378 Special Session: To Celebrate Prof. Sankaran Sundaresan's Career Long Accomplishments

Tuesday, November 15, 2016: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Golden Gate (Hotel Nikko San Francisco)
Professor Sankaran Sundaresan has dedicated his career to education and scientific research in multiphase flows. Except for early research in flow phenomena in trickle bed reactors, Professor Sundaresan has concentrated on the nature and simulation of fluid-particle systems. Specifically, he has focused on computational fluid dynamics simulations aimed at understanding the origin and behavior of meso-scale structures in gas-solid flows. From this work, the concept of the coarse-grained, or filtered, two-fluid model was developed. The filtered model consists of the averaged two-fluid equations with closures developed through detailed computational experiments that resolve meso-scale flow behavior. The closures are, essentially, sub-grid-scale models that account for meso-scale flow structures and their behavior without the need to resolve either. This methodology has made possible accurate and timely industrial-scale simulations of gas-solid flows. More recently, Professor Sundaresan has focused on particle-based simulations as a means of developing similar sub-model closures for more complex physical phenomena occurring in granular flow such as friction dominated flow and the fluidization of wet or cohesive material. To celebrate his career accomplishments, this session will provide papers that demonstrate Professor Sundresan’s legacy in the application of computational fluid dynamics in two-phase flows.

Fluidization and Fluid-Particle Systems

Timothy M. Healy
Email: timothy.m.healy@exxonmobil.com

S. B. Reddy Karri
Email: reddy.karri@psri.org

12:47 PM
(378b) On the Relevance of Closures Laws for Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer in Gas-Particle Suspensions
Federico Municchi, Maryam Askarishahi, Mohammad Sadegh Salehi, Christoph Goniva and Stefan Radl

1:04 PM
(378c) Clustering in Gas-Solid Flows: How Are Clusters Modified By Shear?
Rodney O. Fox, Peter J. Ireland, Ravi G. Patel, Jesse S. Capecelatro and Olivier Desjardins

1:21 PM
(378d) Cohesive Particle Flows: On the Relevance of Cohesive Energy Vs. Cohesive Force Descriptions
Christine Hrenya, Casey Q. LaMarche, Peiyuan Liu and Kevin M. Kellogg

1:55 PM
(378f) The Big Impact Small Particles Have on Fluidized Beds
Ray Cocco, Tim Freeman, Heinrich Jaeger, Allan Issangya, T. M. Knowlton and S. B. Reddy Karri

2:12 PM
(378g) Scale up of Heat Transfer of Particles in a Rotating Cylinder
Bereket Yohannes, Heather N. Emady, Ingrid J. Paredes, Maham Javed, William G. Borghard, Fernando J. Muzzio, Benjamin Glasser and Alberto Cuitiño
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