470928 Design and Troubleshooting FCC Operation Using CFD Techniques

Thursday, November 17, 2016: 3:33 PM
Golden Gate (Hotel Nikko San Francisco)
Raj Singh and Eusebius Gbordzoe, Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology, Houston, TX

Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as an FCC design and troubleshooting tool. CFD provides qualitative as well as quantitative information which is used to visualize and understand gas/catalyst flow behavior. Technip is actively using CFD to identify unit mal-performance and evaluate hardware and operational changes required to optimize FCC units. Recently, Technip incorporated proprietary coke combustion kinetics into CFD model to troubleshoot and evaluate hardware changes on FCC regenerator performance.


This paper will highlight key areas of FCC technology where Technip has successfully used CFD modeling techniques in addition to other analytical tools for FCC technology design improvements, and for troubleshooting existing units. Examples of how Technip uses CFD for research, design, troubleshooting and evaluating FCC technology upgrades will be presented.

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