341 Computational Methods in Biological and Biomedical Systems

Tuesday, November 15, 2016: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Carmel I (Hotel Nikko San Francisco)
Biological approaches in chemical engineering are increasingly characterized by systems-level treatment of biological systems and the use of synthetic systems under complex control. Issues such as network size, network cross-talk, and parameter sloppiness can cause significant problems in both numerical analyses and biological interpretation that must be addressed. This session invites contributions that apply existing numerical methods to systems biology and biomedical simulation problems, as well as contributions that identify unique numerical problems that arise in such biological and biomedical systems and address them with novel approaches.

Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis
Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science (15D), Systems and Process Control (10B)

Stacey D. Finley
Email: sfinley@usc.edu

Ashlee N. Ford Versypt
Email: ashleefv@okstate.edu

Zuyi (Jacky) Huang
Email: zuyi.huang@villanova.edu

12:48 PM
(341b) A Systems-Biology Approach to Investigate the Antimicrobial Activity of Oleuropein
Xianhua Li, Yanhong Liu, Qian Jia, Virginia LaMacchia, Kathryn O'Donoghue and Zuyi (Jacky) Huang

1:06 PM

1:24 PM
(341d) Developing a Stochastic Model of LPS-Induced TNF-α Production in Macrophages
Dongheon Lee, Yufang Ding, Arul Jayaraman and Joseph Sangil Kwon

2:00 PM
(341f) A Method for Learning a Sparse Classification Model in the Presence of Missing Data
Kristen Severson, Brinda Monian, J. Christopher Love and Richard D. Braatz

2:18 PM

2:36 PM
(341h) Data-Driven Parameter Reduction in Sloppy Models
Alexander Holiday, Antonios Zagaris, William E. Leeb, William Gear and I.G. Kevrekidis
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