464777 Breaking through the Productivity Barrier: Integration of a Novel Modular Chromatography Scaffold and a New Resin Design to Achieve a Hyper-Productive Protein a Capture Process

Monday, November 14, 2016: 3:45 PM
Mission I (Parc 55 San Francisco)
Marty Siwak, Separations Science Group, JSR Life Sciences, Sunnyvale, CA, Gaston de los Reyes, SPF Innovations LLC, Somerville, MA and Robert Todd, Amgen Inc., Longmont, CO

Much attention has been made on the recent proliferation of protein A resins. Likewise there has been an increased focus on operating modes including SMB and multicolumn operations. All possess a variety of attributes that can affect Mab purification operations and costs. However very little innovation has been made on the chromatography bed itself and how that can enhance productivity or affect resin usage. The combination of two new developments, Chromasette™ chromatography device with a supported bed design and Ampshere A3™ resin is shown to be able to achieve 5-10 X productivity gains over current values. Process modeling was used to elicit the optimal design point for both bead properties as well as peak productivity operating velocities The novel Chromassette™ bed design will be reviewed along with results for Amsphere A3 Mab capture. Future direction and possibilities of this new technology will also be discussed.

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