230 Poster Session: Fluid Mechanics (Area 1J)

Monday, November 14, 2016: 3:15 PM - 5:45 PM
Market Street (Parc 55 San Francisco)
This session of contributed posters will include a broad range of recent results in the areas of fundamental and applied fluid mechanics. We encourage submissions on work at the fringes of fluid mechanics to broaden and strengthen the impact of fluid mechanics within the community

Fluid Mechanics

Lynn M. Walker
Email: lwalker@andrew.cmu.edu

Xiang Cheng
Email: xcheng@umn.edu

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on the online proceeding.

(230ab) Relationships Between Structure and Permeability in Colloidal Networks
Lev Gelb, Alex Mertz, Marc Ingber, Alan L. Graham and Antonio Redondo

(230ag) Modeling the Viscosity of Polydisperse Suspensions
Paul M. Mwasame, Norman J. Wagner and Antony N. Beris

(230ai) Stretching Behavior of Red Blood Cells at High Strain Rates
Jordan E. Mancuso and William D. Ristenpart

(230ak) Theory of Margination in Blood and Other Multicomponent Suspensions
Michael Graham, Rafael G. Henríquez Rivera and Xiao Zhang

(230al) Microalgae’s Cells Mapping By Radioactive Particle Tracking (RPT)
Laith Sabri, Abbas Sultan and Al-Dahhan Muthanna

(230am) Two Spheres and a Spring Make a Good Swimmer
Daphne Klotsa, Kyle A. Baldwin, Richard J. A. Hill, Michael R. Swift and Roger M. Bowley

(230an) Viscoelasticity of Mucus Layers Secreted By Intestinal Epithelial Cells
Charles W Manke, David M. Liberati, Lawrence N. Diebel, Bhanu P. Jena, Kenneth Lewis and Emily J. Harvey

(230ap) Lda Measurement of a Simplified Nasal Cavity
Manuel Berger, Martin Pillei and Michael Kraxner

(230at) Dynamics of Thrombus Formation in a Microfluidic Network Mimicking Vasculature
Jevgenia Zilberman-Rudenko, Joanna L. Sylman, Owen J T McCarty and Jeevan Maddala

(230ay) Modeling of Ultra-High Density Bio-Reactor
Sumitava De, Nikolaos Kladias and Aravind Rammohan

(230c) Bubble and Droplet Coalescences in Microchannels
Kai Wang, Qianqian Zhou, Sun Yue, Lu Yang and Guangsheng Luo

(230f) Two-Layer Spin Coating Flow of Newtonian Liquids: A Computational Study 
Subhadarshinee Sahoo, Akash Arora and Pankaj Doshi

(230j) Collective Dielectrophoretic Trapping Assisted By AC Electrokinetic Flow
Hsien-Hung Wei, Tzu-Han Liang, Yi-Ching Chen and Chih-Yi Lin
File available
(230l) Using Microfluidic Device to Study Rheological Properties of Heavy Oil
Kiarash Keshmiri, Saeed Mozaffari, Plamen Tchoukov, Haibo Huang and Neda Nazemifard

(230n) Capillary Flow Dynamics in 3D Printed, Open Microchannels
Robert Lade Jr., Erik Hippchen, Christopher W. Macosko and Lorraine F. Francis

(230o) Head Loss in Gate and Globe Valves on Pumping Thixotropic Polymer Solutions
Daniel Torneiros, Vitor Rosa, Marco Cesar Matos, Maria Elena Taqueda, José Paiva and Deovaldo Moraes Júnior
File available
(230p) Multiscale Modeling of Reacting Polymer Foams Via Computational Fluid Dynamics and Molecular Dynamics
Mohsen Karimi, Erik Laurini, Maurizio Fermeglia, Sabrina Pricl and Daniele Marchisio

(230q) Microrheological Measurements of the Degradation of Covalently Adaptable Hydrogel Scaffolds
Francisco Escobar, Daniel McKinnon, Kristi S. Anseth and Kelly M. Schultz

(230r) Single Molecule Studies of Ring Polymer Dynamics in Dilute and Semi-Dilute Solutions
Kai-Wen Hsiao, Charles Sing, Gregory B. McKenna and Charles M. Schroeder

(230s) Dynamics of Linear and Comb DNA Solutions Using Efficient Brownian Dynamics Techniques
Amir Saadat, Danielle J. Mai, Bamin Khomami and Charles M. Schroeder

(230u) Free Surface Flows and Extensional Rheology of Polymer Solutions
Jelena Dinic, Leidy N. Jimenez, Madeleine Biagioli, Alexandro Estrada and Vivek Sharma

Surfaces, Interfaces and Drops

Drying and Coating

Microfluidics and Related Techniques

Polymer Fluids

Suspensions and Emulsions


Turbulence and Reactor Designs
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