457210 Study on the Performance of Fe2O3/MgO/Al2O3 in Chemical- Looping Hydrogen Generation

Monday, November 14, 2016: 2:35 PM
Union Square 21 (Hilton San Francisco Union Square)
Hao Liang, SINOPEC, Fu Shun, China

Fe2O3/Al2O3, prepared by the impregnation method, was used as the oxygen carrier in Chemical-Looping Hydrogen Generation. The evaluation performance indicated that the oxygen carrier was active that methane was totally oxidized, and the hydrogen yield was notably high at first. However, carbon deposition was high when reacted with methane and it affected the purity of H2. The addition of MgO to Fe2O3/ Al2O3 as a promoter was tested and characterized by BET, SEM, TPR, XRD and XPS methods. Fe2O3- MgO/ LaNiO3 was evaluated under the same evaluation conditions as Fe2O3/Al2O3. The evaluation performance indicated that Fe2O3- MgO/ LaNiO3 remained low carbon deposition even after 100 cycles. TPR and XPS characterization illustrated that MgO enhanced the dispersity of Fe2O3.

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