454412 Tailoring Bulk Properties of API By Slurry Agglomeration

Monday, November 14, 2016: 1:46 PM
Bay View (Hotel Nikko San Francisco)
R. Rahn McKeown, Particle and Product Engineering, GlaxoSmithKline, Durham, NC

Slurry agglomeration is a technique to grow agglomerates from already formed particles using a L-L-S system where one liquid phase preferentially wets the surface of the solid phase.

Active pharmaceutial ingredient (API) is suspended in the continuous phase, an immiscible (or partially miscible) bridging liquid is added that preferentially wets the surface of the API particles.

Slurry agglomeration can be used to produce granular API with improved bulk density, flow properties, filtration rate, and compression properties. This talk will discuss the history of the process, an investigation into the mechanisms at play, a case study which will demonstrate the improvements in bulk properties for an acicular API, and a discussion of the potential for broader applicability to API with varied chemical and physical characteristics.

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