86 Fundamentals of Interfacial Phenomena I

Monday, November 14, 2016: 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Union Square 23 & 24 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
This session deals with experimental and theoretical studies of fundamental issues of interfaces in natural and engineered systems. Specific topics will include thermodynamics of interfaces; intermolecular and interparticle interactions; surface forces; electrostatic and electrokinetic phenomena at interfaces; contact angle phenomena and wetting; liquid surfaces; adsorption and desorption; surface modification; self- and directed- assembly; emulsions, micelles, and foams; thin films; and interfacial mass transfer.

Interfacial Phenomena

Ning Wu
Email: ningwu@mines.edu

Marina Tsianou
Email: mtsianou@buffalo.edu

Yakov Lapitsky
Email: yakov.lapitsky@utoledo.edu

David Green
Email: dlg9s@virginia.edu

Younjin Min
Email: ymin@uakron.edu

8:15 AM
(86b) Interactions and Mechanical Characterization of Spiny Particles
Zihao Qu, Haisheng Lin, Zifu Li and J. Carson Meredith

8:45 AM
(86d) Adhesion Forces Between Individual Oxide Nanoparticles in Gas-Phase Processes
Samir Salameh, Lutz M├Ądler, Jin Won Seo and J. Ruud van Ommen

9:00 AM
(86e) Interfacial Activity of Isotropic Particles in Fluid-Fluid Interfaces
Yi Zhang, J. Carson Meredith and Sven H. Behrens

9:15 AM
(86f) Adhesion Characterization of Energetic Microparticles to Functionalized Surfaces
Darby J. Hoss, Bryan W. Boudouris and Stephen P. Beaudoin

9:30 AM

9:45 AM
(86h) Interactions Between Peptide-Mimetic Nanoparticles and Synthetic Cells
Xiaolei Chu, Fikret Aydin, Geetartha Uppaladadium and Meenakshi Dutt

10:15 AM
(86j) Electrostatic Origin of Enhanced Rate of Silica Surface Dissolution
Kai Kristiansen, Howard Dobbs, Markus Valtiner, George W. Greene, J. Boles and Jacob Israelachvili
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