475288 Session Keynote - New Designs for Anion Conducting Membranes

Monday, November 14, 2016: 8:25 AM
Powell (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Michael Hickner, Materials Science and Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Membranes serve important functions as ion and water transport and separation media in water purification, energy storage and conversion systems, and food processing applications. We have explored the factors that control the ionic resistance and permselectivity of anion exchange membranes in a number of polymeric architectures. To decrease the resistance of these materials we have employed new macromolecular synthesis strategies including inducing nanophase separation in the material by long pendant chains. Appending hydrophobic linkers to the polar polymer backbone induces hydrophilic/hydrophobic nanophase separation to boost ion conductivity in the material. Additionally, the mechanical properties of these membranes have been enhanced by forming a semi-interpenetrating network between a poly(ethylene oxide) flexible additive with the cationic poly(phenylene oxide) base polymer. Finally, we have demonstrated patterned membranes through a unique 3D printing process for rapid fabrication of surface-patterned, profiled membranes. This process allows for rapid iteration of new membrane designs for lowing the resistance and improves the hydrodynamics of membrane processes. These innovations in anion-conducting membranes will be discussed along with their performance in devices.

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