477292 Conversion of Waste Oil to Biofuels in a Single Catalytic Process over Bifunctional Catalysts

Sunday, November 13, 2016
Continental 4 & 5 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Masoudeh Ahmadi, Chemical Eng, University of Louisville, louisville, KY

Research Interests:

My research interest relates to two patents I filed on biofuel field. It would be a great idea to convert the waste oil to biofuels in a single catalytic process. According to data I have found zeolites are the nominate catalyst for this purpose because of the high percentage of decarboxylation and high selectivity they have for branched and aromatic compounds. The other plan I have for my future research is to utilize the nanoscience and computational fluid dynamics knowledge together to cure cancer with magnetic nanoparticles. The concept of this work is cancer hyperthermia.

Teaching Interests:

I have worked in a variety of academic institutions in a wide range of teaching areas. Teaching has always been a rewarding experience for me, mainly because of the great satisfaction that comes with sharing my knowledge with others. My teaching interest includes kinetics and reaction engineering, transport phenomena and fluid dynamics courses for undergraduate and graduate students, which naturally fit my research and teaching experience. Because of the fact that my research includes kinetics and reaction engineering, heat and mass transfer and fluid mechanics concepts, so I could give students team working projects and provide them the opportunity to improve their knowledge about the fundamental principles and technical details of basics of Chemical Engineering. I also enjoy teaching hands-on laboratory classes, like unit operation laboratory.

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