785 Advances in Mixed Culture/Microbial Consortium for Metabolic Engineering

Friday, November 18, 2016: 3:15 PM - 5:45 PM
Continental 7 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Cooperation and labor division are very common in nature, where organisms establish many different kinds of mutual relationships. The second wave of metabolic engineering has advanced the development of intelligent synthetic ecosystems, which can carry out complicated tasks that are more difficult or even impossible for individual populations to perform. Interesting exemplary consortia have been developed for mixed sugar consumption, mixed enzyme production, and transferring key metabolites from one partner to the other to enhance the overall productivity. This session will focus on metabolic engineering efforts in designing, optimizing, and modeling microbial consortia to realize complex and sophisticated cellular functions and provide extra gains in design efficiency and execution of bioengineering solutions.


Zengyi Shao
Email: zyshao@iastate.edu

Kang Zhou
Email: kang.zhou@nus.edu.sg

3:15 PM
(785a) Bottom-up Construction of Synthetic Microbial Pairs Inspired By Nature
Sean P. Gilmore, Xuefeng Peng, John Henske, Kevin V. Solomon, Michael K. Theodorou, Dave Valentine and Michelle A. O'Malley

3:51 PM
(785c) Engineering Microbial Communities for Cellulose Degradation and Modular Production of Target Chemicals
Karolina Z. Kalbarczyk, Erin E. Kelly, Mattheos A.G. Koffas and Cynthia H. Collins

4:09 PM
(785d) Extending Natural Product Biosynthesis Pathways through Application of Engineered Modular E. coli Polycultures
J. Andrew Jones, Victoria Vernacchio, Shannon Collins, Brady F. Cress and Mattheos A. G. Koffas

4:27 PM
(785e) Microbial Synthesis of Plant Monolignols
Qipeng Yuan, Xinxiao Sun and Zhenya Chen

4:45 PM
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