475158 Multi-Scale Modeling of Bulk Solutions and Solid/Liquid Interfaces

Sunday, November 13, 2016
Continental 4 & 5 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Nav Nidhi Rajput, EETD, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA

Research Interests:

Today, the close interplay between computational simulations and experiments has proven to be an invaluable tool in providing a fundamental understanding of key aspects of numerous engineering technologies and complex processes, as well as enabling the rational design of novel materials for diverse technological applications. In my proposed research program, I intend to use a multi-scale simulation approach to predict and understand the physicochemical behavior of bulk solutions and solid/liquid interfaces in order to gain a fundamental understanding of synthetic processes of complex materials, the knowledge of which can then be leveraged for cutting edge and novel applications in energy-storage devices. I plan on doing so a using multi-scale simulation approach which will provide indispensable information at the molecular- and mesoscale-levels to understand the physical/chemical behavior of bulk solutions and solid/liquid interfaces, which is crucial in the design and optimization of energy storage devices and the synthesis of complex materials. The development of such an understanding of solutions and interfacial properties is fraught with complications, but crucial to the design and optimization of energy storage devices and material syntheses methods for which experiments alone are insufficient due to difficulties associated with distinguishing between different phases, limitations for experimental resolution and the high cost associated with experimental work. Thus, the synergetic fusion of experimental input and multi-scale simulation will be a key factor in achieving a fundamental, comprehensive understanding of the delicate interplay between the macroscopic properties and events occurring at much smaller length scales.

Teaching Interests: My aim is to facilitate the development of students so that they can formulate and analyze the problems and use appropriate tools to obtain and interpret results. I believe that my students should be critical and indendent thinkers with skills to work in teams. I have five years of teaching experience as teaching assiatant and I beleive that teaching must not be restrictied to mere transfer of facts and equations.

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