475308 Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Panel

Tuesday, November 15, 2016: 10:30 AM
Union Square 17 & 18 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Yinlun Huang, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI and Richelle C. Thomas, Owens Corning, Columbus, OH

A panel of invited speakers will conclude the session. The challenge to incorporate sustainable solutions to manufacturing is multifaceted. The purpose of the speaker series is to highlight trends in manufacturing that emerge in light of corporate sustainability initiatives. Companies must consider the return on investment in addition to the sustainable impact of their work. The process, product and lifecycle are all integral players in the success of a sustainable edit to a manufacturing regime. The speakers represent a variety of industries and offer both academic and industry perspectives. The topics of conversation include manufacturing systems, sustainable product development and product life cycle impact.

The panel will focus on opportunities for sustainable manufacturing improvement given today’s economic climate. These speakers, who are on the forefront of sustainability as it relates to chemical engineering, will offer their thoughts on the role chemical engineers will play in manufacturing of the future. It is imperative that the conversation includes the context for societal and economic influences. The mega-trends of climate change, urbanization and water scarcity each directly affect the ability of manufacturers to conduct business as usual. In light of these issues, they must be addressed in tandem with other initiatives in order to meet the need of tomorrow’s consumer. An interdisciplinary approach is necessary and conversations such as are intended to foster a greater level of critical evaluation in the design and maintenance of manufacturing assets.

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