469144 Water-in-Diesel Fuel Emulsions Using Non-Ionic Surfactants: An Experimental Study

Monday, November 14, 2016
Market Street (Parc 55 San Francisco)
Richa Tungal, Research & Development, Nelson Brothers, LLC., Birmingham, AL

This study reports the water-in-diesel fuel emulsions prepared using non-ionic surfactants combined with different co-surfactants. Different concentrations of surfactants (S) and co-surfactants (C) with different Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance (HLB) were used individually and in mixture to prepare emulsions. To prepare these emulsions, different concentrations of water (5% - 15%) and SC (5 – 10 wt%) were used using high speed Silverson Laboratory Mixer (nominal maximum speed 6000 rpm). Kinematic viscosities (cSt) of the diesel fuel and the prepared emulsions were measured using Anton Parr Viscometer (SVM300) and droplet size by laser diffraction analyzer (Microtrac S3500). The stability of the emulsion systems was studied by reading the amount of water separated from the emulsion. Using 5 wt% water and 10 wt% SC showed stable emulsion system with uniform particle size distribution. The particle size obtained using 10 wt% SC, HLB value of 9.6 at 4000 rpm (1 min) was 3.07 µm and decreased to 0.497 µm at 6000 rpm (2 min). Similarly, using 10 wt% SC, HLB value of 9.9 formed emulsion with a particle size of 3.97µm at 4000 rpm (1 min) and 0.536 µm at 6000 rpm (2 min). The results obtained on the effect of SC concentration, HLB of SC blend, water content, mixing speed as a function of time and temperature on the stability, droplet size, density and kinematic viscosity of water-in-diesel fuel stable emulsion system will be presented.

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