164 Model Based Integrated Design of Pharmaceutical Drug Product Processes

Monday, November 14, 2016: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Continental 4 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Model Based Integrated Design of Pharmaceutical Drug Product Processes This session seeks contributions where modeling-aided approaches as well as optimization techniques have been applied for decision making in the design and development of pharmaceutical intermediates, and/or drug products. Modeling research using deterministic models derived from fundamental principles are all in scope for this session. Authors are encouraged to highlight integration to upstream and downstream operations as well as Quality by Design considerations.

Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development and Manufacturing Forum
Pharmaceuticals (15B)

Salvador García-Muñoz
Email: sal.garcia@lilly.com

Yuesheng Ye
Email: Yuesheng.Ye@fda.hhs.gov

12:55 PM

1:20 PM
(164c) Modelling of Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders in the Pharmaceutical Industry I: Single Component Model
Pavol Rajniak, Maria Fuentes-Gari, Niall Mitchell, Tariq Islam, John Robertson and Sean K. Bermingham

1:45 PM
(164d) Modeling and Optimization of Agglomeration in Suspension through a Coupled Population Balance Framework
Ramon Pena, Zoltan K. Nagy, Doraiswami Ramkrishna, Christopher L. Burcham and Daniel Jarmer

2:10 PM
(164e) Modelling of Water Absorption By a Pharmaceutical Tablet
Charalampos Christodoulou, Luca Mazzei, Eva Sorensen and Salvador García-Muñoz