100 Nanostructured Thin Films

Monday, November 14, 2016: 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Golden Gate 4 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
This session will focus on ordered porous inorganic films with pore sizes up to 100 nanometers and the nanostructured films that are precursors to these materials. Presentations on the control of structure, orientation, and composition are invited. Also, presentations on developing films for diverse applications such as electronics, thermoelectrics, photovoltaics, fuel cells, catalysis, sensors, separations, drug delivery, chromatography, and other chemical processes are also welcome.

Inorganic Materials
Electronics and Photonics (08E), Alternative Energy & Enabling Technologies (T4E)

Kumar Varoon Agrawal
Email: varoon@mit.edu


9:30 AM
(100f) Neutron Reflectometry Investigation of Hydrogen in Plasma Treated Hydrogen Doped Nanoporous TiO2 Thin Films for Water Splitting Photocatalysis
Syed Z. Islam, Allen Reed, Suraj Nagpure, Namal Wanninayake, James Browning, Doo Young Kim and Stephen E. Rankin

9:48 AM
(100g) Synthesis of Tin(II) Monosulfide Nanoplates: A Potential 2D Material
Nancy Trejo, Anne Hunter, Cody Wrasman, Shreyashi Ganguly, John Dwyer and Eray S. Aydil

10:06 AM
(100h) MoS2-Passivated Bilayer Phosphorene Phototransistors
Youngwoo Son, Albert Tianxiang Liu, Volodymyr Koman, Qing Hua Wang and Michael S. Strano
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