462228 Hybrid Nanoparticles for Sequential and Controlled Delivery

Sunday, November 13, 2016: 5:50 PM
Golden Gate 6 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Zilan Zhou, Carly Kennell and Dr.Joo-Youp Lee, Chemical Engineering program, Department of Biomedical, Environmental, and Chemical Engineering, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Despite the great advance of nano-medicine in cancer treatment, it was reported that less than 10% of injected dosage could be delivered to the tumor sites. Co-delivery of drugs exploiting the blockage of multiple survival pathways in cancerous cells to achieve synergistic effect offers an alternative solution to this issue. In addition, recent growing knowledge of cellular networking points out that the release order of drugs plays a critical role in optimal therapeutic outcomes, which raises an another challenge in designing drug carrier. In this presentation, novel hybrid nanoparticles co-encapsulating hydrophilic and hydrophobic agents will be introduced. In this nanoparticle design, the release order of the agents can be programmed by loading them onto the surface or inside the nanoparticle. To validate the design of the nanoparticles, the size, structure, and drug release kinetics were assessed along with cytotoxicity tests.

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