464077 Optimizing the Physicochemical Properties of ZSM-11 for Methanol-to-Hydrocarbon Reactions

Wednesday, November 16, 2016: 2:00 PM
Franciscan C (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Yufeng Shen, Thuy T. Le and Jeffrey D. Rimer, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Houston, Houston, TX

ZSM-11 (MEL) is an emerging catalyst for a wide variety of applications. The MEL framework is very similar to ZSM-5 (MFI), which is one of the most widely used zeolite catalysts in industry. Recent studies have shown that ZSM-11 has better catalytic performance in several different reactions compared to ZSM-5 [1-3], possibly due to improved intra-crystalline diffusion within the less-tortuous straight channels of the MEL topology. However, there are relatively few systematic studies of ZSM-11 synthesis, specifically with respect to tailored physicochemical properties such as size, shape, and Si/Al ratio (SAR). Here, we will present a systematic study of ZSM-11 catalyst preparation and testing for C1 applications. Through the judicious selection of synthesis parameters, we successfully developed a facile protocol to generate a library of ZSM-11 catalysts with tunable size and SAR. More precise modification in ZSM-11 crystal morphology (e.g. aspect ratio) can be accomplished through the use of zeolite growth modifiers (ZGMs), which are molecules or macromolecules that modulate the anisotropic growth rate of crystals with concomitant alterations in bulk habit [4, 5]. These methods for tailoring zeolite crystallization will be discussed along with catalytic studies using methanol-to-hydrocarbon (MTH) reactions. Collectively, our findings are part of a broader initiative to establish quantitative structure-performance relationships as a platform for optimizing zeolite catalysts.

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