642 Innovations in Drug Delivery Technology

Thursday, November 17, 2016: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Continental 5 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Drug delivery is more than a round white tablet. In this session, innovative developments in drug delivery technologies will be presented. Topics of interest include methods of drug delivery; oral, injectable, implants, ocular, transdermal; devices that enable patient adherence or ease of administration or administration in combination with other therapeutics. Methods of manufacture and insurance of quality may also be discussed, provided that emphasis is on the innovation of the delivery technology.

Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development and Manufacturing Forum
Pharmaceuticals (15B), Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science (15D)

Padma Narayan
Email: pnarayan@tesarobio.com

Christopher L. Burcham
Email: cburcham@lilly.com

8:30 AM
(642a) De Novo Design of Skin-Penetrating Peptides for Enhanced Transdermal Delivery of Peptide Drugs
Stefano Menegatti, Michael Zakrewsky, Sunny Kumar, Joshua De Oliveira and Samir Mitragotri

8:50 AM
(642b) Ligand-Targeted Conjugate Systems for Delivery of siRNA to Tumors
Hok Hei Tam, Omid Veiseh, Robert Langer and Daniel G. Anderson

9:50 AM
(642e) Aminoglycoside-Derived Liposomes for Drug Delivery
Sudhakar Godeshala, Cathy S. Madsen, Sandra J. Gendler and Kaushal Rege

10:10 AM
(642f) Water Soluble Enteric Polymer
Jin Zhao, Oliver Petermann, Matthias Knarr, Josh Imperial, Debora Holbrook and Harold Bernthal

10:30 AM
(642g) Preparation of a Drug Delivery System (DDS) of Hydropylic and Hydrophobic Drugs: In Vitro Validation in Human Lung Cancer Cells
Fernando Mesías-Recamán, Jesus Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Miguel A. Galán and Eva Martín del Valle