763 In Situ and Operando Spectroscopy of Catalysts II: Infrared Spectroscopy

Friday, November 18, 2016: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Franciscan D (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Monitoring the events taking place in catalytic materials under reaction conditions is crucial for understanding the reaction mechanisms of many important chemical processes and would allow the rational design of new or better catalysts. This monitoring includes the observation of reaction intermediates, discrimination between spectator species and active sites, quantification of unusual oxidation states and coordination environments of metal ions as well as migration and mobility of species at the catalyst surface. In addition, there is an increasing trend in the catalysis community to develop spectroscopic tools in such a way that they allow following the physicochemical processes taking place in an active catalyst in real time and under operating conditions. This session seeks contributions that discuss the latest fundamental and technical aspects related with the field of in situ spectroscopy of catalyst materials under working conditions. Contributions are encouraged that address: (1) the possibilities and limitations of different true in situ or operando spectroscopic techniques; (2) The design and construction of high quality spectroscopic-reaction cells; (3) The quantification and detection of active sites; the discrimination between spectator species and active sites; the observation of reaction intermediates as well as the elucidation of reaction mechanisms.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division

Nicholas Brunelli
Email: Brunelli.2@osu.edu

Bingjun Xu
Email: bxu@udel.edu

9:10 AM
(763c) The Role of the Support for Pt Catalysts during the Water-Gas Shift Reaction
Viktor Cybulskis, Yanran Cui, Mayank Shekhar, Juan Lovón Quintana, W. Nicholas Delgass and Fabio H. Ribeiro

9:50 AM
(763e) In Situ and Operando Drifts Characterization of Catalytic Sites on Metal-Doped KIT-6 during Alcohol Conversion Reactions
Juan J. Bravo-Suarez, Thomas Ofosu, Maria Ramirez, Marco Caricato, Alessandro Biancardi and Amy Jystad

10:30 AM
(763g) Evidence for CO Insertion in Alkane and Alkenes Production through Fischer-Tropsch Reaction
Motahare Athariboroujeny, Greg Collinge, Jean-Sabin McEwen and Norbert Kruse
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