704 Polymer Networks and Gels

Thursday, November 17, 2016: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Golden Gate 2 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
This session will cover a broad assortment of topics within polymer science and chemical engineering, with the common theme of polymer networks, gels, and elastomers. Topics pertaining to network/gel/elastomer synthesis, structural characterization, physical properties, crosslinking/curing reactions and kinetics, processing, and other related subjects are appropriate. Presentations can include research in networks and elastomers, model polymer networks, chemical and physical gels, biopolymer networks, interpenetrating networks, and other lightly crosslinked materials. Papers presenting experimental results, simulations, and theoretical/modeling are equally welcome. ***Note to faculty candidates: please include a note to the session chair during submission to alert them to your status*** +++Note: this session will be sorted jointly with Biomacromolecular Gels. Authors may submit to either session.+++


Wyatt Tenhaeff
Email: wyatt.tenhaeff@rochester.edu

Erick Vasquez
Email: evasquez1@udayton.edu

1:00 PM
(704b) Structural Rearrangements during Stress Relaxation of a Tough, Physically Crosslinked Hydrogel
Bryan D. Vogt, Clinton Wiener, Chao Wang, Yun Liu and Robert Weiss

1:15 PM
(704c) Strong Polymer Gels with Tunable Crystalline Domains
Xuechen Yin, David Hewitt, Robert B. Grubbs and Surita Bhatia

1:30 PM
(704d) Quantifying Topology and Elasticity of Polymer Networks
Rui WANG, Alfredo Alexander-Katz, Jeremiah A. Johnson and Bradley D. Olsen

1:45 PM
(704e) Ultra-Soft, Dry Polydimethylsiloxane Elastomers from Architecture-Driven Entanglement Free Design
Liheng Cai, Thomas Kodger, Rodrigo Guerra, Adrian Pegoraro, Michael Rubinstein and David A. Weitz

2:00 PM
(704f) Nanovoid Formation and Mechanics: A Simulation Study of Poly(dicyclopentadiene) and Epoxy Cross-Linked Networks
Robert M. Elder, Daniel B. Knorr Jr., Joseph L. Lenhart, Jan W. Andzelm and Timothy W. Sirk

2:15 PM
(704g) Simultaneous Scission and Gelation Reactions in Photocrosslinkable Polymers
Dustin Janes, Michael J. Maher, Gregory Carroll and Christopher J. Ellison
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