52 Thermodynamic and Transport Properties Under Pressure

Sunday, November 13, 2016: 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Yosemite C (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
This session will present the latest research in Thermodynamic and Transport Properties at compressed, near-critical, and supercritical pressure. Presentations can focus on general property behavior, or on properties related to specific high-pressure engineering applications. Experimental, theoretical, and simulation works are encouraged.

High Pressure

Aaron M. Scurto
Email: ascurto@ku.edu

Kenneth M. Benjamin
Email: kenneth.benjamin@sdsmt.edu

3:46 PM
(52b) Exploring the Temperature and Pressure Dependence of the Viscosities of Two Potential Deepwater Viscosity References
Hseen O. Baled, Isaac K. Gamwo, Deepak Tapriyal, Babatunde A. Bamgbade, Mark . A McHugh and Robert M. Enick

4:18 PM

4:34 PM
(52e) Isobaric Heat Capacity of Supercritical Fluid Mixtures: Experimental Measurements and Molecular Simulations
Mitchell Ishmael, Lauren Stutzman, Maciej Lukawski and Jefferson W. Tester

5:06 PM
(52g) Volumetric Properties of Cyclohexane + CO2 Mixtures at High Pressures
Michael Williams, James Dickmann, John C. Hassler and Erdogan Kiran
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