475251 Optimizing Protein Production Strains for Downstream Purification

Wednesday, November 16, 2016: 4:48 PM
Continental 6 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Ellen M. Brune, Boston Mountain Biotech, Fayetteville, AR

Boston Mountain Biotech is working on simplifying the removal of host cell proteins (HCPs) that unfavorably bind during protein purification. Despite major advancements in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, protein purification remains one of the most costly and restrictive aspects of production. BMB seeks to directly address this challenge by developing the Lotus® manufacturing platform that identifies the HCPs that exert the greatest burden on downstream processing and then silences these genes in the production strain. This platform could be readily implemented across much of the biomanufacturing industry, with the potential to reduce costs to consumers in the ever-burgeoning healthcare market and ease the time and investment required to bring new therapeutics to market.

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