Author Index: E

E-Tolouei, A.
670f Regulating the Timing and Sequence of Pro- and Anti-Inflammatory Cytokine Deliveries from Magnetically Responsive Biomaterials for Use in Wound Healing Applications
Eagan, N.
628a Catalytic Process for Levoglucosan Conversion into Distillate Range Molecules
Easo, L. A.
61a Measurements of Time-Varying Liquid Spatial Distributions in a Shear Cell Using X-Ray Computed Micro-Tomography
Eason, J. P.
514g Rigorous Surrogate-Based Optimization Strategies That Integrate Glass Box/Black Box Process Models
Eastman, S.
210j 3D-Printed Monolithic Adsorbents for Gas Separation Processes
Eatherton, D.
679c The Effect of Torrefaction Pretreatment, Temperature, and Lignin Content of Hybrid Poplar on the Quality of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil
Ebegbulem, J.
42c Distributed Extremum Seeking Control over Unknown Network
Eble, C.
744a Multiple Modes of Emplacement of Rare Earth Elements in the Fire Clay Coal, Eastern Kentucky:  Implications for Utilization
Ebner, A. D.
402c Understanding the Transport of Gases in Carbon Molecular Sieve Using the Volumetric Frequency Response Technique
407a On the Limitations of Breakthrough Curve Analysis in Fixed-Bed Adsorption
484d Simulation of Dynamic Magnetic Drug Carrier Particle Capture and Accumulation Around a Ferromagnetic Wire
554e Two-Stage PSA System for CO2 Removal during Closed-Loop Human Space Exploration Missions
634c Carbon Dioxide Capture from Flue Gas By a PSA Process Utilizing a Structured Adsorbent: Full Scale Simulation with Model Validated at the Bench Scale
Ebong, E. E.
147b The Role of Glycocalyx and Shear Stress on Endothelial-Cancer Cell Attachment
625d Nanoparticle Uptake in Flow-Conditioned Endothelial Cells Depends  on Glycocalyx Structure and Nanoparticle Shape and Charge
View Optimized Approach to Synthesize Ultra Small Gold Nanorods to Target Nanospaces
Ebrahimi, M.
47a Enzymatic Production of Fructo-Oligosaccharides from Inexpensive and Abundant Substrates Using a Membrane Reactor System
Eck, J.
238e The Virtual Sandbox: Particle Flow Physics Taught with Interactive Tools
Economou, I. G.
51g Industrial Fluid Properties Simulation Collective 9th Challenge
52d Development and Evaluation of Molecular Models for the Calculation of Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of H2O+CO2+NaCl System
153a Thermodynamic Models for Solid – Liquid – Gas Equilibrium of CO2 mixtures 
153e Molecular Simulation of Double Retrograde Vaporization
262q Development of a Thermodynamic Model for Confined Fluids
441a Modeling of CO2 Solubility in Electrolyte Solutions and Brines Using Statistical Associating Fluid Theory
478d Molecular Simulation of N-Octacosane – Water Gtl Mixtures in Nanopores at Elevated Temperature and Pressure
730a A Gaussian-Charge Polarizable Model for Water
754g Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Natural Gas Fluids Confined By Calcite: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Edake, M.
View Fluidized Bed Catalytic Glycerol Hydrodeoxygenation to 1,3-Propanediol
Eddaoudi, M.
646h Sod-Zmof/Polyimide MIXED-Matrix Membranes for CO2 Separation
Eddy, M. K.
538g Removal of Organic Compounds from Aqueous Systems Using Carbon Nanomaterial-Based Aerogels
Edelmann, C. A.
483j Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Spherical Drops in Liquid-Liquid and in Liquid-Gas Systems with Emphasis on the Influence of the State of Internal Motion on Drag
106b Process Simulation and Economic Analysis of Producing Liquid Transportation Fuels from Biomass
217g Tutorial on the SMART-CN Education Modules for Incorporation in the Advanced Undergraduate or Graduate Engineering Curriculum
253z Computational Search for Magnetic Nanoparticles to Eradicate Cancer Cells Using the Hyperthermia Approach
310a Developing Structure-Property Relationships Between Reactant Structures, Ionic Liquids, and Reaction Rate Constant
310b Reverse Design of Ionic Liquids for CO2 Absorption
383g Identification of Magnetic Nanoparticles to Eradicate Cancer Cells Using the Hyperthermia Approach – a Computational Search Approach
440e Process Modeling of Fluidized Bed Biomass-CO2 Gasification Using Aspen Plus
471e Integrated Thermochemical Process for Optimal Co-Production of Liquid Fuels and Chemicals
619aw Characterization Based Design of Ionic Liquids for CO2 Absorption
39c DFT Calculations and Reaxff Development for MD Simulations of H-BN Growth on Nickel Surfaces
Edgar, S.
231p Overcoming Metabolic Toxicity for Improved Isoprenoid Production
Edgar, T. F.
190c Beyond Foptd Models in Tuning PI Controllers
217g Tutorial on the SMART-CN Education Modules for Incorporation in the Advanced Undergraduate or Graduate Engineering Curriculum
240e The Effect of Centralized Energy Storage on an Integrated Distributed Photovoltaics/CHP System for District Power, Heating and Cooling
313a The Value Proposition of an Industry-Defined Smart Manufacturing Platform and Integrated Market Place
333a Visualization and Analysis of Periodic Process Data
359e Evaluation of Smart Manufacturing (SM) Benefits in Industrial Steam-Methane Reformers (SMR)
480d Maria Burka and the Process Control Community
527d Simultaneous Optimization of Design and Operation Strategies for CHP Systems
587g Model Predictive Control and Materials Property Estimation of an Industrial Heat Treating Furnace
Ediger, M.
222h Bulk Property Changes in Glassy Materials Induced By Photoisomerization of Azobenzene
Edmiston, P.
157f Catalytic Treatment of Water Contaminated with Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
617gp Aqueous-Phase Hydrodechlorination of Trichloroethene over Pd-Supported on Swellable Organically-Modified Silica (SOMS)
Edubilli, S.
554g CO2/N2 Separation Using Cu-BTC, Uio-66 and MIL-53(Al) Metal Organic Frameworks
Edwards, B. J.
204c A Molecular Dynamics Study on the Influence of Charge on the Transport of Water and Ions through Carbon Nanotubes (Award submission)
253aw Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Water and Ion Transport through Carbon Nanotubes
357b A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Influence of Charge on the Transport of Water and Ions through Carbon Nanotubes
Edwards, B. J.
200f Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Entangled Polymer Melts and Solutions Undergoing Planar Elongational Flows
255ar Atomistic Simulation of Dynamics of Individual Molecules in Entangled Polymers Undergoing Homogenous Shear Flow
255z Modeling Controlled Release from Hollow Porous Nanospheres
Edwards, J. P.
79f Interaction of Anion-Exchange Ionomers with Carbon Dioxide Reduction Electrocatalysts
381g Phase Behavior and Density Measurements of (CO2 + Toluene) at Temperatures from (298 to 448) K and Pressures up to 65 Mpa
716a Experimental and Modelling Study of the Phase Equilibria of (CO2 + methylcylohexane + N2) at High Pressures and Temperatures
Efimenko, K.
673g Targeted Mutagenesis and Combinatorial Library Screening Enables Control of Protein Orientation on Surfaces and Increased Activity of Adsorbed Proteins
Egger, D. A.
99a Nanocrystal Doping Stabilizes the Perovskite Phase of Cesium Lead Iodide
Eggersdorfer, M. L.
77f Coagulation of Agglomerates with Polydisperse Primary Particles
Egle, T.
669c Selective Dehydrogenation of Ethanol to Acetaldehyde and Hydrogen on a Highly Diluted Nicu Alloy
Egodawatte, S.
528d Remediation of Uranium-Contaminated Groundwater By Functionalized Magnetic Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles
Egorov, S. A.
606b Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Microphase Separation in Mixed Thiol Monolayers on Silver Nanoparticles
Ehlinger, V.
706e Stochastic Predictive Control with Closed-Loop Model Adaptation: Application to a Cold Atmospheric Plasma Jet
Ehrenstein, M.
580b A Biorefinery Boutique Made in Switzerland
Ehrenworth, A. M.
759b Biosensor-Guided Improvement of Microbial Alkaloid Production
87e Properties of Intragenic microRNA-Based Gene Regulation in Single Cells and Population Measurements
Ehrhart, B. D.
238d Steal This Project: Solar-Thermal Conversion of Biomass to Methanol As an Introduction to Chemical Engineering Design
498d Design of Manganese Oxide-Based Particles for High-Temperature Thermochemical Energy Storage
498e Grid-Scale Thermochemical Energy Storage Using Mixed Metal Oxide Redox Cycles
Ehrman, S. H.
197f Investigation of the Oxidation Behavior of Copper/Tin and Copper/Carbon Composite Particles Fabricated Via Spray Pyrolysis
Eickhoff, W. M.
384g End-Point Determination and Scale-up/Scale-Down of High Shear Wet Granulation Process Using an in-Line Di-Electric Probe
424b Simultaneous Fast Measurements of Tablet Porosity/Moisture: Real-Time Release Testing for QC Dissolution Prediction
Eilermann, M.
188j A Methodology to Generate Modular Equipment for an Equipment Database in Module-Based Plant Design
Eiserich, J. P.
228fa Production and Purification of Oxidation-Resistant Alpha-1 Antitrypsin By Transient Expression in N. Benthamiana
446u Process for Removing Heavy Metals and Disinfecting Wastewater Using Immobilized Biochar
Ejaz, M.
View Effect of Barriers and Surfactants on Oil Adhesion to Surfaces
Ekdahl, A.
583d Engineering the Mechanical Properties of Amorphous Solid Dispersion Particles
Eke, J.
538a Investigation of Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration,Ozonation and Biofiltration for the Removal of Microcystin-LR from Water
Ekenseair, A.
362h Nanocomposite Hydrogels for Regenerative Medicine
531g In Situ Deposition of Cellular Hydrogels for Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
604b Magneto-Responsive Bionanocomposite Hydrogels As Injectable Scaffolds for Osteochondral Tissue Regeneration
Ekstedt, T.
364b Mini-Labs That Scale! Activities, Demos, and Simulations for Heat Transfer Concepts
El Abbadi, J.
666e Experimental Measurements and Predictions of the Properties of Refrigerant Fluids Using Ab-Initio, SAFT-VR Mie and COSMO Calculations
EL Enshasy, H.
47e Ethanol Production on Date Syrup Using Yeast: Process Optimization Study for Pilot Scale Production
47f Bioprocess Strategies to Optimize Thermostable Phytase Production By Escherichia coli B121 (DE3) When Induced with Lactose
231k Effect of Dissolved Oxygen on the Cell Growth and Spore Production of Bacillus Thuringiensis in Semi-Industrial Scale Bioreactor
231l Bioprocess Optimization for High Biomass Production of Bacillus Firmus
697c Optimization of Production Medium for High Cell Mass Production and the Functional Characteristics Study of Bifidobacterium Longum Wicc B34
El Hafi, M.
664h Monte Carlo method to calculate the lifetime efficiency of a solar reactor for reduction of zinc oxyde
El Wahsh, M.
243f Effect of Biodiesel in the Enhancement of Gtl Diesel Fuel Properties
47c Bioprocess Development for Pleuran Production By Pleurotus Ostreatus Using Submerged Cultivation System in Semi-Industrial Scale
231ah Encapsulation of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus in Carbohydrate-Protein-Coconut Oil Mixtures Provides Protection during Spray Drying Survival, in Simulated Gastrointestinal Conditions and Storage
231as Synbiotics Effect of Probiotic Bacteria Isolated from Mother’s Milk and Different Types of Prebiotic  for Short Chain Fatty Acids Production
231j Optimization of Growth Medium and Fed-Batch Cultivation Using Different Feeding Strategies for Production of Acinetobacter Sp. : A Biological Phosphorus Removal
231x Insights into Ligninolytic Production By Native White Rot Fungi in Malaysia and Its Potential in Industrial Applications
697h Screening for Ligninolytic Enzyme Production By White Rot Fungi from Malaysia Using Different Medium
42b Supervisory Event-Based Control of Networked Process Systems with Limited State Measurements
240g Energy Demand Management in Process Systems Subject to Time-Varying Electricity Prices: A Decomposition-Based Approach
309d Optimization-Based Event-Triggered Predictive Control of Process Systems with Control and Communication Constraints
488d A Supervisory Control Framework for Fault-Tolerant Dispatch of Distributed Energy Resources
552f Fault Estimation and Performance-Based Accommodation in Multi-Rate Sampled-Data Process Systems
582f Sampled-Data Event-Triggered Control of Distributed Parameter Systems with Networked Sensors and Actuators
682c A Demand Response Strategy for Continuous Processes Using Stochastic Optimal Scheduling
166a A Fail Safe, Passive Operation Small Modular Nuclear Reactor for Electricity Generation and Process Heat Production
El-Halwagi, M.
217g Tutorial on the SMART-CN Education Modules for Incorporation in the Advanced Undergraduate or Graduate Engineering Curriculum
489c Modeling for the Life Cycle Assessment of Dry Reforming Technology – Challenges and Lesson Learnt
207e Microstructural Characterization of Gfrp Reinforcing Bars in Severe Environment
677f Innovative CO2 Utilization By Carbonation Curing of Lightweight Concrete Made with Portland Limestone Cement
207e Microstructural Characterization of Gfrp Reinforcing Bars in Severe Environment
El-Qanni, A.
183c An Innovative Technique for Oxy-Cracking of Quinolin-65 As a Model Heavy Hydrocarbon Compound
490e Surface and Structural-Modified Pyroxene Nanoparticles for Adsorption and Catalytic Thermal Decomposition of Visbroken Residue Asphaltenes
512e Batch and Packed-Bed Adsorption Study for the Removal of Dye from Textile Wastewater Using in-House Prepared Silica-Based Nanosorbcats: Kinetics and Computational Modeling
639e Influence of Silica-Based Nanoparticles Embedded in Sand Bed Filtration for Cleaning-up Industrial Wastewater
El-Sayed, M.
260ax Dual-Responsive Plasmonic Behavior of Gold Nanorods@PANI Core/Shell Nanostructures
305d Electrically Controllable Plasmonic Behavior of Gold Nanocube@Polyaniline Core/Shell Nanostructures
El-Shafei, D. M. M.
60b Effects of Entrapped Nzvi in Alginate Polymer on BTEX Removal
Elabd, Y. A.
255b Pil-Derived Carbon
255c Hybrid-Capacitors with Polyaniline/Carbon Electrodes Fabricated Via Simultaneous Electrospinning/Electrospraying
255e Polymerized Ionic Liquid Triblock Terpolymers: Synthesis and Characterization
255g Exploration of Nanofiber-Nanoparticle Electrodes Fabricated Via Simultaneous Electrospinning/Electrospraying for Ultra-Low Platinum Fuel Cells
291e Chemical Stability and Ion Transport in Polymerized Ionic Liquid Anion Exchange Membranes
346c In Situ Pressure-Contact Time-Resolved Fourier Transform Infrared Attenuated Total Reflectance Spectroscopy: A New Method to Measure Liquid Diffusion in Free-Standing Polymer Films
View Understanding the Thermal Transition in Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
Elangovan, E.
409e Production of Hydrogen from Various Feedstock Options Using Plasma Reforming
545d Conversion of Coal and Biomass to Liquid Hydrocarbons Using Gasification and a Hybrid Fischer Tropsch Catalyst
Elangovan, R.
106c Modeling Plasma Gasification of Biomass with Thermodynamic and Kinetic Approach in Series
489c Modeling for the Life Cycle Assessment of Dry Reforming Technology – Challenges and Lesson Learnt
Elberson, M. A.
396c Acetalated Dextran Microparticulate Subunit Anthrax Vaccine Formulated Using Coaxial Electrospray Preserves Toxin Neutralization and Enhances Protection
Elbert, J.
419h Redox-Active Organometallic Polymers for Environmental and Energy Applications
Eldawud, R.
260ae Material and Toxicity Evaluations of Nanoclays throughout Their Life Cycle
Elder, R. M.
704f Nanovoid Formation and Mechanics: A Simulation Study of Poly(dicyclopentadiene) and Epoxy Cross-Linked Networks
Elder, T.
275c Substituent Effect of Phenolic Aldehydes Inhibition on Alcoholic Fermentation By Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Eldridge, R. B.
431b Process Intensification and Distillation: How to Control a Fixed Design Dividing Wall Distillation Column
560e Electric Field-Driven Structuring in Suspensions
Elgammal, R. A.
92c Session Keynote - Alkaline Conducting Membranes and Components for Electrochemical Devices
Elgindy, T.
637d An Opportunistic Hybrid Communications System for Distributed PV Coordination and Control
Elias, R.
55i Evaluating the Effect of Triacetin on the Cold Flow Properties of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Blends
Elisseeff, J. H.
468e Biomaterials in Regenerative Engineering: Immunoengineering and Translation
Elizabeth Garrett-Mayer, E.
170f Combinatorial Treatment Using Lipopolymer-Mediated TRAIL Gene Delivery and Kinase Inhibitors for Bladder Cancer
527b Shared and Practical Approach to Conserve Utilities in Eco-Industrial Parks
138f Novel Bio-Oil Hydrodeoxygenation Catalysts Based on Strong Electrostatic Adsorption
Elkelany, O.
235a Extracting Kinetic Parameters from TGA Datasets - Ensuring Optimal Outcomes for Cellulose Pyrolysis
View Resolving the Kinetic Parameters of Cellulose Pyrolysis
Elkhanoufi, R.
570b Population-Based Detection of Cell Penetrating Peptide Uptake in a Microfluidic Droplet Trapping Array
Ell, J.
727d  Influence of Coalescent Distribution on Film Formation Behavior of Colloidal Dispersions
Ellenbogen, R.
21c Nanoparticle-Mediated Inhibition of DNA Repair Sensitizes Brain Tumors to Radiotherapy
Ellington, A. D.
69g Exploiting Structural Effects of Post-Transcriptional RNA Modifications to Engineer Orthogonality of Amber Suppressor Transfer RNAs for Genetic Code Expansion
Ellington, A. D.
View Alternative ELISA Using an RNA Aptamer Against Calf Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase
Ellingwood, K.
240c Leveraging Storage and Hybridization to Maximize Renewable Utilization
Elliott, J. R.
255ak Molecular Design of Bio-Based Plasticizers for PVC
262z Accurate and Efficient Thermodynamic Properties from Molecular Simulation By Combining Lammps and Gomc
716h Predicting Mosced Parameters from COSMO-SAC Sigma Profiles
730c Optimization of a Transferable Shifted Force Field for Interfaces and Inhomogeneous Fluids
Elliott, S.
19d Sequencing the Evolving Functional Antibody Repertoire in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Ellis, L.
688h Tuning the Dehydration Activity of Alcohols Using Phosphonic Acid Self-Assembled Monolayers
270d Biomass Gasification in Fluidized Beds: Current Challenges and Advances
Ellison, C. J.
704g Simultaneous Scission and Gelation Reactions in Photocrosslinkable Polymers
755e Orthogonally Spin-Coated Bilayer Films for Photochemical Immobilization and Patterning of Polymer Monolayers
197a Polyelectrolyte Coating of Nanoparticles for Applications in High Salinity Media
204b Synthesis, Gas Permeation and Selectivity of Highly Elastic Poly(dimethylsiloxane)/Graphene Oxide Composite Elastomer Membranes
255bw Understanding the Influence of Different Interfacial Interactions on the Glass Transition Temperature and Self-Diffusion Coefficient in Unentangled Polymer Thin Films
291g Large Area Graphene Nanoribbons By Wetting Transparency-Assisted Block Copolymer Lithography
361a High Chi Block Copolymers and Photopatternable Interfaces for Controlling Thin Film Structure (Invited Talk)
Elly, M.
294f Don't Take the Difficult Path in Solving Systems of Nonlinear Equations
Elly, M.
64c Enabling Numerical Analysis Calculations within Educational Materials Delivered Via PCs and Smartphones
Elmer, J.
170c Enhancement of Gene Therapy Via Inhibition of the Innate Immune Response
View Layer-By-Layer Assembly of Polyamide Thin Films
View Polymer Synthesis from Cottonseed Oil
Elmsahli, H.
130d Discrete Element Modelling of Particle Transformations during Spheronisation
Elnabawy, A.
547b Thermal Stability of Shape-Controlled Pd-Pt Core-Shell Nanoparticles
Elomari, S.
546b Isopentane and Ethylene Alkylation Using Ionic Liquid Catalyst
Elsaidi, S.
452b Rare Earth Mental Extraction from Geothermal Brine Using Nanofluids
Elsayed, N.
617hm Effect of Poisoning on Low Temperature Methane Dry Reforming Pt-Ni-Mg/Ceria-Zirconia Catalysts
626c Bi-Reforming of Methane at Low Temperatures over Pt or Pd (Ni-Mg/ceria-zirconia) Catalysts
Elsharkawy, A.
183g Developing a Dead Heavy Oil Viscosity Correlation for Lower Fars, Kuwait
Elton, E. S.
560g Nano-Crater Formation on Electrodes during the Electrical Charging of Aqueous Drops
Elvati, P.
544a Invited Presentation: Carbonaceous Nanoparticles and Their Interactions with Biological Cells
Elve, A. T.
246i A Tree Ontology for Multi-Scale Muti-Disciplinary Process Model
228df On the Improvement of Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography (IMAC): Preparation, Characterization and Validation of a Superporous Agarose Monolith
Elward, J. M.
681d On-the-Fly Heuristic Reordering Approach to Deterministic Optimization for Qualitative Chemical Property Prediction
Elwell, A.
617hm Effect of Poisoning on Low Temperature Methane Dry Reforming Pt-Ni-Mg/Ceria-Zirconia Catalysts
Elwell, J.
409e Production of Hydrogen from Various Feedstock Options Using Plasma Reforming
545d Conversion of Coal and Biomass to Liquid Hydrocarbons Using Gasification and a Hybrid Fischer Tropsch Catalyst
Elyassi, B.
303e Molecular Simulation for Adsorption-Based Separation of Bio-Renewable Chemicals
Elzey, B. D.
700d Development of a Metal Tungstate-Based Nanoparticle Platform for CT-Guided Chemo/Radio Therapy
Emady, H. N.
378g Scale up of Heat Transfer of Particles in a Rotating Cylinder
667b Scaling of Heat Transfer and Temperature Distribution in Granular Flows in Rotating Drums
Emaminejad, S.
237a Fully Integrated Wearable Biosensor Arrays for Multiplexed Sweat Analysis
Embry, M. C.
497c Experimental and Model Aided Approach for Development of High Pressure Direct Asymmetric Reductive Amination Reaction
Emdadi, L.
129c Core-Shell Bulk BEA-Lamellar MFI Composite Prepared in One-Step: Integration of 3D and 2D Zeolites into Hierarchical Structures for Efficient Alkylation Reactions
Emerson, R.
193e Microwave-Assisted Fast Pyrolysis (MW-FP) of Several Lignocellulosic Feedstocks
Empfiled, A.
489e Chemical Looping Carbon Neutral and Carbon Negative Schemes for a Gas to Liquid Fuel Facility Thermodynamic, Techno-Economic and Experimental Analysis
Emrick, T.
255ah Zwitterion-Poly(ethylene glycol) Hydrogels Prevent Bacterial Adhesion
397h Effect of Charge Patterning and Polymer Architecture on Polypeptide-Based Coacervates
Enam, F.
47h A Biosensor for Human Milk Oligosaccharide Detection
EndalurGopinarayanan, V.
152c Engineered Signal Transduction Coupled with Gene Circuits Enables Efficient Assimilation of Native and Foreign Nutrients in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
360c Enhancing Pathway Synthesis Using Genetic Information
53c Modelling of Phase Behavior of Polyethylene Solutions
153f Modelling of Phase and Interfacial Behavior of Ternary Mixtures
232v A Theoretical Approach to Predict Adsorption Isotherms of Isomers Using Density-Functional-Theory and Lattice-Cluster-Theory
292c Prediction of Liquid-Liquid and Solid-Liquid Equilibria of Isomers
481d Description and Prediction of Polymer Phase Behavior with Lattice Cluster Theory: An Homage to One of the Great Experimentalists
Endicott, K.
View Use of Lignin Biochar As a Catalyst Support
Endoh, M.
638g Carbon Dioxide-Induced Liberation of Methane from Laboratory-Formed Methane Hydrates: A Pathway to Economical Carbon Sequestration
Enejder, A.
334b Maintenance of Neural Progenitor Cell "Stemness" in 3D Hydrogels Requires Matrix Remodeling
624e Covalently Adaptable Elastin-like Protein – Hyaluronic Acid (ELP – HA) Hydrogels with Secondary Thermo-Responsive Crosslinking for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Delivery
672d Maintenance of Neural Progenitor Cell Stemness in 3D Hydrogels Requires Matrix Remodeling
Eng, A.
View Synthesis and Optimization of Poly(nickel-ethylenetetrathiolate) for High Performance n-Type Thermoelectric Polymers
Eng, R.
679d Effect of Operating Parameters on Ablative Pyrolysis of Wood
Engelhard, M.
614b Carbon-Based Rods with Anomalous Water Expulsion at High Humidity
View Engineering a High Throughput Method for Quantitative Analysis of Behavioral Neuromodulation in C. Elegans
Engels, S.
726f The Innovative Use of Micronized Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose As a Pore Former in Dry Powder Coatings of Ethylcellulose Barrier Membrane Coatings on Multi-Particulates
Englehardt, D.
View Quantification of Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in Single Algal Cells Utilizing a Microfluidic Device
View Glass Transition Temperatures in Poly(cyclohexyl methacrylate) Thin Films Prepared By Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition
Englert, D.
228e Conformational Change of 2-(2’ Hydroxyphenyl)Benzenesulfinate Desulfinase during Catalysis
429k A Joint Chemical and Mechanical Heat Exchanger Project, Trying to Emulate Industrial Experiences
View A Low Cost Solution for Recycling K-Cups and Reducing the Problem of Waste Plastic in American Landfills
English, N. J.
621i Leveraging Simulation and Experiment in Process-Control Education and Training: Case Study of Development of Educational Software Suites for Either Stand-Alone Study or in Conjunction with Laboratory Measurements
649b Methane-Hydrate Nucleation in Marine Environments: Insights from Molecular-Dynamics Strategies Exploring Free-Energy Landscapes
Enick, R. M.
52b Exploring the Temperature and Pressure Dependence of the Viscosities of Two Potential Deepwater Viscosity References
406f Novel Surfactants for Stabilizing CO2-in-Oil Emulsions and Natural Gas-in-Oil Foams for Dry Hydraulic Fracturing
Eniola-Adefeso, L.
73e The Minority Faculty Forum: A Vehicle for Increased Diversity in Chemical Engineering
625f Evaluation of Vascular Targeted Carriers Designed with Dual Ligand Strategies to Target an Inflamed Endothelium
Enright, T.
605a Process Intensification Panel Discussion
Ensinas, A.
636b Use of Multi-Objective Optimization for Selecting Optimally Integrated Biorefinery Processes
Entesari, N.
300b Membrane Reactors for Equilibrium-Limited Alcohol and Light Hydrocarbon Synthesis
Ephraim, J.
99c Transparent Conductive Oxide Nanocrystals Coated with Insulators By Atomic Layer Deposition
Epler, P.
229c Convenient Generation and Detection of Oxygen Gradients to Investigate Hypoxia-Induced Effects on Cancer Cells
Epling, W.
112e Infra-Red Spectroscopic Study of NO Adsorption Mechanism on a Pd Ion-Exchanged Passive NOx Adsorber
216a so2 Interactions with Pt, Pd, and Pd-Pt/Al2O3 Catalysts
216c Lean-Rich Switching over a Modified Three-Way Catalyst:  Experiments and Modeling
617ce Experimental and Kinetic Modeling of Lean-Rich Switching Study over a Modified Twc System
617fz Tailor-Designed Oxidation Catalysts for Low Temperature Combustion Engines
Eppinger, T.
320f Mean Age Theory for Mixing Time: Experiments and Mesh Type Effects on CFD Simulation
382b A Fully Coupled CFD-DEM Algorithm for S-L Mixing in Stirred Vessels
442c Investigating Bubble Size Distribution in Fermentation Reactors with CFD
611a Spatially Resolved 3D-CFD Simulation of a Packed Bed Membrane Reactor for Steam Reforming
617bo Numerical Investigation on Dispersion Phenomena in Packed Bed Reactors with Low Tube-to-Particle Diameter Ratio
783a Numeric Optimization of Power Consumption for Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation of Cellulose to Ethanol
Epps, T. H. III
55a Efficient Tuning of siRNA Dose Response By Combining Mixed Polymer Nanocarrierswith Simple Kinetic Modeling
View Combining Solvent Swelling and Shear Alignment to Direct Block Polymer Thin Film Self-Assembly
Epps, III, T. H.
651d Controlling Ordering and Orientation in Nanostructured Thin Films through Combined Thermal and Solvent Annealing
Eränen, K.
617fn Synthesis and Characterization of Au Nanoparticles for Ethanol Oxidation: Effect of Acidity and Support Structure
Erbakan, M.
449bk Membrane Protein Insertion and Compatibility with Biomimetic Membranes
Ercioglu, N.
670d Contact Lenses Prepared By Using the Layer-By-Layer Method for Sustained Drug Delivery
307h Global Optimization and Hydrogen Adsorption on Pt-Cu Clusters By Using Genetic Algorithm and Density Functional Theory
Erden, H.
554e Two-Stage PSA System for CO2 Removal during Closed-Loop Human Space Exploration Missions
Erden, L.
634c Carbon Dioxide Capture from Flue Gas By a PSA Process Utilizing a Structured Adsorbent: Full Scale Simulation with Model Validated at the Bench Scale
180h Onsite: operation of a Novel SOFC-Battery Integrated Hybrid Generator for Telecommunication Energy Systems
Ergas, S.
234h Removal of Taste and Odor Compounds with Cactus Mucilage Beads Adsorption and Advance Oxidization: Scale up Applications for Continues Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
633c Bench Scale Investigation of the Biosand Filter Media As the Fluoride, Turbidity, and E. coli Removal
Erickson, A. G.
278e Multi-Zonal Three-Dimensional in Vitro Culture Model of Growth Plate Cartilage Using Alginate Hydrogel Scaffolds
Erickson, B.
446u Process for Removing Heavy Metals and Disinfecting Wastewater Using Immobilized Biochar
Erickson, K.
228cl Characterizing Complex Gene-Drug Interactions: Gene Perturbation and Antibiotic Treatment As Combination Therapy
228cm Transcriptome-Level Signatures in Gene Expression and Gene Expression Variability during Bacterial Adaptive Evolution
Erickson, L.
751d Sustainability Metrics for Solar Powered Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles
Erickson, P.
View Chondrogenesis of Encapsulated MSCs
Erickson, P. A.
30f Heat and Mass Transfer Enhancement in a Packed Bed, Low Temperature Fischer-Tropsch Reaction Via Ring-Disc Passive Flow Disturbers
Erkey, C.
48a Compositional Effect of Varying Feedstocks on Heavy Oil Upgrading By Supercritical Water
307h Global Optimization and Hydrogen Adsorption on Pt-Cu Clusters By Using Genetic Algorithm and Density Functional Theory
Erkoc, P.
168a Water-in-Water Emulsion Based Synthesis of Hydrogel Nanospheres with Tunable Release Properties
775b Targeting Cancer Cells Via Tumor-Homing Peptide Creka Conjugated Peg Hydrogel Nanoparticles
Erol, C.
151i Synchrotron X-Ray Reflectivity and Computational Simulations of Structural Organization of the Binary Mixture 5CB/8CB Liquid Crystals at Liquid Crystal-Air Interface
Errington, J. R.
37i Calculating the Interfacial Properties of CO2/Water/Silica Systems Using Monte Carlo Molecular Simulations
757e Interfacial Properties of Model Systems Using Molecular Dynamics Based Framework
Ertler, D.
734d 100-Fold Rate Enhancement Caused By Dioxygen Ligands on a Supported, Single-Site Tetrairidium Cluster Catalyst for Ethylene Hydrogenation
Erucar, I.
224b Computational Investigations of Drug Storage and Delivery in Bio-Compatible Nanoporous Materials
Ervik, Å.
51f Prediction of the Water/Oil Interfacial Tension from Molecular Simulations Using the Coarse Grained SAFT-γ Mie Force Field
Ervin, M.
470d Silicon Particles for on-Chip Energetic Material Applications
470e Evaporation Driven Assembly of on-Chip Nanothermite Devices
572c Evaluation of Consumption Energy in CO2 Absorption Processes with Two-Liquid Phase Separation Type
Escalas, A.
500b Engineering Transcriptional Interference for Designing Synthetic Gene Circuits
Escamilla-Martín, B. J.
262bf Effect of Liquid Hydrocarbons (C6, C8, and C10) in Experimental Dissociation Points of Hydrates Formed By H2o + CO2
262bg Comparative Study Between Dissociation Conditions of H2o + N2+ Undecane and H2o + CO2+ Undecane Mixtures in Hydrate Formation
411f Phase Equilibrium Measurements for Semi-Clathrate Hydrates of Water+Decane+Carbon Dioxide+Tbab Systems
Escapa, S.
View Analysis of Hydrothermal Carbon By Raman Spectroscopy
143b Hydroformylation of 1-Dodecene in Microemulsions: Proof of Concept and Long-Term Operability on a Mini-Plant Scale
188e Visualization and Modeling of Chemical Processes Via Mosaic
189h Chance-Constrained MINLP Optimization for the Process Synthesis of the Oxidative Coupling of Methane
617bq Development of a Computationally Efficient Model of a Packed-Bed Membrane Reactor for the Oxidative Coupling of Methane
Escobar, F.
230q Microrheological Measurements of the Degradation of Covalently Adaptable Hydrogel Scaffolds
531h Microrheology As a Tool to Measure Cell-Material Interactions and Degradation of Covalently Adaptable Hydrogel Scaffolds
Escobar, I.
538a Investigation of Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration,Ozonation and Biofiltration for the Removal of Microcystin-LR from Water
695c Comparison of Performance Between Laboratory Scale and Industrial Scale Membranes
747e Development of Polybenzimidazole Nanofiltration Membranes with Biomimetic Surfaces
Escobedo, F.
757b Tuning the Saw-Tooth Tensile Response and Toughness of Multiblock Copolymer Diamond Networks
Escotet-Espinoza, M. S.
233aw Feasibility Analysis of Flowsheet Models in Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes Considering the Effects of Noise
342h Model Based Loss-in-Weight Feeder Design and Optimization
635a Surrogate-Based Optimization Methodology for Pharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturing Processes
Escudero-Escribano, M.
6t Engineering the Electrochemical Interface for Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage
617gr Au@MxOy Core-Shell Nanoparticles As Catalysts for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction
745b Engineering the Active Site for Oxygen Electroreduction in Fuel Cells
163a A Model of Droplet Dispersion in a Turbulent Couette Flow
Eslick, J.
211g Optimal Design and Operation of Hybrid CO2 Capture Systems
Espinal, L.
407b Using Three NIST Reference Zeolite Materials to Study the Effect of Pore Metrics on the Measurement of High-Pressure CO2 adsorption Isotherm
255cm Assessment of Wavelength Exponent Method for Monitoring Inverse Miniemulsion Polymerization of Acrylamide Using NIR Spectroscopy
Espinoza-Fonseca, L. M.
436c Pushing the Boundaries of Multiscale Simulation to Model Proton Transport in SERCA
Esposito, D. V.
348f Stabilizing Electrodeposited Nanoparticle Electrocatalysts on Si MIS Photocathodes for Solar Water Splitting
405e Membraneless Electrolyzers for Water Electrolysis
617ek Understanding Gas Evolution Dynamics on Planar Photoelectrodes
249s Optimal Decision-Making of Decentralized Multi-Participant Multi-Period Supply Chains under Uncertainty
254ah Integrated Environmental Assessment and Economic Optimization of Chemical Process Plants Based on Knowledge Management
501f Applying  Reliability Centered Maintenance in Incinerators of Industrial Solid Waste
Esquivel-Mora, P.
231ad Solubility of Ternary Systems Containing Capsaicin + β-Carotene and Lauric Acid + Palmitic Acid in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
262bf Effect of Liquid Hydrocarbons (C6, C8, and C10) in Experimental Dissociation Points of Hydrates Formed By H2o + CO2
262bg Comparative Study Between Dissociation Conditions of H2o + N2+ Undecane and H2o + CO2+ Undecane Mixtures in Hydrate Formation
411f Phase Equilibrium Measurements for Semi-Clathrate Hydrates of Water+Decane+Carbon Dioxide+Tbab Systems
Esquivel-Patiño, G. G.
439e Simultaneous Optimization for Heat-Exchanger Network Synthesis of Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant Integrated with Post-Combustion CO2 Capture and Compression
232ac Penetration of a Non-Swelling Liquid into a Tableted Porous Medium
262u Volumetric and Viscometric Properties of a Binary Mixture of a Model Diesel Compound with a Biobased Additive
Esteban, N.
659a Identification Methodology for Stirred and Plug-Flow Reactors
Estevam, S.
254ab Synthesis of Immobilized Amine Sorbent Pellets from Poly (chloroprene) and Fly Ash Binders for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture
Estime, B.
772a Development of a Thermoreversible Medium to Culture and Efficiently Harvest Microalgae
Estrada, A.
230u Free Surface Flows and Extensional Rheology of Polymer Solutions
657a Printability, Pinch-Off Dynamics and Extensional Rheology of Complex Fluids (Invited Talk)
188a Metabolic Network Design for Ethanol Production By Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803
189i Dynamic Global Sensitivity Analysis on Wastewater Stabilization Pond Networks
Estrada-Jaramillo, M.
363f Optimal Supply Chain in Electric Power Generation from Biogas Produce from Manure in La Cienega Michoacan
Estroff, L. A.
739c Structure Direction Via Sequence Control in Block Copolymers
Eswaranandam, E.
300h Investigation of the Degradation of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds in a Membrane Bioreactor
Etchells, A. W. III
163e Toward a Correlation for SOLID Liquid Cloud Height in Mechanical Agitated Vessels
Eudes, A.
628c A Synthetic Biology Chassis for Lignin Valorization into Muconic Acid and Other Value-Added Chemicals
Eum, J. Y.
260k Antibody-Conjugated Nanoscale Enzyme Reactors for Highly Sensitive Immunoassay
Evans, A.
510d Investigation of the Dynamic Adsorption of CO Using Metal-Organic Frameworks
Evans, D. G.
253br Understanding the Influence of Curcumin on Amyloid-β Aggregation at the Molecular Scale
Evans, J. E.
338d Versatile Microfluidic Platform for Single-Cell Culture and Analysis
436b Using Molecular Dynamics to Understand Transmission Electron Microscopy
Evans, M. A.
21g Engineering Polymer Drug Conjugates to Synergistically Schedule Chemotherapeutics
168c Liposome-Encapsulated Synergistic Drug Combinations for Low Dose Chemotherapy
Evans, S.
209g Inferential–MODEL Based FLARE SET POINT Determination
Everson, R.
443c The Development of Microchannel Reactors for Hydrogen Production: Experimentation and CFD Modelling
540f The Simulation of an Industrial Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization Absorber
Evitt, N.
660c High-Throughput Screening of Biological H2 Production
Ewing, C. S.
578a Computational Study of Single-Site Molybdenum Catalysts on Amorphous Silica
Eylands, K.
685b Understanding the Factors That Affect CO2 Transport, Storage, and Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential in Unconventional Reservoirs
Ezbiri, M.
745f Tunable Thermodynamic Activity of LaxSr1-XMnyAl1-YO3-δ (0 ≤ x ≤ 1, 0 ≤ y ≤ 1) Perovskites for Solar-Driven Splitting of CO2 and H2O