664 Solar Thermochemical Fuels II

Thursday, November 17, 2016: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Powell (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Concentrated Solar for Power Generation and Chemical Processing

Solar Energy for Power Generation and Chemical Processing
Sustainable Engineering Forum (23), Transport and Energy Processes (07)

Nick AuYeung
Email: nick.auyeung@oregonstate.edu

Wojciech Lipinski
Email: wojciech.lipinski@anu.edu.au

Alexandre Yokochi
Email: Alexandre.Yokochi@oregonstate.edu

9:10 AM
(664c) Stabilizing SiC for Solar Thermal Water Splitting Applications
Amanda Hoskins, Aidan Coffey, Charles B. Musgrave and Alan W. Weimer

9:30 AM
(664d) Development and Test Operation of a Demonstration Plant for Sulfuric Acid Splitting at the Dlr Concentrating Solar Power Tower Facility
Dennis Thomey, Hans-Peter Streber, Alejandro Guerra Niehoff, Moises A. Romero Gonzales, Justin L. Lapp, Martin Roeb and Christian Sattler

9:50 AM

10:30 AM
(664g) Hercynite Reduction and ITM Membrane Oxygen Removal System for Solar Thermal Water Splitting
Ibraheam Al-Shankiti, Yahya Al-Salik, Hicham Idriss and Alan W. Weimer
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