498 Solar Thermochemical Energy Storage

Wednesday, November 16, 2016: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Powell (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Concentrated Solar for Power Generation and Chemical Processing

Solar Energy for Power Generation and Chemical Processing
Sustainable Engineering Forum (23), Transport and Energy Processes (07)

Nick AuYeung
Email: nick.auyeung@oregonstate.edu

Wojciech Lipinski
Email: wojciech.lipinski@anu.edu.au

Alexandre Yokochi
Email: Alexandre.Yokochi@oregonstate.edu

9:14 AM
(498c) Solar Thermochemical Energy Storage Based on Strontium Carbonate Chemistry
Nick AuYeung, Elham Bagherisereshki, Laureen Meroueh, Karthik Yenduru, Arindam Dasgupta and Duo Jiang

9:36 AM
(498d) Design of Manganese Oxide-Based Particles for High-Temperature Thermochemical Energy Storage
Barbara J. Ward, Brian D. Ehrhart, Roman Bader, Peter Kreider, Wojciech Lipinski and Alan W. Weimer

9:58 AM
(498e) Grid-Scale Thermochemical Energy Storage Using Mixed Metal Oxide Redox Cycles
Peter Kreider, Roman Bader, Marziyeh Hamidi, Lifeng Li, Qi Lei, Barbara J. Ward, Brian D. Ehrhart, Joe Coventry, John Pye, Keith Lovegrove, Alan W. Weimer and Wojciech Lipinski

10:20 AM

10:42 AM
(498g) Thermodynamic Analysis of CaCO3/CaO Looping for High Temperature Thermochemical Energy Storage
Qinyi Ye, Alicia Bayon, Lindsey Yue, Larissa Fedunik-Hofman, Roman Bader, Jim Hinkley and Wojciech Lipinski
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