478302 Imagine, Design, Create – Cloud Based Software for Biological Design

Wednesday, November 16, 2016: 10:42 AM
Continental 6 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Eli Groban, Autodesk, San Francisco, CA

Over the past 10 years the ability to sequence, edit, and build life has grown exponentially. Software in this space has not kept pace with the rapid pace of biological innovation resulting in a tremendous gap between the modeling and manufacturing of biological systems. The Autodesk BioNano team works to bring design solutions to biology, making the interaction of scientists with software more seamless and efficient. Our goal is to allow scientists to focus on what matters, the science. Autodesk has experience in designing and displaying complex, man-made mechanical structures in the cloud. It is time to apply this knowledge to biology to show how proteins and molecules interact to create life. Autodesk’s BioNano group hopes to empower scientists to Imagine, Design, and Create a better world.

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