113 Electrokinetics for Cellular Analysis & Separation

Monday, November 14, 2016: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Embarcadero (Parc 55 San Francisco)
Cellular electrokinetic analysis plays a vital role in understanding complex responses of cells, tissues and organisms to stimuli and mutations. In order to fully understand the factors governing cellular response, new technologies are needed that provide quantitative information with high sensitivity and throughput. This session will focus on the development of analysis and separation technologies. Of particular interest are advances in electrophoretic and dielectrophoretic cell separations, novel means for cell detection, methods of analyzing cellular properties, and related technologies. Papers are also sought linking cellular analysis and translational research. In the submission clearly state the problem, motivation, and results.

2016 Annual Meeting of the AES Electrophoresis Society

Soumya Srivastava
Email: srivastavask@uidaho.edu

Tayloria Adams
Email: tayloria@uci.edu

9:00 AM
(113a) In Vitro Electrical Impedance Characterization of Huvecs Undergoing Hydrodynamic Shear Stress
Vanessa Velasco, Patricia A. Soucy, Robert Keynton and Stuart J. Williams

9:30 AM
(113c) 3D Electrodes Integrated in Microfluidic Channels for Automated Single Cell Electrorotation Spectra Acquisition
Samuel Kilchenmann, Marta Comino, Ines R. Benmessaoud, Pietro Maoddi and Carlotta Guiducci

10:15 AM
(113f) Dielectrophoretic Field Shaping for Enhanced Circulating Tumor Cell Isolation and Characterization
Alejandro Abarca-Blanco, Juan Felipe Yee-de-León and Liza Paola Velarde-Calvillo

10:30 AM
(113g) Separation of Candida Cells Using 3D Carbon-Electrode Dielectrophoresis
Jordon Gilmore, Monsur Islam and Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte

10:45 AM
(113h) High-Throughput, Low-Loss Dielectrophoretic Cell Separation
Shabnam Faraghat, Max Steinbach, Kai F. Hoettges, Daan Van Der Veen, Fatima H. Labeed and Michael P. Hughes