336 Bioseparations and Downstream Processing

Tuesday, November 15, 2016: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Continental 7 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
This session will focus on highlighting the latest advances in downstream processing relevant to purification/polishing operations including rapid process development, improved efficiency, continuous processing, integration of operations, handling of high titre streams and sustainability issues. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to: Uni- and multi-modal chromatography, membrane-based separations and filtration, extraction, precipitation and crystallization.


Adam Melvin
Email: melvin@lsu.edu

John Welsh
Email: john.welsh2@merck.com

12:30 PM
(336a) Novel Peptoid Ligands for IgG Purification
Stefano Menegatti and Benjamin Bobay

12:48 PM
(336b) Anti-Candida Peptide Production Using a Recombinant Expression Platform
Rudra Palash Mukherjee, Rita Tejada Vaprio, Ellen M. Brune, McKinzie Fruchtl and Bob Beitle

1:42 PM
(336e) Host Cell Protein Removal Via Flow-through Chromatography: A Proteomics-Based Approach
Ashton Lavoie, Katarina Popovic, Tuhidul Islam, Kevin Blackburn, Ruben Carbonell and Stefano Menegatti
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