105 Supercritical Fluids for Polymer Foams, Scaffolds, and Organogels

Monday, November 14, 2016: 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Yosemite C (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Contributions are invited on all aspects of foaming, scaffolding and aerogel formation with the aid of supercritical or compressed fluids. Papers that describe new experimental technique; novel approaches to formation of porous matrices of homopolymers, copolymers, blends, and nanocomposites; modeling of nucleation and the dynamics of pore generation and morphology; extraction and drying of gels of different origins with supercritical fluids; adsorption, crystallization and coating processes in aerogels and the modelling of such processes are especially invited.

High Pressure
Polymers (08A)

Irina Smirnova
Email: irina.smirnova@tu-harburg.de

Erdogan Kiran
Email: ekiran@vt.edu

Ernesto Di Maio
Email: edimaio@unina.it

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on the online proceeding.

8:36 AM
(105c) Protein Based Aerogels: Preparation, Applications and Potential for Food Engineering
Irina Smirnova, Ilka Selmer, Ulrich Kulozik and Christian Kleemann

8:54 AM
(105d) Alginic Acid Foams with Hierarchical Porosity: Promising Materials for Dyes Adsorption
Nathalie Tanchoux, Asja Pettignano, Luca Bernardi, Thierry Vincent, Eric Guibal and Françoise Quignard
File available
9:12 AM
(105e) Thermoplastic Foaming Assisted By Microwave
Elham Rezvanpanah, S. Reza Ghaffarian Anbaran and Ernesto Di Maio

9:30 AM
(105f) Polyurethane Foam Expansion, Polymerization and Bubble Pressurization
Rekha R. Rao, Lisa A. Mondy, Christine Cardinal Roberts, Kevin N. Long, David R Noble, Mathew C. Celina and Victor Brunini

9:48 AM
(105g) The Role of Viscoelasticity in Bubble Breaking
Daniele Tammaro, Rossana Pasquino, Massimiliano M. Villone, Gaetano D’Avino, Ernesto Di Maio, Massimiliano Fraldi, Antonio Langella, Nino Grizzuti and Pier Luca Maffettone

10:06 AM
(105h) The Use of the Viscoelasticity in Polymer Foaming to Obtain a Fully Opened Cell Structure
Daniele Tammaro, Rossana Pasquino, Massimiliano M. Villone, Gaetano D’Avino, Ernesto Di Maio, Nino Grizzuti and Pier Luca Maffettone
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