120 Undergraduate Student Poster Session: Fuels, Petrochemicals, and Energy

Monday, November 14, 2016: 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
One of nine student poster sessions.

Student Chapters Committee Liaison

Victor Breedveld
Email: victor.breedveld@chbe.gatech.edu

A Theoretical Study of Sulfur Adsorption on Ion-Exchanged Mesoporous Y Zeolites
Zachary Blanchette, Kevin X. Lee and Julia A. Valla

Kinetic Study of Catalytic Decarboxylation/Decarbonylation of Triglycerides to Fuel-like Hydrocarbons
Courtney McKelphin, Ryan Loe, Eduardo Santillan-Jimenez and Mark Crocker

Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) of Oil Palm Waste Pyrolytic Bio-Oil for Bio-Fuel Products
Muhammad Afiq Adib Bin Mohamad Akashah, Koi Zi Kang and Noridah Binti Osman

Catalytic Combustion of Bio-Diesel over Perovskite Catalyst
Anh Ly, Oscar Marin-Flores, M. Grant Norton and Su Ha

The Effects of Algae Growth Stage on Biocrude Characterization from Hydrothermal Liquefaction Using Chlorella Kessleri Algae
Mark LaFollette, Shawn Benson, Anthm Grey, Joseph Hadel, Robert Hable, Sirwan Alimoradi, Susan M. Stagg-Williams and Belinda S.M. Sturm

Impact of Flow Rate and Flow Field Design on Redox Flow Battery Performance
Kevin Tenny, Jarrod D. Milshtein and Fikile Brushett

Using Wasted Thermal Energy to Improve Home Appliances Performance and Reduce Electric Power Consumption
Carla Stephanie Colon, Roxanna Vázquez Montalvo and Aurilis Matías Andino

PEDOT Encapsulated Feof Nanorod Cathodes for High Energy Lithium-Ion Batteries
Julia Lamb, Xuilin Fan, Chunsheng Wang, Chao Luo and Yujie Zhu

An Investigation on the Effect of Neutral Red Concentration on Voltage and Current Outputs for Microbial Fuel Cells
Neel J. Shah, James P. Kilgannon, Jack H. Duffy, Monica T. Keszler, Justin T. Ramberger, Hunter J. Sismaet, Martin K. Kimani, Brian T. Lejeune, Katherine S. Ziemer and Edgar D. Goluch

Towards the Development of a Polysulfide-Polyiodide Redox Flow Battery
Andres F. Badel, Liang Su and Fikile Brushett

Synthesis of Lithium Titanium Oxide-Based Composite As Anode Material for High Performance Lithium Ion Batteries
Aidyn Kuanyshev, Murat Sultanov, Medet Tauyekelov, Zhuldyz Beisbayeva, Azhar Moldabayeva, Anar Zhexembekova, Anara Molkenova and Zhumabay Bakenov
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