461 Catalysis for C1 Chemistry I: CO2 Conversion

Wednesday, November 16, 2016: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Franciscan C (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Catalysis for C1 chemistry is of critical importance. We invite theoretical and experimental contributions that use methane, CO, methanol, and CO2 as feedstock for the production of fuels and chemicals.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division

Hongfei Lin
Email: hongfeil@unr.edu

Elizabeth J. Biddinger
Email: ebiddinger@ccny.cuny.edu

Liney Arnadottir
Email: liney.arnadottir@oregonstate.edu

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on the online proceeding.

8:48 AM
(461b) Methanation of Carbon Dioxide with a Novel Nickel/Magnesium Oxide Catalyst
Georg Baldauf-Sommerbauer, Susanne Lux and Matthaeus Siebenhofer

9:06 AM
(461c) Polymer-Nanocrystal Composites As Tailorable CO2 Hydrogenation Catalysts
Andrew Riscoe, Joshua Willis and Matteo Cargnello

9:24 AM
(461d) Reduction of CO2 to CO and Methanol on Ceria Based Catalyst: Mechanistic Insights
Neetu Kumari, Suddhasatwa Basu, M. Ali Haider, Nishant Sinha and Manish Agarwal

9:42 AM
(461e) Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide with Solar Hydrogen Under Supercritical Conditions
Elisabeth Hocke, Bjoern Kommoss, Stephan Schultheis and Herbert Vogel

10:00 AM
(461f) CO2 Hydrogenation on Silica- and Titania- Supported Single-Site Heterogeneous CoII Catalyst
Juan Jimenez, Cun Wen, Jason Hattrick-Simpers and Jochen Lauterbach
File available
10:18 AM
(461g) Development of Catalysts for CO2 Hydrogenation to Olefins
Marc D. Porosoff and Heather D. Willauer

10:36 AM
(461h) K2o/WOx/Al2O3 Catalyst Interactions with the Components and Byproducts of Sour Natural Gas
Jih-Mirn Jehng, Israel E. Wachs, Zili Wu and Jonas Baltrusaitis
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