678 Colloidal Dispersions I

Thursday, November 17, 2016: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Union Square 23 & 24 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
This session deals with colloidal dispersions. Some of the topics that are relevant to this session are: colloidal stability, phase behavior of colloids, transport phenomena of colloidal systems, colloidal and nanoparticle interactions, contemporary and emerging applications of colloidal and nanoparticulate dispersions, synthesis of colloids, and methods for characterizing physicochemical properties of colloidal systems. Both experimental and theoretical groups are equally encouraged to submit their work.

Interfacial Phenomena

Ubaldo M. Córdova-Figueroa
Email: ubaldom.cordova@upr.edu

Carlos A. Silvera Batista
Email: jonsil@umich.edu

Christina Tang
Email: ctang2@vcu.edu

Gerold A. Willing
Email: gerold.willing@louisville.edu

2:00 PM
(678g) Programming DNA-Mediated Colloidal Self-Assembly to Control 3D Binary Superlattice Formation
Hasan Zerze, Nathan A. Mahynski, Minseok Song, Yajun Ding, Vincent K. Shen and Jeetain Mittal

2:15 PM
(678h) Clusters of Polyhedra in Spherical Confinement
Erin G. Teich, Greg van Anders, Daphne Klotsa, Julia Dshemuchadse and Sharon C. Glotzer

2:30 PM
(678i) Straining Soft Colloids in Aqueous Nematic Liquid Crystals
Nicholas L. Abbott, Peter Mushenheim, Joel Pendery, Douglas B. Wiebel and Saverio Spagnolie

2:45 PM
(678j) Growth and Agglomeration Rates Regulate Colloid Fractal Dimension
Stefano Lazzari, Klavs F. Jensen and Marco Lattuada
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