37 Modeling of Interfacial Systems

Sunday, November 13, 2016: 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Union Square 25 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
The focus of this session will be on simulation studies of interfacial systems

Interfacial Phenomena
Thermodynamics and Transport Properties (01A)

Ateeque Malani
Email: amalani@iitb.ac.in

Stephanie Lam
Email: stephanie.x.lam@gsk.com

3:30 PM

3:45 PM
(37b) A Simple-to-Apply Predictive Wetting Model for Textured (Rough/Patterned) Surfaces and the Role of Re-Entrant Cavities
Szu-Ying Chen, Yair Kaufman, Himanshu Mishra, Alex Schrader, Dong-woog Lee, Saurabh Das, Stephen H. Donaldson Jr. and Jacob N. Israelachvili

4:15 PM

4:30 PM
(37e) Modeling Surface-Anchored Nematic Liquid Crystals for Chemoresponsive Application
Tibor Szilvási, Luke T. Roling, Huaizhe Yu, Prabin Rai, Robert Twieg, Nicholas L. Abbott and Manos Mavrikakis

5:00 PM
(37g) A Thermodynamic Approach to Interfacial Transport Phenomen
David Venerus and Hans Christian Öttinger

5:15 PM
(37h) Adhesion and Translocation of Nanoparticles through Lipid Bilayers Studied By Mesoscale Simulations
Sean Burgess, Zhengjia Wang, Aleksey Vishnyakov and Alexander V. Neimark
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