122 Undergraduate Student Poster Session: Separations

Monday, November 14, 2016: 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
One of nine student poster sessions.

Student Chapters Committee Liaison

Victor Breedveld
Email: victor.breedveld@chbe.gatech.edu

Thermodynamic Analysis of 1-Cyclhexylpiperidine for SPS FO Water Treatment Processes
Pedro Da Silva, Christopher J. Orme, Birendra Adhikari and Aaron D. Wilson

Improving the Performance of a Liquid-Liquid Extraction Unit By Using Optimum Solvent
Aurilis Matías Andino, Carla Stephanie Colon and Tatiana M. Colon Martinez

Mg/DOBDC MOF Functionalized with Ethylene Diamine for Improved Resistance to Humidity in CO2 Capture Applications
Rachel Vozikis, Lauren Burke, Jacob Cardinal, David Urick, Dinara Andirova, Christopher Cogswell and Sunho Choi

Adsorption Properties of Doxycycline Antibiotic from Aqueous Solutions Onto Pristine, Activated and Magnetized Carbon Nanotubes
Alina Terechshenko, Kuralay Korzhynbayeva, Moulay-Rachid Babaa, Jorge O. Oña-Ruales and Zhumabay Bakenov

Separation of Racemic Penicillamine on Chiral Gold Nanoparticles
Jennifer Lott, Nisha Shukla and Andrew J. Gellman

Nanostructured Membranes for Water Application
Jonathan Murphy, Sebastián Hernández and Dibakar Bhattacharyya

Tailoring the Hydrophilicity of Electrospun Membranes for Water Filtration
Zachary Tronstad, Felicia Romero, Alexander T. Bridge and Matthew D. Green

Defluoridation of Drinking Water through Adsorption Using Naturally Occurring Zeolites
Jacob Struble, Colin Gerrity, Kevin X. Lee, David P. Gamliel, Maria Chrysochoou and Julia A. Valla

Fabrication of Non-Fluorinated Hydrophilic-Oleophobic Stainless Steel Meshes for Oil-Water Separation
Kevin Park-Lee, Lu Jiang, Zhenguan Tang, Dennis W. Hess and Victor Breedveld

Functionalized Composite Silica Thin Film Membrane for Biomimetic Separations
Carmen Chen, Shanshan Zhou, Stephen E. Rankin and Barbara L. Knutson

Recovery of Dilute Aqueous Butanol By Membrane Vapor Extraction with Dodecane or Mesitylene
Neil Razdan, Jialing Chen, Tyler Field, David E. Liu, John Prausnitz and Clayton J. Radke
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