581 Dynamics and Modeling of Particles, Crystals and Agglomerate Formation

Wednesday, November 16, 2016: 3:15 PM - 5:45 PM
Peninsula (Hotel Nikko San Francisco)
This session is concerned not only with the kinetics of the processes that are involved in particle formation but also with demonstrations of state of the art tools that allow modeling of 'real' industrially relevant particle systems. Papers presenting either theoretical or experimental data on nucleation and particle growth rates, collision and fragmentation kernels, as well as sintering, coalescence or Ostwald ripening phenomena would all be welcome in this session. On the modelling front the focus will be on papers that show how particle systems with developing distributions of multiple variables can be efficiently modelled. This could include for example distributions in size, morphology (crystal habit, agglomerate structure), composition or any other features that influence the particles ultimate properties. Techniques for influencing and controlling these variable properties will also be of interest. The session will embrace both gas and liquid phase formation processes.

Particle Production and Characterization

Priscilla Hill
Email: phill@che.msstate.edu

Tao Wei
Email: twei@lamar.edu

R. Dennis Vigil
Email: vigil@iastate.edu

3:15 PM
Welcoming Remarks

3:17 PM
(581a) Titania Powders in the Selective Laser Sintering Processes
Domenico Macri', Daniele Sofia, Paola Lettieri, Massimo Poletto and Diego Barletta

4:23 PM
(581d) On Optimising Particle Breakage for a Downstream Process: An Attainable Region Approach
Nkosikhona Hlabangana, Diane Hildebrandt, David Glasser and Gwiranai Danha
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