell Separation Using 3D Carbon Electrode Dielectrophoresis
251q The Impact of Different Waveforms on Particle Trapping Efficiency When Using 3D Carbon-Electrode Dielectrophoresis 
Islam, S. Z.
100f Neutron Reflectometry Investigation of Hydrogen in Plasma Treated Hydrogen Doped Nanoporous TiO2 Thin Films for Water Splitting Photocatalysis
260af Ordered Nanoporous Titania Thin Films for Energy Conversion and Storage
410g Remarkable Enhancement of Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production in Sensitized and N2/Ar Plasma Treated, Nanoporous TiO2 Films
View Photocatalytic Mesoporous Titania Thin Films on Porous Substrate through the Evaporation-Induced Self-Assembly Method
Islam, T.
164c Modelling of Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders in the Pharmaceutical Industry I: Single Component Model
Islam, T.
336e Host Cell Protein Removal Via Flow-through Chromatography: A Proteomics-Based Approach
Islamov, M.
376a Simulation of Gas Phase Supersaturation and Particulate Matter Formation in Post Combustion CO2 capture Plants Using Aspen Plus
Ismail, A. E.
62i Formation Mechanisms for Microscopic Precursors in Droplet Spreading
377b Validation of Computational Models and Codes
Ismail, W.
231ab The Establishment of Herbal Processing Technology for the Production of Orthosiphon Stamineus Standardised Extracts
231ac Scaling-up Processing Parameter of Andrograpis Paniculata Standardised Extracts
Isner, A. B.
302f Experimental and Numerical Study of Granular Size Segregation in 3D Bounded Wedge Flows
Israelachvili, J. N.
37b A Simple-to-Apply Predictive Wetting Model for Textured (Rough/Patterned) Surfaces and the Role of Re-Entrant Cavities
104b Insights into Surface Hydration through Parallel Measurements of Water Diffusivity and Surface Forces
104j Influence of Humidity on Gecko-Inspired Adhesives
151b Filling of Initially Empty Cavities By Advancing Water Fronts
672c Enhancing Epoxy Network Toughness and Recoverability with Mussel-Inspired Catechol-Iron Crosslinks
Israelachvili, J.
86j Electrostatic Origin of Enhanced Rate of Silica Surface Dissolution
104f Characterizing the Electrochemically Enhanced Dissolution of Silica and Alumina in Alkaline Environments
Issangya, A.
85g Dynamic Forces Induced By Geldart Group a and Group B Particles in Fluidized Bed Systems
149e Bed Densities in Cold Flow and Commercial Fluidized Bed Units of FCC Catalyst Particles
378f The Big Impact Small Particles Have on Fluidized Beds
Ito, T.
230t Gelation Process of in Situ Crosslinkable Hydrogels in the Static Mixer
256af A Proliferation Switch of Fibroblasts in Alginate Microcapsules By in Situ Conjugation of RGD Peptides
131d Optimization and Scale-up of Microfiltration TFF for Reliable Clarification Processes
Itoh, N.
234aa CO2 Removal from CO2-CH4 Mixtures Using a Shell-and-Tube Separator and Its CFD Analysis
300f Zeolite Membrane Permselective to Water Vapor and Its Application to Dehydration Reactions
449ac Separation of Antioxidants from Strawberry By Supercritical Extraction with Carbon Dioxide and Entrainers
449am Composite Palladium Membrane Robust below 573 K Prepared with Sputtering Technique
449ar Enrichment of CH4 from CO2-CH4 Mixtures By Selective CO2 Separation with Ion-Exchanged Zeolite Membrane
449av CO2 Removal from CO2-CH4 Mixtures Using a Shell-and-Tube Separator and Its CFD Analysis
617ft Pd/CuO Bifunctional Catalytic Membrane for Direct Synthesis of Phenol from Benzene
617hw Low Temperature Hydrogen Production from Kinetically Limited NH3 Decomposition in Palladium Membrane Reactor
617o Equilibrium Shifting of Esterification with Water-Permselective Zeolite Membrane
Ivan, A.
613b Well Integrity Inspection in Unconventional Gas Wells
Ivan, K.
253bk Simulation-Based Design of Copolymer Sequence Using the Kinetic Monte Carlo Method
Ivancic, W.
260ah Langmuir-Blodgett Deposition of Anisotropic Nanoparticles
Ivanov, S. V.
45i Development of a Robust Computational Methodology for Value-Added Understanding of Selective Conducting Thin Film Deposition
Ivanov, S.
189a Modeling and Optimization of Industrial Ammonia Synthesis Process
Iverson, N.
168b A Pharmacokinetic Model of a Tissue Implantable Insulin Sensor
652c Corona Phase Molecular Recognition for Protein Targets
View Interleaflet Coupling Effects in Supported Lipid Membranes
Ivory, C. F.
192e Preconcentration of Cardiac Troponins in Whole Serum By Isotachophoresis
505g Rapid Isoelectric Focusing of Proteins in 1 Mm Long Microchannels
Iwamura, M.
391b Growth Behavior of Amyloid Fibrils on Membrane Interfaces of Lipid Membranes
Iwamura, S.
449by Adsorption of Water Contaminants in Continuous Flow Systems Using Carbon Cryogels with a Microhoneycomb Structure
Iyengar, G.
22c The Control of Self-Interested Agents: Learning from Nature’s Wisdom of Crowds
359a Process Systems Engineering Beyond Chemical Plants: Signed Digraph As a Modeling Tool for Analyzing Systemic Risk in Financial Networks
Iyer, M. S.
507c Mining for Therapeutics from the Microbiome
Iyer, S. S.
211a Multiscale Optimization and Intensification of Natural Gas Separation and Storage
471f Design and Optimization of Integrated Carbon Capture and Conversion with Natural Gas to Produce Syngas
Iyer, V.
656e Optimizing a Distillative Crystallization and Evaluating Form Risk
Izadi, T.
View Biocompatibility and Biodegradation of Sensors Enabled By Zinc Oxide Thin Films
48c An Investigation on Short Residence Time Macro Algae Hydro Thermal Liquefaction in a Batch Reactor
554f Recovery and Purification of Methane in Biogas Using One-Tower Vpsa-Methane with Integrated Pretreatment Adsorbent Layers
Izvekov, S.
253y Multi-Scale Coarse Graining of Polarizable Models through Force-Matched Dipole Fluctuations