121 Undergraduate Student Poster Session: Materials Engineering and Sciences

Monday, November 14, 2016: 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
One of nine student poster sessions.

Student Chapters Committee Liaison

Victor Breedveld
Email: victor.breedveld@chbe.gatech.edu

Drug Delivery Mechanism of Sulfathiazole from Polyurethane Films
Montoia Davis, Mehul Barde, Shivani Rangari and Maria Auad

Cell Recoverability after Exposure to Complex Engineered Nanomaterials
Julie Hartz, Sharlee Mahoney, Thomas Richardson, Dr. Ipsita Banerjee and Dr. Goetz Veser

Biodegradable Polymer-Drug Conjugates for pH-Sensitive Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery
Alex Commisso, Meghan Capeling, Zachary Manzer, Patrick Krohl, Haotian Sun and Chong Cheng

Effect of Anion on Ion Transport through Surface-Tethered Poly(Ionic Liquid) Films
Maxwell W. Matson, Ian G. Njoroge and G. Kane Jennings

Reducing Swelling in Heteropoly Acid Proton Exchange Membranes
Keian S. Minnich, Andrew Herring, James L. Horan, Andrew R. Motz and Mei-Chen Kuo

Porous Ceramic Filers, to Retain Heavy Metals
Nolver William Huaman Minga Sr.

Antimicrobial Peptide Amphiphiles (AMPA) As a Surface Coating for Endotracheal Tubes
Julie Nguyen, Josiah Smith, Alexis Dadelahi, Fabio Gallazzi, Brittany Angle, Kenneth Gruber, Roger de la Torre and Bret Ulery

Sinterable and Printable Al2O3-Doped YSZ for Advanced SOFC Electrolytes
Maila Kodas, Christopher J. Bartel, Alan W. Weimer, Austin Drake and Rebecca O'Toole

Screening Chemical Parameter Space of Self Assembling Monolayers
Trevor J. Jones, Christoph Klein, János Sallai, Peter T. Cummings and Clare McCabe

Probing the Directional Properties of Liquid Crystals Via Actuating Assemblies of Microcubes
Andrew Murphy, Charles Shields IV, Koohee Han, Alexander Scott, Bhuvnesh Bharti, Youngki Kim, Nicholas L. Abbott and Orlin D. Velev

Formation of Biodegradable Gold Nanoclusters with High-NIR Absorbance for Biomedical Imaging
Mengdi Sun, Ehsan Moaseri, Behzad Chang, Lindsay Johnson, Keith Johnston and Thomas M. Truskett

Bioactive Gelatin-Alginate Scaffold to Promote Bone Regeneration
Sebastian Huayamares, Settimio Pacelli, Aparna R. Chakravarti, Zackary Rosenkrans, Kyle Gilmore and Arghya Paul

Nano-Hydrogel Systems for Biomolecule Targeting and Therapeutic Delivery
Justin X. Zhong, John R. Clegg and Nicholas A. Peppas

Hydrolytic Degradation of Biorenewable Epoxy Resins
Rawan Almallahi, Eluid Gonzalez-Martinez, Zeshan Rizvi, Tammy Hendrix-Doucette, Guozhen Yang and Megan Robertson

Inductive Properties of Simple Signaling Molecules
Brittany Allen, Soheila Aliakbarighavimi, Ram Rao Tata, Andrew Greenwald and Bret Ulery

Contrasting Drainage and Stratification in Horizontal Vs Vertical Micellar Foam Films
Ewelina Wojcik, Subinuer Yilixiati, Yiran Zhang and Vivek Sharma

Rheological Characterization of Bovine Intervertebral Discs: A Model for Human Discs
Aileen Murphy, Katrina Donovan, Libby Williams, Emily Harding, Hassan Raheem, Ranya Al-Khaledy and Willie (Skip) Rochefort

A Microfluidic Method for the Simultaneous Quantification of Hydrogel Erosion and Drug Release
Christopher M. Serfass, Roland V. Crystal, James E. Maneval, Brandon M. Vogel and Erin L. Jablonski

Solution Rheology: Scaling Theory and Membrane Applications
Alexander T. Bridge and Matthew D. Green

Designing Complex Micellar Structures through Synergistic Physical Phenomena
Logan Morton, Rui Zhang, Josiah Smith, Tommi White, Fabio Gallazzi and Bret Ulery

Effect of Barriers and Surfactants on Oil Adhesion to Surfaces
Mary Holleran, Katherine Roberts, Joseph Cremaldi, Shreyas Oak, Muhammad Ejaz, Scott Grayson and Noshir Pesika

Monodispersity and Reproducibility of Au and Ag Nanoparticle Syntheses
Robert Andringa, Debra Kowalczyk, James Brenner, Kristen Brenner, Martha Perez-Linares and James Barr

Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Carbon Dioxide Capture
Liah Dukaye, Rebecca Chinn, Jillian Zummo, Lauren Burke, Jacob Cardinal, Zelong Xie, Christopher Cogswell and Sunho Choi

Scalable Assembly of Nanoparticles Onto Templated Substrates
John Juchnowski, Jessica Bickel and Christopher Wirth

Electrochemical Etching of Metallic Substrates for Carbon Nanotube Growth
Montgomery Baker-Fales, Haider Almkhelfe, Xu Li and Placidus B. Amama

Sustainable Composite Manufacturing
Stephen Dueck and Golam Newaz

Photopolymerizable Conducting Polymer-Hydrogel Composites
Benjamin Chalfant and Vamsi Yadavalli

Gradient Foaming of Polymers in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Joseph Sarver, Jenna Sumey and Erdogan Kiran

Thermal Processing and Mechanical Testing of Ionic Polyimide and Composite Materials
Marlow M. Durbin, Dennis S. Dergunov and Jason E. Bara

Self-Assembly of Virus Capsids Decorated with Block Copolymers: A Simulation Study
Sarah Libring, Vyshnavi Karra, Leebyn Chong and Meenakshi Dutt

Understanding the Thermal Transition in Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
Adam Bachmann, Yanpu Zhang, Melissa Santos, Yossef A. Elabd and Jodie L. Lutkenhaus

Synthesis and Characterization of Well Defined AB, ABA Block Copolymers of Polyvinylidene Fluoride By Photomediated Controlled Radical Polymerization
Eun Young Lee, Joon Sung Kim, Vignesh Vasu, Christopher P. Simpson, Olumide Adebolu and Alesandru Asandei

High-x Block Copolymers Based on Vinyl Pyridine for Microelectronics
Erin Maines, Yusuke Asano, Andrew Dick, Gregory Blachut, Michael Maher and C. Grant Willson

Synthesis of Bioadvantaged Polymers through Modification of Soybean Oil
Joshua Potvin, Eric W. Cochran and Nacu Hernandez

Layer-By-Layer Assembly of Polyamide Thin Films
Elizabeth Stafford, Mahsa Abbaszadeh, Mahla Zabet, Bill B. Elmore and Santanu Kundu

CO2 Capture of Aminopolymer Loaded Porous Adsorbents
Madeleine Finkenaur, Sunho Choi, Christopher Cogswell, Yuanci Wang, Christopher Marsh, Andrew Wolek, Thomas P. Nigl, Daniel Accetta and Justin Ramberger

Highly Efficient Fluorescence Quenching of Dye By Defect Rich MoS2
Bradley Miller, Swagotom Sarkar, Hongmei Luo and Sanchari Chowdhury

Crystalline Channeling of Mev Ion Beams
Jacob W. Pledger, Stephen Remillard and Paul A. DeYoung

Optimization of ZIF-7 and ZIF-8
Maria Guadalupe Marquez Garcia, Nasser Khazeni and Reza Foudazi

Characterization of Amber Colored Aluminum Doped Silica Glass
Alvin Chang, Yujuan He and Chih-hung Chang

Understanding Self-Assembly of Peptoids with Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Parashara Shamaprasad, Arushi Prakash and Jim Pfaendtner

Long Wavelength Azo Dye Monomers for Photomechanical Applications
Sean R. Gitter, Brandon C. Derstine, Matthew L. Smith and Jason G. Gillmore

Processing and Characterization of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
Louis Y. Kirkley, Hamed Simchi, Timothy N. Walter and Suzanne E. Mohney

Tuning Cleaving Kinetics of Photo-Responsive Polymers Via Solvent-Polymer Interactions
Martin Siron, Michele Lee, Eda Gungor and Andrea M. Armani

Formate Production from CO2 Using Iridium Based Pincer Catalysts
Sean Najmi, Samantha I. Johnson and William A. Goddard III

Conversion of Snse to SnSe2 Via Vapor Transport in Ferecrystals
Sky Jackson, David Johnson and Gavin Mitchson

Self-Assembled Molecular Rotor Arrays That Perform Simple Computations
Chloe Wong, E. Charles H. Sykes and Wasio Natalie

Combustion Synthesis of AlN Microfibers with Mg Catalyst
Julia Lin, Ayako Hiranaka, Sidney Lin and Tomohiro Akiyama

Stabilization of Silicon Carbide Via Nano-Structured ALD Thin Films
Aidan Coffey, Amanda Hoskins and Alan W. Weimer

Molecular Weight Distributions in Five Monomer Series
Katherine Giles, Nicole Kloepfer and Julie L. P. Jessop

Polymer Synthesis from Cottonseed Oil
Deonante Frazier, Bill B. Elmore, Rangana Wijayapala, Santanu Kundu and Charles Freeman

Ion Transport with Large Anions for Battery Electrolyte Applications
Sophia Y. Chan, Hilda G. Buss and Bryan D. McCloskey

Ferecrystal Thin Films Annealed in Selenium Vapor
Morgan Mayer, Gavin Mitchson and David Johnson

Luminescent Potassium Ions(K+) Biosensor
Ruofan Sun, Guangjie Song and Yanqing Tian

Electrodeposition of Cobalt for Interconnect Applications
Tyler W. Lyons, Qiang Huang and William D Sides

Alkaline Zinc-Manganese Oxide Batteries
Maria Kelly, Timothy N. Lambert, Jonathon Duay, Eric Allcorn, Ganesan Nagasubramanian and Julian A. Vigil
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