Author Index: F

Fabbri, P.
646a Mixed Matrix Membranes for H2/CO2 Separation
69b A Novel Model for the Osmotic Behaviour of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
598d Modeling of a Recombinant Protein Production System: Cell Culture Dynamics and Dynamic Metabolic Flux Analysis
Fafarman, A. T.
99a Nanocrystal Doping Stabilizes the Perovskite Phase of Cesium Lead Iodide
223a Electrophoretic Deposition of Nanocrystals Under Flow to Synthesize Semiconducting Thin Films with High Atom Economy
Fagan, J. A.
357e Scaling the Separation of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes through Countercurrent Chromatography
412h Selective Extraction of Carbon Nanotube Enantiomers By Specific DNA Sequences
412j Filled Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes: Endohedral Volume Control for Improved Nanotube Properties
727c Characterizing Salt Effects on Adsorbed Interfacial Surfactant and Hydration Layers Around Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes Using Analytical Ultracentrifugation
Faghaninia, A.
436h First Principles Screening of Transparent Conducting Oxides Using Amobt
Fahy, E.
228dr Lipidomic and Transcriptomic Biomarkers for Diagnosis of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases
Fairen-Jimenez, D.
670c Porous Organic Cages for Drug Delivery
Falahat, R.
454a Evaluation of the Cactus Based-Mucilage As an Alternative Natural Dispersant on Toxicity, Effectiveness, and Surface Tension of Oil-in-Water Emulsion
157a Supported Pt-Re Catalyst for Selective Hydrogenolysis and Hydrogenation Reactions
779c Influence of Sn and Bi on Pt-Catalyzed Aqueous Phase Oxidation of 1,6-Hexanediol
Falconer, J. L.
64h Active Learning in Chemical Engineering
601e Cobalt/Alumina Interactions in ALD Synthesized Catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Faley, S. L.
652g Theranostic Multibranched Gold Nanoantennas for Breast Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics
Fallahianbijan, F.
301d Use of Fluorescent Nanospheres to Study Capture Behavior in Virus Filtration Membranes
Faller, R.
62f Quantum Chemistry Study of Curvature Effects on Boron Nitride Nanotube/Nanosheet for Gas Adsorption
241i Relating Polymer Doping and Nanostructure Formation
253ah Mechanism of the Fcc-Hcp Phase Transformation in Solid Ar
253bo Predicting Protein Dynamics in Complex Environments
436b Using Molecular Dynamics to Understand Transmission Electron Microscopy
649a Computational Study on the Thermal Degradation Mechanism and Gas Adsorption Properties of Mesoporous Silica MCM-41 after High Temperature Treatment
Falus, P.
606d Locally Glassy Dynamics in Colloidal Systems with Competing Interactions
Fam, D.
693b Carbon Foams from Polyhipe/Reduced Graphene Oxide Composites and Their Performance As Electrodes in Supercapacitor Devices
Fan, C.
93j Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors with Filled Microcavities and Waveguide
Fan, C.
227a A Refined Model for Adsorption of Simple Gases on Graphite
Fan, F.
719g Steam Reforming of Dimethyl Ether over a Novel Plate-Type γ-Al2O3/Al Monolith Supported Cu-Based Bi-Functional Catalyst
Fan, H.
454f Natural Organic Matter Fouling Behaviors on Superwetting Nanofiltration Membranes
619c Life Cycle Carbon Footprint of Renewable Electricity Generation from Aspen Forest Intensive Harvest in Wisconsin, USA
760b Economic, Environmental and Social Cost Optimization of Biomass Supply Chain for Electricity Generation in WI, USA
Fan, J. A.
140e Morphological Evolution of Transition Metal Nanostructures with Oxygen Dissociation and Migration during Chemical Looping Processes
629d Methane Conversion to Syngas Using Dopant Modified Metal Oxide Composites in Chemical Looping Reforming
Fan, J.
656e Optimizing a Distillative Crystallization and Evaluating Form Risk
Fan, L. H.
764e Engineering Yeast with Minicellulosome and Cellodextrin Pathway for Co-Utilization of Cellulose and Mixed Sugars
Fan, L. S.
140e Morphological Evolution of Transition Metal Nanostructures with Oxygen Dissociation and Migration during Chemical Looping Processes
149h Numerical Studies on Effects of Particle Rotation in Riser Flows
208d The Syngas Chemical Looping Processes for Hydrogen and Electricity Co-Generation with Carbon Capture: Pilot Plant Development and Operation
270h Metal Oxide Reaction Engineering and Its Connection to Fluidization Systems for Energy Conversion Applications
323d Upgrading Methane to Olefins Using Oxidative Coupling of Methane in a Chemical Looping System
408b Cold Flow Model Studies of a Counter-Current Moving Bed Syngas Chemical Looping Pilot Unit for High Purity Hydrogen and Electricity Co-Generation with Carbon Capture
489e Chemical Looping Carbon Neutral and Carbon Negative Schemes for a Gas to Liquid Fuel Facility Thermodynamic, Techno-Economic and Experimental Analysis
629d Methane Conversion to Syngas Using Dopant Modified Metal Oxide Composites in Chemical Looping Reforming
741h Advanced Control Automation System of the Syngas Chemical Looping Process: Dynamic Model Simulation and Controller Development
710d A Novel Acid Catalyst for Conversion of Ethanol to Butanol
30a Technology Performance and Economical Feasibility of Bioethanol Production in Pervaporation Membrane Bioreactor with Mechanical Vapor Compression
457d Thermodynamics Analysis and Optimization of a Stirling Cycle for Lunar Surface Nuclear Power System
Fan, T.
645f Fabricating of High-Performance Functional Graphene Fibers for Micro-Capacitive Energy Storage
100e Understanding of Diffusion Pathway of Cyclohexane through Nanoscale MFI Zeolite
574e Lewis Acid Zeolite Catalysts for Tandem Diels-Alder Cycloaddition and Dehydration of Dimethylfuran and Ethylene to Renewable p-Xylene
View Novel Synthesis of CHA Zeolites
Fan, W.
350a Hydrothermal Treatment of CAFO Waste to Recover Nutrients to Prevent Nutrient Runoff and Watershed Pollution
Fan, X.
257j Microwave-Assisted Fast Rout to Achieve 1T to 2H Phase Reversion of MoS2 in Solution: Processable Dispersions of 2H MoS2 Nanosheets and 2H-MoS2/Pt Composite
258g Rapidly Exfoliation of Layered Covalent Triazine-Based Frameworks into Quantum Dots for Selective Detection of Cu2+ Ions
353f The Fabrication of Cu2o/g-C3N4/WS2 Triple-Layered Photocathode for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Evolution
410a 1T-WS2 on Graphite Foam As a Binder-Free Electrode for Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution
Fan, X.
256e Silica-Polysaccharides Nanocomposite Nanoparticles As pH-Responsive Controlled Drug Release Carriers
670b Silica Based pH-Responsive Nanocomposite Nanoparticles As Controlled Drug Release Carriers
Fan, X.
View PEDOT Encapsulated Feof Nanorod Cathodes for High Energy Lithium-Ion Batteries
Fan, Y.
233au Powder Tester Comparison to Predict Discharge Rate from Hoppers and Filling Tablet Press Dies
368c Flow Modulation Driven Stratification of Size Bidisperse Granular Mixtures in Quasi-2D Heaps
Fan, Y.
45d Topographically Selective Deposition of Dielectrics Using Ion Implantation
Fan, Y.
306b Synthesis and Characterization of Pegylated Self-Assembled Rosette Nanotubes As Drug Delivery Vehicles
Fan, Y.
770b Engineering Xeno-Free Microcarriers with Recombinant Vitronectin, Albumin and UV Irradiation for Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Bioprocessing
Fan, Y.
736g Simulations of Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon in a Fluidized Bed Reactor with Detailed Reaction Kinetics
Fan, Y.
682c A Demand Response Strategy for Continuous Processes Using Stochastic Optimal Scheduling
Fan, Z.
558a Conversion of Cheese Whey to Lactobionic Acid
367a Impact of the Surface Energy of Particulate Foulants on Membrane Fouling
695h Recent Advances in Evapoporometry for Determining the Pore-Size Distribution of Membranes
Fang, C.
View Revealing Ultrafast Structural Motions of the GFP Model Chromophore in Solution
Fang, J.
195f Heat Transfer Investigation and Dynamic Simulation of Internally Heat-Integrated Distillation Column
Fang, R.
559e A High-Throughput Investigation of Fe-Cr-Al As a Novel High-Temperature Coating for Nuclear Cladding Applications
Fang, S.
462c Design and Simulation of a Continuous Rotating Annular Bioreactor with an Internal Spiroid
Fang, Y.
246k Data Analytics Applied to Reduce Hazards during Process Transitions
553c Consequence Assessment for Event Tree Analysis in Transitions Using Dynamic Simulation
Fang, Y.
684c A Carleman Approximation-Based Approach to Address the Performance Criteria Issue of Economic Model Predictive Control Via Lyapunov Method
Fang, Y.
20d Polypeptide/Nucleic Acid Complexes As Delivery Vehicles
Fang, Y.
517c Enhanced Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction on Thiol-Functionalized Gold
Fang, Z.
310c Application of Systematic Methodology for Design of Tailor-Made Blended Products: Lubricant Design
Fanni, A.
228ea Elucidating the Neuroprotective Mechanism of Curcumin Against Amyloid Beta-Induced Toxicity in Alzheimer’s Disease
Fant, B. R.
559b The Reaction Rate of Uranium-Aluminum Alloys in Boiling Caustic Solutions
Fanzhong, M.
617av Co-Processing of Heavy Residue Oil and Biomass Using Supercritical Organic Solvents
Faraghat, S.
113h High-Throughput, Low-Loss Dielectrophoretic Cell Separation
531c Photo-Mediated Oxime Ligation As a Bioorthogonal Tool for Spatiotemporally-Controlled Hydrogel Formation and Modification
Farahipour, R.
234j Insights on Life Cycle Assesment of Ionic Liquid Based CO2 Capture Processes
383f Computer Aided Design of Ionic Liquids through a New Group Contribution Approach Based on Surface Charge Density and COSMO-SAC Predictions
Farajzadeh, R.
590j Modeling Foam Flooding in Varied Dimensions: The Transport of CO2 Soluble Surfactant for Foam Mobility Control
Faraone, A.
207d Nafion Nanocomposite Membranes for Use in Prospective Large-Scale Energy Storage Devices
255j Relaxation Dynamics and Water Transport in Nafion-SiO2 Nanocomposite Membranes
Farberow, C. A.
689a Mechanistic Insights into Carbon-Oxygen Bond-Breaking on Mo2c Catalysts: Ethanol Dehydration
Farges, O.
664h Monte Carlo method to calculate the lifetime efficiency of a solar reactor for reduction of zinc oxyde
Farghaly, A. A.
93d "Fabrication of Micropatterned Flexible Biofunctional Devices Based on Silk Proteins"
Farhadi, A.
146d Acoustic Reporter Genes for High-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging of Engineered Bacteria In Vivo
622f Genetically Encodable Acoustomagnetic Reporters for Background-Free Molecular and Cellular MRI
Farhadi, S.
14be Flow and Jamming of Particulate Materials
Farinas, C. S.
403d Liquefaction of Lignocellulose
Farizhandi, A. A. K.
44e Study of DPI Carriers Design Parameters for Dry Powder Inhalation through Artificial Neural Network Modeling
Farkas, L.
418e Role of Membrane in Iemb Treatment of Groundwater Highly Contaminated with Oxyanions
630h New Conceptual Design Models for Carbon Capture and Utilization Via Carbonate-Based Construction Materials
713b Polymorph Selection By Continuous Crystallization
Farooq, A.
View High Temperature Measurements of the Reaction of Heptanone Isomers with Hydroxyl Radicals
Farooq, S.
630c Assessing the Potential of CO2 Utilization with an Integrated Framework for Producing Power and Chemicals
649c Molecular Simulations of Wet Flue Gas Adsorption on 13X Zeolite
Farouk, T. I.
209d NOx Formation in Syngas/Air Combustion at Elevated Pressure
Farrell, K. K.
360b Acceleration of Microbial Metabolic Engineering with Crispri
Farrell, S.
73g Steps Toward Improving the Experience of Lgbtq Students in Our Chemical Engineering Departments
Farrell, Z.
606b Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Microphase Separation in Mixed Thiol Monolayers on Silver Nanoparticles
Fasahati, P.
248r Design and Simulation of Biofuel Production from Pyrolysis of Brown Macroalgae
403e Technoeconomic Analysis of Pyrolysis and Electrocatalysis Depots
Fatemi, N.
435e Methane Steam Reforming Unraveled By the Microkinetic Engine, a User-Friendly Kinetic Modelling Tool
Fathizadeh, M.
485f Bio-Mimetic Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor Process for Low-Cost High-Purity Oxygen Production
Faulhammer, E.
233af The Effect of Particle Engineering on the Processing and the in Vitro Performance of Inhalation Blends in Dry Powder Inhalers
788d Decoupling of a Low-Dose Dosator Capsule Filling Process in Dynamic and Static Mode Tests to Understand the Extend of the Effect of Powder and Process Parameters on Capsule Quality Attributes
721d Mixed Poly(ethylene glycol) and Poly(sulfobetaine) Brushes to Control Protein Adsorption and Denaturation on Biomaterial Surfaces
421e Particle Atomic Layer Deposition for Synthesis of Fuel Cell Catalytic Material
Favrat, D.
420e On using CO2 and Renewable Energy for Autonomous Cities
Fazlollahi, F.
84e Natural Attenuation and Biostimulation of Petroleum-Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil in a Simulated Column
179d Experimental Verification and Aspen Plus Simulation- Effect of Operating Conditions on CO2 Removal
328b Application of Dynamic Heat Exchanger Design in Natural Gas Liquefaction Process
Feaster, J. T.
343f Understanding the Influence of [EMIM] Cl on the Suppression of the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Transition Metal Electrodes
343g Influence of Alloying on CO2 Electroreduction on Ag-Zn System
343h Surface Structure Engineering of Cu Thin Films for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction
Fechler, N.
365i Compositions and Structures of High-N-Content Mesoporous Carbon Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts
Fede, P.
378a Development of Filtered Particulate Eulerian Modeling Approach for the Prediction of Bi-Disperse Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed
Fedorova, M.
310c Application of Systematic Methodology for Design of Tailor-Made Blended Products: Lubricant Design
Fedunik-Hofman, L.
498f Kinetic Analysis of High Temperature Thermochemical Energy Storage Based on Calcination–Carbonation Chemical Looping Reactions
498g Thermodynamic Analysis of CaCO3/CaO Looping for High Temperature Thermochemical Energy Storage
Fees, I.
251w Can a Neutral Particle Translate in an Electric Field?
Fei, W.
442b Simulation of Liquid-Liquid Dispersions in Continuous-Flow Pump-Mixer with CFD-PBM
Fei, Y.
197a Polyelectrolyte Coating of Nanoparticles for Applications in High Salinity Media
228dw Using Raman Spectroscopy in Cell Culture Process Development
742d Raman Spectroscopy- Towards the Prediction of Quality Attributes and Application in Cell Culture Process Development
Feinberg, E. N.
7o Machine Learning and Molecular Dynamics Map Conformational Landscape of µ-Opioid Receptor
Fekety, C.
367d Development of Cordierite Honeycomb Membrane Filters for Produced Water Treatment
256h Leveraging Computational Methods to Study the Properties of Star Di-Block Nanoparticles for Use in Targeted Drug Delivery
377f PB-[S]AM, a Novel Solution to the Poisson-Boltzmann Equation for Applications Ranging from Protein Simulations to Polymer Membrane Design
419f Structurally pH Responsive Nangel Star Polymers for Use in Drug Delivery Applications
Feldman, K. M.
694a Quantifying Gel Network Properties Via Poroelasticity (Invited Talk)
View Modeling and Simulation of Pollution Control Units for Improved Sustainability: A Styrene Production from Ethylbenzene Case Study
Felischak, M.
95c Exploiting the Nonlinear Frequency Response Method to Evaluate the Potential of Forced Periodic Operation of Chemical Reactors
676i Direct Synthesis of Propene from Ethene Feedstock: Investigation of Catalytic Concepts
Felix, R.
197f Investigation of the Oxidation Behavior of Copper/Tin and Copper/Carbon Composite Particles Fabricated Via Spray Pyrolysis
552a Active Fault Diagnosis for Stochastic Nonlinear Systems
Feng, D.
419b Investigation of the Effects of Crosslinking on the Properties of Poly(ethylene oxide) Based Solid Polymer Electrolytes
Feng, G.
78g Molecular Simulation Study on Interfacial Humid Ionic Liquids in Supercapacitors
218i Molecular Structure and Dynamics in Room Temperature Ionic Liquids – Insights from Molecular Experiment and Simulation
536h Microstructure of Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids at Charged Surfaces Revealed By Integrated Modeling and Experimental Approaches
591a Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study on Dicationic Ionic Liquid Electrolytes in Supercapacitors
Feng, L. F.
617be Integration of CFD and Polymerization for an Industrial Scale Cis-Polybutadiene Reactor
Feng, L.
526h Combustion Performance of Laser Pyrolysis-Synthesized Boron Nanoparticles with Polytetrafluoroethylene
379c Aquathermolysis of Waste Triglycerides in a Continuous Flow Reactor for Jet Fuels Production
Feng, S.
644e Computational and Experimental Investigation of Stable Polymer-Based Electrolytes for Li-O2 Batteries
Feng, T.
436g Theoretical Prediction of Interpenetrating Metal-Organic Frameworks
Feng, W.
317h Self-Assembly and Chiroptical Response of Homochiral Semiconductor Nanohelices
Feng, X.
152e Crispr-Cas9 Based Transcription Inactivation and Elevation System for Multiplex and Tunable Control of Metabolic Flux in One Step
228az Pathway Compartmentalization in Peroxisome of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae to Produce Versatile Medium Chain Fatty Alcohols
228b Molecular Basis of 5-Hydroxytryptophan Synthesis in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
269a Systematic Optimization of Protein Secretory Pathways in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae to Increase Production of Hepatitis B Vaccine
512b 13c Pathway Analysis for the Role of Formate in Electricity Generation By Shewanella Oneidensis MR-1 Using Lactate in Microbial Fuel Cells
533c Seq2Flux: A Web-Based Platform to Bridge High-Throughput Sequencing and Metabolic Flux Analysis
Feng, Y.
94h Numerical Simulation of the Turbulence Flow in Four Nozzles Opposed Impinging Stream Reactor
Feng, Y.
538f Fabrication of Polyphenylenesulfone (PPSU) and Sulfonated Polyphenylenesulfone (sPPSU) Membranes for Water Treatment and Reuse
Fennie, C. J.
388d First-Principles Based Design of Low Tolerance Factor Perovskites
260u Multi-Scale Molecular Modeling of Rosette Nanotubes Derived from a Tetracyclic GΛC Motif
306b Synthesis and Characterization of Pegylated Self-Assembled Rosette Nanotubes As Drug Delivery Vehicles
335h An “Artificial Nose” for the Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Anxiety in Alveolar Breath
Fenton, O. S.
20e Highly Potent mRNA Delivery In Vivo with Intravenously-Administered Ionizable Lipid Nanoparticles
21e Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Novel Lipid Nanoparticle Materials for the In Vivo Delivery of Messenger RNA
Fenwick, A. Q.
79f Interaction of Anion-Exchange Ionomers with Carbon Dioxide Reduction Electrocatalysts
617cc New Materials Technology for Sustainable Removal of Moisture from Air
617eb Visible Light Photoactivity of Ion Implanted Titania Nanotubes
617ed Enhancement of Photochemical Activity of One Dimensional TiO2 By Targeted Decoration of Transition Metals
728a Nonlinear Learning of Colloidal Assembly Mechanisms from Simulation and Experiment
746d Explicit Nonlinear Collective Variables and Biased Molecular Dynamics Using Autoencoders
View Young Investigator Award: Statistical Learning of Viral Fitness Landscapes for in silico Vaccine Design
734f Role of the Support and Reaction Conditions on the Vapor-Phase Deoxygenation of M-Cresol over Pt/C and Pt/TiO2 Catalysts
Ferguson, J.
727h An Extended Nanoparticle Haloing Study in Microgravity
Ferguson, R.
406d Mechanisms of Pickering Foam Stabilization during Bioreactor Operation
692c Foam Control in the Mammalian Cell Culture Process through Extrinsic and Intrinsic Methods
View Characterizing Mammalian Cell Shear Sensitivity to Improve Cell Culture Bioreactor Efficiency
750h Aging of Thermal Insulation Properties of Polyurethane Foams
Ferlez, B.
301e Using Ultrafiltration to Concentrate Detergent-Solubilized Membrane Proteins without Concentrating Detergents
Fermeglia, M.
224d Modeling: A Tool for Experimentalists. Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Self-Assembling Dendrons for Gene/Drug Delivery
230p Multiscale Modeling of Reacting Polymer Foams Via Computational Fluid Dynamics and Molecular Dynamics
478e Mind the Gap: Bridging Molecular and Fluid Dynamics Simulations in the Polyurethane Foam Industry
Fermier, A.
479e Data Management and Integration for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Fernandes, C.
251k A Framework for Undergraduate Research on Chemo-Electro-Thermotherapy
Fernández, F. M.
255by Kinetics of Prebiotic Depsipeptide Formation from the Ester-Amide Exchange Reaction
Fernandez, M.
777b Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Nanomaterials Discovery
Fernandez-Caban, C. E.
303g Computational Study of CO2 Adsorption on Apohost and LiCl-Functionalized Zn(bdc)(ted)0.5 Metal–Organic Frameworks
Fernandez-Gonzalez, C.
449br Improving the Performance of Commercial Polyethylene Based Anion Exchange Membranes in an Electrodialysis Process Using Functionalized Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Fernandez-Nieves, A.
620d Acitve Toroids
Fernandez-Sesma, A.
740d Comparative Mapping of Dengue Virus-Host Interactions Using Global Proteomics
Fero, M.
507g From Mind to Molecule: Building the Information Technology Backbone for Synthetic Biology
Feroz, H.
301e Using Ultrafiltration to Concentrate Detergent-Solubilized Membrane Proteins without Concentrating Detergents
381d Modeling Water+Hydrocarbons and Water+Oxygenates Phase Equilibrium with the GC-PPC-SAFT Equation of State
Ferrari, M. C.
407c Measurement of the Density of Microporous Materials Needed to Convert Net Adsorption to Absolute Adsorption
696e Clustering Effects in Mixed Matrix Membranes Formed By Nano-Sized ZIF-8 and Pebax
Ferreira, M.
262ay Physico-Chemical Characterization of Fluorinated Ionic Liquids for Their Use As Blood Substitutes
Ferreira, T.
24d Computational Study of the Influence of Injection Nozzles in FCC Industrial Risers
Ferrer, A.
261k Micro/Nano Lignocellulosic Fibrils (MNLCF) Aerogels from Coconut and Oil Palm Tree Residuals and Application for Environmental Remediation
Ferrier, R. C. Jr.
46d A New Synthetic Approach to Epoxide Polymerization
Ferriero, A.
81d Improving the Gut Residence Time of Probiotics through Functional Metagenomics
659a Identification Methodology for Stirred and Plug-Flow Reactors
Ferris, M.
229ay Extending the Dynamic Range of Nanosensors
Ferroni, F.
457e Simulation of Helium Transport Near Prismatic Dislocation Loops in Tungsten
Fertitta, M.
96d B-C and B-Fe Core-Shell Nanoparticles for the Enhancement of Biofuel Combustion
Fester, J.
762d Theoretical Investigation of Supported Utra-Thin Bilayer, Double Bilayer and Trilayer Metal-Oxides: Structure, Stabilty and Catalytic Activity
Fetisov, E.
746i First Principles Monte Carlo Simulations of Reaction Equilibria in Compressed Vapors
Fezzaa, K.
612c In-Situ Imaging of Particles during Rapid Thermite Deflagrations
Fialoke, S.
253bg Understanding Wetting-Dewetting Transitions on Nanotextured Surfaces: Implications for Designing Surfaces with Robust Superhydrophobicity
253q Sparse Sampling of Water Density Fluctuations
715b How Fluctuations Influence Barriers to Dewetting
754b Spontaneous Recovery of Superhydrophobicity on Nano-Textured Surfaces
757f Estimating Interfacial and Line Tensions Between Water, Vapor and Solid Substrates
Fichthorn, K.
37c Obtaining Solid-Liquid Interfacial Free Energy for Realistic Systems 
232n Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Ag Nanocrystals Mediated By Polyvinylpyrrolidone: Thermodynamics Vs. Kinetics 
253f Understanding the Shape-Control Mechanism in the Solution-Phase Growth of Ag Nanocrystals
525h Kinetic Influence of Polyvinylpyrrolidone in the Shape-Control Mechanism of Ag Nanocrystal Synthesis
Fieback, T. M.
339c Gravimetric Analysis Under Process-Near Conditions at Nanogramme Resolution: New Sorption and Solvation Apparatus for Very Small Sample Quantities
Fiedler, C.
229bf Nanoparticle-Loaded Hydrogel Patches on Cells for Drug Delivery
Fiegel, J.
584b Amorphous Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticle Interactions with Pulmonary Epithelial Cells with and without a Pre-Existing Protein Corona
366g Optimizing the Operation of a Direct-Flow Filtration Device
Field, T.
154f Experimental Validation of Membrane-Vapor-Extraction Separation Process
View Recovery of Dilute Aqueous Butanol By Membrane Vapor Extraction with Dodecane or Mesitylene
Fielicke, A.
253k Role of Van Der Waals and Entropy on Gold Cluster (meta)Stability
Figueredo, M.
239c Thermodynamic and Economic Assessment of the Production of Ethylene and Propylene from Bioethanol
Figueroa-Torres, G. M.
758c Kinetic Modelling of Microalgae Growth for the Optimization of Starch and Lipid Production
415e Dynamic Energy Supply By a Pilot Scale Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier Unit
672c Enhancing Epoxy Network Toughness and Recoverability with Mussel-Inspired Catechol-Iron Crosslinks
Filler, M. A.
223b Influence of Surface Reactions on the Infrared Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance of Indium Tin Oxide Nanocrystals
Filler, M. A.
41d Surface Hydrogen Enables Sub-Eutectic Vapor-Liquid-Solid Semiconductor Nanowire Growth
Fillinger, S.
188e Visualization and Modeling of Chemical Processes Via Mosaic
662h pH Driven Reorientation of Cytochrome c on Silica Nanoparticles: Effect of Surface Charge Distribution and Dipole Moment
Fine, A.
225c Catastrophic Failure of Agitated Filter-Driers Due to Triboelectric Charging of Certain APIs
Fink, Z.
323f Design and Properties of Supported Tungstate Catalysts for Oxidative Coupling of Methane (OCM)
Finkenaur, M.
View CO2 Capture of Aminopolymer Loaded Porous Adsorbents
Finley, S. D.
19b Mechanistic Model of CD3ζ Immunoreceptor Tyrosine-Based Activation Motif (ITAM) Phosphorylation Sequence
Finney, C. E. A.
473b Computational Study of the Bubbling-to-Slugging Transition in a Laboratory-Scale Fluidized Bed
401e Microfluidic and Millifluidic Separations for Recovery of Plutonium from Residues
Fiore, A.
464b New Methods for Rapid Calculation of Thermal Forces in Coarse Grained Simulations of Complex Fluids
694g CO2 Induced Plasticization in Glassy Polymeric Membranes for Gas Separation
Firoozabadi, A.
416h The Soret Effect in Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons: Thermal Separation From Alkanes
590g Interfacial Properties of Skins at the Crude Oil – Water Interface: Effect of Salt Concentration, Temperature and Surface Active Chemicals
228aa Characterization of Molecularly-Complete Planar Supported Cell Plasma Membranes for Biomedical Applications
Fischer, C. R.
228cf Scaleable Assembly and Characterization of Fungal Natural Product Gene Clusters
65f Pilot Plant Screening Steps, Test Plan Development, Execution, and Results Analysis As Related to Thin-Film Evaporation
Fischer, S. R.
View Degradation of Nylon 6,6 Parachutes and Implications for Long Term Scientific Ballooning
Fischlschweiger, M.
481d Description and Prediction of Polymer Phase Behavior with Lattice Cluster Theory: An Homage to One of the Great Experimentalists
625f Evaluation of Vascular Targeted Carriers Designed with Dual Ligand Strategies to Target an Inflamed Endothelium
Fisher, G. B.
216e Rapidly Pulsed Reductants in Diesel NOx Reduction with Lean NOx Traps:  Spatial Distribution of Species
633a Low Temperature Conversion of Biomass into Activated Biochar for Water Treatment in Resource-Constrained Settings
Fisher, L.
295b Attracting and Nurturing Talent: Diversity, Inclusion, and Gender Empowerment in Industry
Fisher, R.
753b Experimentally Driven Choices in the Fabrication of a 45 Kw Solar Simulator
Fisher, R.
342g A Novel Analysis of Residence Time Distributions for Continuous Powder Mixing
335h An “Artificial Nose” for the Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Anxiety in Alveolar Breath
Fitzgerald, J.
732b Photodynamic Enhancement of Drug Delivery to Tumors
Fitzgibbon, S.
165h Product-Agnostic Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Model for Single-Use Mixing System
Flagan, R. C.
273i New Findings Based on Airborne Measurements of Aerosol Particles and Stratocumulus Clouds off the California Coast
281b Pathways to Selectively Form Individual Aromatic Products from Ethanol
617go Elucidation of the Mechanisms for Direct Synthesis on Pd, Aupd, and Agpt Clusters 
641d Mechanistic Study of C-O  Bond Rupture on Ruthenium Phosphide Surface: Transient and Steady State Measurements
779b Mechanistic Studies on the Direct Synthesis of H2O2 on Pd and Aupd Clusters 
Flake, J. C.
441c Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Mixtures of Refrigerants and Deep Eutectic Solvents
517c Enhanced Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction on Thiol-Functionalized Gold
Flake, T.
256ab Spatiotemporal Modeling and Rapid Sealing of Ruptured Tissue with Plasmonic Nanocomposites
334d Award Session: Plasmonic Collagen Nanocomposites for Rapid Tissue Sealing and Repair
624f Plasmonic Collagen Nanocomposites for Rapid Tissue Sealing and Repair
342b Flowsheet Modeling of a Continuous Direct Compression Process at Production Scale
251x Characterizing Human Stem Cell Function with Dielectrophoresis and Flow Cytometry
Flanagan, M.
683a Development of Injectable Microgels for Galns Enzyme Replacement Therapy
Flanders, N.
492d Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction As an Alternative Source of Fuels and Chemicals
Fleckenstein, P.
239a Cyclic Polyethylene Furanoate As a Monomer from Renewable Resources for Ring Opening Polymerization
Fleischman, S. D.
617do Cobalt-Copper Alloy Nanoparticle Catalysts for Higher Alcohol Synthesis from Syngas
84e Natural Attenuation and Biostimulation of Petroleum-Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil in a Simulated Column
Flick, D. W.
235e Inhibition Effect during Catalyzed Biomass Char Gasification in Steam and Carbon Dioxide and Its Reversal
576a Gasification Reactivity of Model Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Char and Its Components in CO2 and Steam
269a Systematic Optimization of Protein Secretory Pathways in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae to Increase Production of Hepatitis B Vaccine
Flores, R.
739h Biosensor Coatings from Protein-Polymer Complex Coacervates
Flores-Cerrillo, J.
359f Development of a High Fidelity and Reduced Order Data-Driven Model of Hydrogen Plant
359g Computation and Analysis of Optimal Operating Strategies for Air Separation Units Using High Fidelity Dynamic Models
454d Macroalgae and Chitosan-Macroalgae Biocomposite As Potential Adsorbents of Water-Soluble Hydrocarbons: Effect of pH, Organic Matter and Ionic Strength
189d Product Dynamic Transitions Using a Derivative-Free Optimization  Trust-Region Approach
Florita, A.
637d An Opportunistic Hybrid Communications System for Distributed PV Coordination and Control
Floudas, C. A.
211f Natural Gas to Liquid Transportation Fuels Utilizing Chemical Looping Technologies for Syngas Generation: Process Synthesis and Global Optimization
315b Optimal Production of Light Olefins from Lignocellulosic Biomass (BTO): Process Synthesis and Global Optimization
359d Improved Data-Driven Mathematical Modeling and Global Optimization Framework: An Application in Refinery Planning Operations
374f Shale Gas to Light Olefins: Global Optimization of an Integrated NGL Recovery, Steam Cracking, and Methane Conversion Superstructure
430d Production of Benzene, Toluene, and Xylenes from Natural Gas Via Methanol: A Process Synthesis and Global Optimization Approach
456a Uncertainty Considerations for Surrogate Functions for Constrained Grey-Box Optimization
471h Natural Gas to Liquids, Olefins, and Aromatics Under Uncertainty in Feedstock and Product Prices
479c Nonlinear SVM-Based Feature Selection for Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Continuous Processes
488c Biomass-Based Production of Benzene, Toluene, and Xylenes Via Methanol: Process Synthesis and Deterministic Global Optimization
540b Toward Optimal NGL Conversion to Olefins: Advances in Steam Cracking Optimization
613h Global Optimization of Constrained Grey-Box Models for Well Injection and Production
635b Probabilistic Robust Optimization and a Posteriori Bounds
635c A Comparative Analysis of Robust Optimization and Scenario-Based Approaches for Optimization Under Uncertainty
636f Robust Optimization of Biomass and Natural Gas to Liquid Transportation Fuel Refineries: Process Synthesis Under Uncertainty in Feedstock and Product Prices
703c Medium-Term Scheduling of Integrated Gasoline Blending and Delivery Operations Using Enhanced Rolling Horizon Decomposition Approach
778d Process Synthesis of Natural Gas to Liquid Transportation Fuels Under Uncertainty: A Robust Optimization Approach
Flowers, B.
71b High Performance, Bio-Derived Solvents for Pre-Combustion Capture
537h Ionic Polyimides: New Dimensions in the Design of Polymer Gas Separation Membranes
Floy, M.
View Synthesis and Characterization of Thermoresponsive Hydrogels Based on N-Isopropylacrylamide (NIPAAm) and Novel Crosslinkers
Floyd, J.
454c Performance Analysis of Texas Eagle Ford Shale Oil Hydro Fracturing Produced Water Treatment Process
Flynn, N.
732c Internalization of Nanoparticles Functionalized with Low Molecular Weight Protamine into Erythrocytes
Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, M.
626a Aqueous Phase Catalytic Conversion of Methane to Methanol on Bimetallic Catalysts Under Mild Conditions
669b Design of Palladium-Gold Catalysts for Liquid Phase Selective Alkyne Hydrogenation with Single Atom Alloy Strategy
669c Selective Dehydrogenation of Ethanol to Acetaldehyde and Hydrogen on a Highly Diluted Nicu Alloy
View Selective Dehydrogenation of Ethanol Using Single Atom Alloy Catalysts
Foehner, C. G.
94b Power Numbers and Power Correlations for a Retreat-Blade Impeller Under Different Baffling Conditions
Fogarty, J.
19g Development of a Virus-like Particle Based HIV Vaccine Candidate
81b Developing a Modular Virus-like Particle Vaccine Platform for Viral Diseases
787c Development of a Scalable Process for Production of a Broadly Protective Influenza Antigen
Fogarty, K. P.
330c Use of Bok By an AIChE Working Group in the Development of a New Process Safety Management (PSM) Curriculum for Aiche Academy
Foger, E.
703d Reducing Enterprise Wide Planning and Scheduling to Practice
Fogler, H. S.
64a  Why John Is Right Not to Lecture
Foister, S.
92c Session Keynote - Alkaline Conducting Membranes and Components for Electrochemical Devices
Fok, S.
544c Dose-Dependent Intracellular Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species Production from Particulate Matter Exposure: Results from Ambient Samples and Chamber Experiments
Foley, B.
171b In-Situ X-Ray Diffraction Studies on the Self-Assembly of Metal Halide Perovskite Thin Films
Folkenroth, J.
726f The Innovative Use of Micronized Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose As a Pore Former in Dry Powder Coatings of Ethylcellulose Barrier Membrane Coatings on Multi-Particulates
Follenfant, R.
228bq Hybrid Promoter Engineering for the Development of Novel Promoters Inducible By Lignin Derived Phenolics
Fong, K.
228ai Nanofiltration for Mitigation of Upstream Viral Contamination Risks from Cell Culture Media and Feed
188c An Automated Supertargeting Approach for Heating Medium System
Forbes, F.
309h Robust Optimization Approximation of Chance Constrained Model Predictive Control
228aw Motility Is Necessary to Enable Efficient Intratumoral Dispersion of Salmonella
278b Establishing Mechanically Active Synthetic Mucosal Interface in a Multi-Well Plate
220f A Biased Review about Computer Simulations of Protein Folding and Aggregation
228eg Effect of Subtle Differences in Amino Acid Sequences on the Aggregation of Insulin Fragments
293c A Longitudinal Study of the Epistemological Beliefs of Chemical Engineering Students
732f Bioresponsive Polymer Coating on Targeted Drug Nanorods
Ford, A.
229a Investigating Macrophage Plasticity and Migration in a 3D Wound Healing Model
229q Cytoplasmic Stiffness in Migrating Cells at the Interface of a Chemical/Mechanical Gradient
Ford, D.
366a Modeling Gas and Vapor Transport Mechanisms in Mesoporous Membranes Using Dynamic Mean Field Theory
715c Using Dynamic Mean Field Theory to Study Non-Equilibrium Steady States in Mesoporous Membranes
715e Two Perspectives on the Phase Behavior of Small Clusters of Colloidal Particles
Ford, D. C.
528a Density Functional Theory Study of the Hydrolysis of a Sodium Borosilicate Glass
693h Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study of Oxygen Mobility in Hydrated Alpha-MnO2
Ford, K.
394g Modulation of Self-Assembly in Biological Motor Complexes
Ford, M.
323f Design and Properties of Supported Tungstate Catalysts for Oxidative Coupling of Methane (OCM)
View Solid Acid Catalytic Dimerization of Ethylene to Butenes
Ford, R. M.
354d Transport of Chemotactic Bacteria in Granular Media Containing a Distribution of Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid Contaminants
394i Population Dynamics of Chemotactic Bacteria in Response to Multiple Chemical Stimuli
540g Modeling Chemotactic Bacterial Transport in Physically Homogeneous Groundwater Systems Containing Distributed Contaminant Sources
View Exploiting Natural Processes to Reduce the Need for Petroleum-Based Fertilizers: The Role of Bacterial Chemotaxis in Nitrogen Fixation of Leguminous Plants
Ford Versypt, A. N.
229bd Computational Modeling of Tuberculosis Granuloma Activation
341e Parameter Estimation for Sparse Biological Data: Glucose-Dependence of Renin-Angiotensin System in Podocytes Cells during Diabetic Kidney Disease
502b An Educational Matlab App for Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Modeling of ACE-Inhibition
566c Self-Reflection Assignments for Evaluating Non-Technical Skills and Setting Goals for Professional Development
Fordham, J. L.
608b Ultrafast Photoexcited Carrier Dynamics in Ligand-Exchanged PbSe Nanocrystal Films: Lifetime, Mobility, Diffusion, and Interfacial Charge Transfer
Forgber, T.
144b Thermal Fluxes in Wall Bounded Sheared Granular Beds Near the Jamming Point
448af Intra- and Inter-Particle Resolved Simulations and Experiments on Thermal Transport in Confined Particle Beds
Forkus, B.
81e Engineering Probiotic Bacteria for Pathogen Reduction in Poultry Production
500e Pmpes: A Modular Peptide Expression Vector for the Production of Antimicrobial Peptides from Probiotic E. coli
354b Self-Diffusion of Heptane inside Aggregates of Porous Alumina Crystallites By Pulsed Field Gradient NMR
447b Microscopic Diffusion Studies of Pure and Mixed Methane and Carbon Dioxide in ZIF-11 By NMR
490b Shrinking Anodized Aluminum Oxide Pores Beyond 10 Nanometers
Fornasiero, F.
357f Ultra-Breathable Carbon Nanotube Pores
383c Probing Multiscale Structure in Aligned Nanotube-Polymer Composites
Fornasiero, P.
629a Engineering Highly Active Brookite Titania Nanorods for Sustainable Hydrogen Production
782a Effect of Boron Promotion on the Performance of Platinum Catalysts for Propane Dehydrogenation
Forohar, F.
612d Applying Pressure and Shear on Nitrogen-Rich Energetic Materials to Create Metamaterials
Forrey, C.
255ae Improving Risk Assessment of Color Additives in Medical Device Polymers
Forster, J.
40d Carrier Scattering at Alloy Nanointerfaces Enhances Power Factor in PEDOT:PSS Hybrid Thermoelectrics
Forsyth, V. T.
665c Self-Assembled Peptides with RGD Motifs As Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
Forsythe, J. G.
255by Kinetics of Prebiotic Depsipeptide Formation from the Ester-Amide Exchange Reaction
Forte, E.
53d Multi-Criteria Optimization of Thermodynamic Models: Describing Water with PCP-SAFT As an Example
169f The Dynamics of Biodiesel Profile and Fungal Diversity of Activated Sludge during Lipid Accumulation on Acetic Acid
589b The Case of Making Fuel Oil from Sanitary Sewage
619aa Kinetics Modeling of Fed-Batch Lipid Accumulation of Activated Sludge
Fortier, M. O.
619i Climate Change Impacts of Bioethanol Production from Willow
Fortner, E.
209g Inferential–MODEL Based FLARE SET POINT Determination
253an Nusimm: A User-Friendly Cloud Based Web Interface for Performing Molecular Simulations
377c Pysimm: A Python Package for Simulation of Amorphous Polymeric System
255al Estimation of Kinetic Parameters for ATRP Polymerization from MWD Experimental Data Using the Pgf Technique
Fortune, C. K.
750i Biorenewable Tough Blends of Polylactide and Acrylated Epoxidized Soybean Oil Compatibilized By a Polylactide Star Polymer
229ai Free Surface Electrospinning of Microemulsions Containing Vitamin E
485d Free Surface Electrospun Polyvinylidene Fluoride Membranes for Direct Contact Membrane Distillation
604h The Development of Ceramic Metal Oxide Membranes By Means of Reactive Electrospinning
Forzani, E.
280c An Ammonia Sensor for a Handheld Analyzer for Non-Invasive, Real-Time Monitoring of Kidney and Liver Disorders
280g Development of a Mobile CO2 Breath Sensor for Pulmonary Assessment
Fosbøl, P. L.
572g Carbonic Anhydrase Enhanced Carbon Capture: Kinetic Measurements and Pilot Plant  Trials
Foster, A. A.
395a Injectable Hydrogels for Tandem Cell/Gene Transplantation
Foster, D. G.
View Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of the Carotid Artery
705f Crossover in Topologically Driven Surface Segregation of Cyclic/Linear Polymer Blends
Foster, M.
384c Operational Control Strategy Development Via First Principles Mapping
Foster, M. N.
68i Anisotropic, Acellular, Silk-ECM Patches for Treatment of Myocardial Infarction
Foster, S.
351f High Efficiency, Low Cost Electrochemical Ammonia Production: Challenges and Opportunities 
View Efficiency of Bimetallic Nanoparticles for Treatment of Orange G in Water
Foster, S.
View Novel Synthesis of CHA Zeolites
735c Probing Reactions at the Solid-Liquid Interface By Operando Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy
85d Impact of Particle and Column Electrical Properties on Entrainment from Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds
Foudazi, R.
View Optimization of ZIF-7 and ZIF-8
Fox, A.
239e Preparation and Properties of Soybean Oil-Based Composites Containing Natural Fillers
Fox, J. M.
69c Water-Restructuring Mutations Can Reverse the Thermodynamic Signature of Protein-Ligand Association
Fox, R. O.
85f Simulating Fluid-Particle Flows Across All Flow Regimes
149c A Comparative Study of Euler-Euler and Euler-Lagrange Mesoscale Simulations of Moderately Dense Gas-Solid Flows
215g Eulerian-Lagrangian Simulations of Bidisperse Particles in Cluster-Induced Turbulence
221a Turbulent Mixing - From Fundamentals to CFD Models
230aw Computational Study of Turbulent Bubbly Flows
321g RANS Modeling of Cluster-Induced and Shear Turbulence in Particle-Laden Channel Flow
378c Clustering in Gas-Solid Flows: How Are Clusters Modified By Shear?
382e Modeling and Simulation of Flash Nanoprecipitation in a Multi-Inlet Vortex Reactor
View Quadrature-Based Moment Methods for Fluid-Particle Flows
Fox, S.
418e Role of Membrane in Iemb Treatment of Groundwater Highly Contaminated with Oxyanions
Fradette, L.
487g Scale-up Rules for the Generation of Solid-Stabilized Emulsions
Fragkopoulos, A.
620d Acitve Toroids
Fraldi, M.
105g The Role of Viscoelasticity in Bubble Breaking
Franchville, J.
749h Assessment and Predictive Modeling of Pharmaceutical Powder Flow Behavior in Small-Scale Hoppers
Francis, D.
203d Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films As Templates for Surface Modification to Design Liposomes Mediated Local and Sustained Therapeutic Delivery
Francis, L. F.
99d Microstructure Development in Cu2znsn(SxSe1-x)4 Thin Films during Annealing of Colloidal Nanocrystal Coatings
230n Capillary Flow Dynamics in 3D Printed, Open Microchannels
283c Simultaneous Flow and Drying in Open Microchannels
667e Effect of Particle Size and Shape on Drying and Stress Development in Colloidal Coatings
694f Micromolding of UV Curable Coatings
Francis, M.
12i Engineering the Spatial Organization of Proteins for Applications in Synthetic Biology and Beyond
724f Heat Integration of Absorption-Based Carbon Capture Processes in the Industrial Sector
231am Characterization of Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) Starch from Two Clones and Evaluation of Its Properties for Industrial Uses
Franco, L. F. M.
754g Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Natural Gas Fluids Confined By Calcite: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Francois, K.
479f Sipat 5.0 – the Next Generation of PAT Data Management
Frank, C. W.
739i Microscopic Structures in Ion Exchange Fuel Cell Membranes
53b Thermodynamic Modeling of Hydrogen-Bonded Mixtures
476b Process Integration for Simulated Moving Bed Reactor for Production of Glycol Ether Acetate
577g Transesterification of Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether Using Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Catalyst in Simulated Moving Bed Reactor
Fränkel, T.
742b Using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) to Analyze in Real-Time the Tablet Coating Variability of a Continuous Drum Coating Process
Franqui-Villanueva, D.
25d Hydrothermal Carbonization of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste and Corresponding Digestate Via Anaerobically Digestion
464g The Effect of Suspended Colloidal Particles on the Stability of High-Density Particles Against Sedimentation
727a Effect of Interparticle Interactions on Agglomeration and Sedimentation Rates of Colloidal Silica Microspheres
Fraseur, J. G.
625e Determining the Size of Protein Conjugated Nanoparticles By Quantifying Brownian Motion
789b Engineering Proteins for Bioorthogonal Surface Conjugation of Gold Nanoparticles
Frauzem, R.
27a Systematic Framework for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilization Processes to Reduce the Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions
724c Application of a Systematic Methodology for Sustainable Carbon Dioxide Utilization Process Design
Frawley, P. J.
285d Evidence of Crystal Nuclei Breeding in Laboratory Scale Seeded Batch Isothermal Crystallisation Experiments
658a The Influence of Squeeze Films in Particle-Impeller Breakage Events
Frazar, E.
View Removing Roadblocks to Make the Conversion of CO2 Emissions to Diesel and Jet Fuel Using Algae an Industrially Viable Process
View Polymer Synthesis from Cottonseed Oil
Frechette, J.
104h Role of Surface Microstructure and Elasticity in Promoting Lubricated Contact and Adhesion
483c Elastic Deformation of Soft Supported Films of Finite Thickness during the Drainage of a Viscous Fluid
Frecker, T. M.
255bc Metal Nanocrystals Embedded in Polymer Thin Films for the Reporting of Material State
Fredrickson, G. H.
747c A Multi-Fluid Model of Phase-Inversion Membrane Formation
14d Thin Films and Two-Dimensional Materials for Energy Applications
617cu Engineering the Electronic Structure of Mxenes Using Density Functional Theory: Strain and Support Effect
617cv Theoretical Screening of Mxenes for Catalysis Using Density Functional Theory
Freedman, A. J. E.
773a Engineering an Environmentally-Isolated Bacterium for Continuous Biofuel Production and Recovery Under Supercritical CO2
Freeman, B. D.
204b Synthesis, Gas Permeation and Selectivity of Highly Elastic Poly(dimethylsiloxane)/Graphene Oxide Composite Elastomer Membranes
346a Diffusion of Ions in Charged and Uncharged Polymers (Invited Talk)
449aw Liquid Methanol Sorption, Diffusion and Permeation in Water Swollen Polymers
449bt Influence of Fixed Charge Group Concentration on Ion Sorption in Ion Exchange Polymers
463e Water and Salt Transport in Polymer Membranes Prepared By Solvent-Free Melt Processing
463f Influence of Fixed Charge Group Concentration on Ion Sorption in Ion Exchange Membranes
463g Mixed Ion Sorption and Transport in a Cation Exchange Polymer Based on Sulfonated Polystyrene
537f Modeling Gas Sorption in Thermally Rearranged Polymers: A Thermodynamic Approach
63d Ion Sorption, Diffusion and Transport in Charged Polymer Membranes
Freeman, B.
137g CO2 Capture from Power Plant Flue Gas By PolarisTM Membranes: Update on Field Demonstration Tests
Freeman, C.
View Polymer Synthesis from Cottonseed Oil
Freeman, C. M.
595d High-Throughput Calculations of Molecular Properties in the MedeA® Environment
Freeman, E.
617fm Comparison of Metal-Support Interaction on Pd/α-Fe2O3 Nanorod and Pd/α-Fe2-XMnxO3 nanorod Catalysts
Freeman, R.
15h Programmable Peptide-DNA Hybrid Nanomaterials
68a Instructing Cells with Programmable Peptide-DNA Hybrids
395h Peptide-DNA Hybrid Nanomaterials for Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Freeman, T.
206h The Influence of Roller Compaction Processing Variables on the Rheological Properties of Granules
225d Comparison of Magnetically Assisted Impaction Coating (MAIC) with Traditional Mixing Techniques for the Addition of a Silica Flow Aid
378f The Big Impact Small Particles Have on Fluidized Beds
448l The Application of Powder Rheology for Evaluating the Flow Behaviour of Powders for Additive Manufacturing Applications
448m Process Analytical Technology for High Shear Wet Granulation: Wet Mass Consistency Reported By in-Line Drag Flow Force Sensor Is Consistent with Powder Rheology Measured By at-Line FT4 Powder Rheometer
448y Comparing the Flow Behaviour of FCC Catalysts Using the FT4 Powder Rheometer®
Freemont, P. S.
789f A Rapid Diagnostic Assay for Protein Biomarkers Using Whole Cell Biosensors
Freger, V.
499d Development of Anti-Fouling, Anti-Microbial Membranes for Wastewater Treatment
Freinkman, E.
82b Human Serum-like Medium Promotes Extensive Metabolic Alterations in Cancer Cell Lines and Affects Cellular Sensitivity to Chemotherapeutic Drugs. 
Freire, S.
305b Bio-Inspired Sensitive and Reversible Mechanochromisms Via Surface Engineering
305c Tuning the Dynamics of Moisture Responsive Wrinkles
Freireich, B.
714b Choking Modifications to a Conveyor Feed Chute
Freitag, A.
656e Optimizing a Distillative Crystallization and Evaluating Form Risk
Freitas, B.
152e Crispr-Cas9 Based Transcription Inactivation and Elevation System for Multiplex and Tunable Control of Metabolic Flux in One Step
French, R.
723b Optimizing Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis and Hydrotreating for the Production of Biofuels
French, W. T.
589b The Case of Making Fuel Oil from Sanitary Sewage
589f Evaluation of Optimum Cell Disruption for Microbial Lipid Extraction Using High Pressure CO2
39e Influence of Intraparticle Transport Processes on Optimal Reactor and Catalyst Design
95b Model-Based Design of Optimal Reactors Considering Catalyst Deactivation
95f Statistical Activity Variations in Diluted Catalyst Beds: Influence on Reactor Behavior
Frick, R.
228ee Accurate Structure Prediction of CDR H3 Loops Enabled By a Structure-Based C-Terminal Constraint within Rosetta
Fried, E.
229s Biodegradable Proteolipobeads for Dynamic Ligand Display in Cell Microenvironments
215a Semi-Empirical Drag Correlation for a Gas Solid Vortex Reactor Starting from the Radial Momentum Balances
Friedman, M.
740b Recurrent Patterns of DNA Copy Number Alterations in Tumors Reflect Metabolic Selection Pressures
Friedrich, S.
171d Dopant Diffusion and Implications for Device Stability
Friend, C. M.
399h Oxygen Dissociation for Selective Oxidation on Gold: Effect of Alloying and Geometrical Structure
669c Selective Dehydrogenation of Ethanol to Acetaldehyde and Hydrogen on a Highly Diluted Nicu Alloy
689e Facile Formation of Methyl Acrylates By Cross Coupling of Unsaturated Alcohols-Aldehydes with Methanol on Au(110)
Frink, Q.
41b Solvent-Dependent Conductivity Enhancement of Carbon Nanotube Structures through Iodine Monobromide (IBr) Doping
Frisbie, C. D.
280d Rapid, Continuous Monitoring of Protein Levels in Food Matrices By Combining Microfluidics and Printed Electronics
536d Field Effect Control of Electrochemical Reaction Kinetics at Back-Gated, Ultrathin Semiconductor Electrodes
Frissen, M.
406c Novel Colloid Chemistry Approach to Resolving Emulsions for Fouling Control in Steam Crackers
Fromen, C. A.
12ab Engineering Intelligently Designed Nano- and Microparticles to Control Interactions with the Immune System
68c Toll-like Receptor (TLR)-Functionalized Nanoparticle Adjuvant Carriers Toward Optimized Vaccine Formulations and Immune-Modulators
625f Evaluation of Vascular Targeted Carriers Designed with Dual Ligand Strategies to Target an Inflamed Endothelium
Fronczak, S. G.
726b Non-Contact AFM Measurement of the Hamaker Constants of Solids: Calibrating Cantilever Geometries
Fröscher, A.
716b Prediction of Liquid-Liquid Equilibria in Oligomer-Containing Biotechnological Systems Using Associating Lattice Cluster Theory (ALCT)
409e Production of Hydrogen from Various Feedstock Options Using Plasma Reforming
545d Conversion of Coal and Biomass to Liquid Hydrocarbons Using Gasification and a Hybrid Fischer Tropsch Catalyst
Frostad, J. M.
112g A Way for Wafer Washing: Study of Rinsing Flow Dynamics on Rotating Silicon Wafers
349c Understanding Beer Foam with Dynamic Fluid-Film Interferometry
349d Elucidating the Role of Interfacial Rheology on Foam Wetness
483e Rinsing Flow Instabilities on Rotating Silicon Wafers – Effect of Viscosity and Wettability
483i Bubble Shape Hysteresis: The Effect of Compressibility
535i Theory for Thin-Film Evolution Between a Sphere and a Planar Free Surface
Fruchtl, M.
336b Anti-Candida Peptide Production Using a Recombinant Expression Platform
737g Bioproduct Design through Market Assessment: NSF Innovation Corps (I-CorpsTM) Participation Guides the Development of New Escherichia coli Strains
374b A Target Upper Bound on Reaction Selectivity Via Feinberg’s Cfstr Equivalence Principle
Frutiger, J.
262k Equation of State Selection for Organic Rankine Cycle Modeling Under Uncertainty
529e Safeprops: A Software for Fast and Reliable Estimation of Safety and Environmental Properties for Organic Compounds
Fry, A. M.
368e Modeling Segregation in Granular Flows with Overlapping Particle Size Distributions
Fry, A.
209c On the Role of Sodium Content of Fine Ash Particles in Determining Deposition Rates Under Air- and Oxy-Coal Combustion Conditions
Fryer, C.
489e Chemical Looping Carbon Neutral and Carbon Negative Schemes for a Gas to Liquid Fuel Facility Thermodynamic, Techno-Economic and Experimental Analysis
Fryer, P. J.
232ac Penetration of a Non-Swelling Liquid into a Tableted Porous Medium
262u Volumetric and Viscometric Properties of a Binary Mixture of a Model Diesel Compound with a Biobased Additive
Ftouni, J.
72c ZrO2 Is Preferred over TiO2 As Support for the Ru-Catalyzed Hydrogenation of Levulinic Acid to γ-Valerolactone
Fu, B.
521e Approaches to Solution Processable n-Channel π-Conjugated Donor-Acceptor Co-Polymers and Device Applications
430g Work and Heat Exchange Networks - from Thermodynamic Insight to Optimization Based Design Procedures
Fu, E.
427b Engineering Paper Microfluidic Sensors for Point-of-Care Applications in Low-Resource Settings
View Demonstration of an Alginate Valve in a Paper Microfluidic Device
Fu, J.
757j A Theoretical Study of Bulk and Inhomogeneous Hydration of Primary Amines
Fu, X. A.
617bx Modeling of Microreactors for Chemoselective Capture of Trace Volatile Organic Compounds
Fu, X.
324c A Novel Electrokinetic-Electromechanical Microfluidic Platform Using Conductive Carbon Black Membranes
Fu, Y.
591h Ionic Liquids in Microdroplet System: Droplet Formation and Interfacial Mass Transfer Study
Fuchs, A.
330b Chemical Engineering Body of Knowledge: An Academic Perspective
Fuchs, G.
666e Experimental Measurements and Predictions of the Properties of Refrigerant Fluids Using Ab-Initio, SAFT-VR Mie and COSMO Calculations
Fuchs, Z.
168c Liposome-Encapsulated Synergistic Drug Combinations for Low Dose Chemotherapy
Fuente, E.
139d Cellulose Nanofibers from Recycled Pulp: Production, Characterization and Application to Reinforce Recycled Paper
617p On the Stability of Cu-Chabazite SCR Catalysts
Fuentes-Cortes, L. F.
254m Water and Emissions Trade-Offs in the Operation of Biogas-Fueled Combined Heat and Power Systems
Fuentes-Gari, M.
164c Modelling of Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders in the Pharmaceutical Industry I: Single Component Model
Fugate, C. M.
499f Effect of Monomer and Cross-Linker Concentration on pH Responsive Functionalized Membranes
Fujimoto, C.
92c Session Keynote - Alkaline Conducting Membranes and Components for Electrochemical Devices
Fujiwara, A.
757h Reaxff Reactive Force Field Study of Cesium Adsorption in Micaceous Clay Minerals
Fujiwara, T.
659c Gray-Box Modeling of 300mm Czochralski Single-Crystal Si Production Process
Fukai, I.
685c Evaluating the Feasibility and Scale of Geologic CO2 Storage Potential in Ohio’s Appalachian Region
Fukasawa, R.
703a A New Multitasking Continuous Time Formulation for Short-Term Scheduling of Operations in Multipurpose Plants
Fukaya, T.
228br Enhancer Control of Transcriptional Bursts
Fuks, P.
131g Adsorption and Separation of Native and Pegylated Proteins on Anion Exchange Resins with Varying Degrees of Polymer Grafting
Fukuda, F.
449ac Separation of Antioxidants from Strawberry By Supercritical Extraction with Carbon Dioxide and Entrainers
Fukuma, S.
391b Growth Behavior of Amyloid Fibrils on Membrane Interfaces of Lipid Membranes
Fukuoka, S.
228t Investigating Cancer Cell Migration Guided By Stiffness Gradients
Fukushima, Y.
66f Novel Process of Biofuel Production from Acid Oil and Hydrous Bioethanol Using Ion-Exchange Resin; I. Experimental Optimization of Operating Conditions
363c Integrated Modeling of Agricultural and Industrial Processes for Intensifying Cane Sugar Industries
619o Novel Process of Biofuel Production from Acid Oil and Hydrous Bioethanol Using Ion-Exchange Resin; II. Introducing Life Cycle Perspectives in Optimization of Operating Conditions
Fuller, A.
212c Effect of Lanthanum Doping and Chlorine Addition on Strontium Titanate Perovskites for Electrocatalytically-Assisted Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane
Fuller, G. G.
112g A Way for Wafer Washing: Study of Rinsing Flow Dynamics on Rotating Silicon Wafers
229i Measuring Adhesion Between Uropathogenic E. coli and Bladder-Epithelial Cells
349c Understanding Beer Foam with Dynamic Fluid-Film Interferometry
349d Elucidating the Role of Interfacial Rheology on Foam Wetness
394c Investigating the Effect of Spatially Varying Wall Shear Stress on Lymphatic Endothelial Cell Alignment and Transcriptional Regulation
483e Rinsing Flow Instabilities on Rotating Silicon Wafers – Effect of Viscosity and Wettability
483i Bubble Shape Hysteresis: The Effect of Compressibility
535a Pendant Drops and Liquid Jets in Miscible Environments
535e Coalescence Inhibition through Asphaltene Adsorption
535i Theory for Thin-Film Evolution Between a Sphere and a Planar Free Surface
673e Protein Release from Contact Lenses Monitored By Interfacial Viscoelasticity
Fuller, T. F.
429w Educating Chemical Engineers with Interest in the Automotive Industry
594a Evaluating Performance of PYR13FSI As an Electrolyte with Lifsi Salt
223g Electrostatic Double Layer Flash Memory Based on Two-Dimensional Crystals
Fullmer, W.
149b Enhancing the Physical Picture of Particle Clustering Due to Mean-Flow Effects
215c Cluster Instabilities in Gas-Solid Flows Using Direct Numerical Simulation and Two-Fluid Model: Quantifying the Mean Sedimentation Velocity and Particle Velocity Fluctuations
736a CFD-DEM: Modeling the Small to Understand the Large
234n Development of a Pore-Scale Transport Assay for Protist-Facilitated Transport of Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria
Fulton, D.
137g CO2 Capture from Power Plant Flue Gas By PolarisTM Membranes: Update on Field Demonstration Tests
Fulton, J. L.
72h Aqueous-Phase Phenol Hydrogenation over Platinum and Rhodium: Electrocatalysis Versus Thermal Catalysis
262am Prediction of Liquid Kinematic Viscosities Using the Eos + GE Mixing Rule with Eyring-Activity Coefficient Models
165f Use of a First Principles Model during QbD Studies to Assess Impurity Formation for a Coupling Reaction
6x Catalytic Hydrotreatment for the Development of Alternative Transportation Fuels
576b Catalytic Hydrotreatment of Pyrolysis Oil Model Compounds in a Batch Reactor
619v Modeling Differential Catalytic Hydrotreatment of Surrogate Compounds for Pyrolysis Oil
Furgal, J.
607h Information-Directed Assembly of Dynamic Covalent Molecular Ladders
Furlani, E. P.
513a Analysis of Magnetic Bead Separation in Continuous-Flow Magnetophoretic Microsystems for Biomedical Applications
142h Machine Learning for Advancing Discovery of Novel Thermoelectric Materials. the Thermoel
Furst, E. M.
230b Hierarchical Emulsion Networks from Endoskeletal Droplets
271a Directing Colloidal Self-Assembly
519f Microrheology of Monoclonal and Bispecific Antibodies
Fursule, I.
521c Photo-Responsive Monomer for Light Mediated ROMP
705e A Novel Crosslinker for Polyolefinic Thin Surface Coatings By Surface Initiated Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization
Furuta, M.
286c Continuous Crystallization Using a Sonicated Tubular System for Controlling Particle Size in an API Manufacturing Process
446a Influence of Phase Transition Temperature on CO2 Adsorption/Desorption Behavior of Thermo-Responsive Gel Slurry
449bw The Determination Method of Intraparticle Diffusivity By Using Circulating Type Shallow Bed Adsorber
617at 「Kinetic Model on Conversion of D‑Fructose to 5‑Hydroxymethylfurfural.」
Fushimi, R.
80d Techno-Economic and Process Safety Analysis of Ethane to Ethylene Production Process through Oxidative Dehydrogenation (ODH) Route
601d Experimentally Probing Ligand-Strain Effect Via a Novel Catalyst Platform
View Concentration and Microbial Dechlorination of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Wastewater
Futamura, H.
233f Developing Process Models of Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Futamura, R.
174a Intermolecular Structure of Binary Mixture in Confined Spaces
303a Non-Coulombic Structure of Ionic Liquid Confined in Carbon Micropores with HR MC-Aided X-Ray Scattering
Futran, A.
287e Spatiotemporal Analysis Reveals Divergent Effects of Activating Mutations on Developmental Signaling
Futran, M.
220i Utilizing Multivariate Analysis to Enhance Bioprocess Development and Operation
Fygenson, D. K.
700e DNA Functionalized, Fluorescent Nanomaterials for the Specific, Ratiometric Detection of Dopamine for In Vivo Sensing
Fyrillas, M. M.
234s Simulation of Atmospheric Cr Speciation in Droplets
402d Fixed Bed Modeling Revisited; Generalized Solutions for S-Shaped Isotherms