188 CAST Rapid Fire Session: I

Monday, November 14, 2016: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Carmel I (Hotel Nikko San Francisco)
CAST Rapid Fire Session

Computing Systems and Technology Division

Debangsu Bhattacharyya
Email: Debangsu.Bhattacharyya@mail.wvu.edu

Nick Sahinidis
Email: niksah@gmail.com

Ruth Misener
Email: r.misener@imperial.ac.uk

Apurva P. Samudra
Email: apsamudra@ra.rockwell.com

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on the online proceeding.

File available
3:00 PM
(188a) Metabolic Network Design for Ethanol Production By Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803
Romina Lasry Testa, Claudio Delpino, Vanina Estrada and Maria Soledad Diaz
File available
3:10 PM
(188c) An Automated Supertargeting Approach for Heating Medium System
Diban Pitchaimuthu and Dominic Chwan Yee Foo
File available
3:15 PM
(245f) Optimization of Dynamic Systems Including Ordinary and Fractional Differential Equations
Vicente Rico-Ramirez, Julio C. Barrera-Martinez, Edgar O. Castrejon-Gonzalez and Urmila M. Diwekar
File available
3:20 PM
(188e) Visualization and Modeling of Chemical Processes Via Mosaic
Bridgette Befort, Kenneth Bishop, Kyle V. Camarda, Erik Esche, Sandra Fillinger, Jens-Uwe Repke and Gregor Tolksdorf
File available
3:25 PM

3:30 PM
(188g) Optimal Design of LNG Regasification Terminals
Harsha Nagesh Rao, Zhi Xin Chew, Iftekar A. Karimi and Farooq Shamsuzzaman
File available
3:40 PM
(188i) Synthesis of Dimethyl Ether from Natural Gas: CO2 Utilization Process
Alessandro Duso, Júlía Rós Hafþórsdóttir, Yiyi Cao, Emmanouil Papadakis and Olivia Ana Perederic
File available
3:45 PM
(188j) A Methodology to Generate Modular Equipment for an Equipment Database in Module-Based Plant Design
Martin Eilermann, Christian Post, Tobias Gottschalk, Dorothea Schwarz, Stefan Leufke, Gerhard Schembecker and Christian Bramsiepe

3:50 PM
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