544 Nanoparticles and Health

Wednesday, November 16, 2016: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Golden Gate 8 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
This session will attract papers dealing with synthetic and atmospheric nanoparticles and their health effects

Environmental Aspects, Applications, and Implications of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
Environmental Division (09), Air (09A), Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum (22)

Kerry Kelly
Email: kerry.kelly@utah.edu

Nga Lee Ng
Email: ng@chbe.gatech.edu

1:14 PM
(544c) Dose-Dependent Intracellular Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species Production from Particulate Matter Exposure: Results from Ambient Samples and Chamber Experiments
Nga Lee Ng, Wing-Yin Tuet, Yunle Chen, Shierly Fok, Vishal Verma, Marlen Tagle Rodriguez, Anna Grosberg, Rodney Weber and Julie A. Champion

1:36 PM
(544d) Biofuel and Reference Diesel Particles: Differences in Inflammatory and Oxidative Effects
Isabel Jaramillo, Anne Sturrock, Kerry Kelly, Hossein Ghiassi, Cassandra Deering-Rice, Diana Woller, Robert Paine, JoAnn S. Lighty and Christopher Reilly

1:58 PM
(544e) Real Life PM Emissions from Traffic and Human Exposure Implications
Dimosthenis Sarigiannis, Spyros Karakitsios, Aris Tsatsakis and Kirill Golokhvast

2:42 PM
(544g) Metal Organic Framework Composites for Chemical Protection
Annie X. Lu, Gregory W. Peterson, Jared B. DeCoste, Monica L. McEntee and Wesley O. Gordon