405 Electrochemical Systems for Energy Conversion and Storage

Tuesday, November 15, 2016: 3:15 PM - 5:45 PM
Mason (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Electrochemical systems can convert and storage energy at higher efficiencies than those possible with conventional processes. This symposium will focus on the fundamental aspects in design and analysis of such electrochemical systems. Of particular interest are fundamentals of design, operation, analysis and materials aspects of electrochemical systems. This symposium will focus specifically on systems like fuel cells, electrolyzers, electrochemical capacitors, redox flow batteries, and lithium-ion batteries. Papers focusing on a complete systems level approach are appropriate, including economic, integration and balance-of-plant aspects. Both modeling and experimental studies are relevant to this symposium.Papers related to alkaline electrochemical systems, and new ("beyond lithium") battery systems should be directed to the relevant parallel symposia on these topics.

Electrochemical Fundamentals

John Staser
Email: staser@ohio.edu

Vijay Ramani
Email: ramani@iit.edu

3:15 PM
(405a) Polyoxometalate Application in Redox Flow Battery
Jee-Jay J. Chen and Mark A. Barteau

3:35 PM

4:10 PM

4:25 PM
(405e) Membraneless Electrolyzers for Water Electrolysis
David Brown, Jonathan Davis, Glen D. O'Neil, Ji Qi and Daniel V. Esposito
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