Author Index: X

Xi, E.
670c Understanding Protein Hydration to Inform Its Interactions and Assemblies
677i Thermodynamics of Cassie-Wenzel Transitions on Nanotextured Surfaces
227ah Polymer Coating over Solid Particles with in-Situ Curing: Experiments and Computational Insights
342g Dynamics and Flow Structures of the Laminar-Turbulent Edge State for Understanding Polymer Drag Reduction
Xi, Y.
558f Alignment of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Organogels Under Electric Fields
Xia, B.
333d Encapsulation of Single ß Cells in Microgels Via Integrated Microfluidic Flow Focusing and Photopolymerization
Xia, J.
81e CFD Analysis in Desiging of Mixing Mechanism for a Mechanical Flotation Machine
Xia, S.
62d Enzyme Based Strategy for Energy Efficient Carbon Capture and Storage
Xia, S.
750c Characteristics of Distillation Residue from Rice Straw Fast Pyrolysis Oil
Xia, X.
623a High Strength Acetic Acid Production in Acetobacter pasteurianus by Transcriptional Analysis and Enhancement of Alcohol Respiratory Chain Run
248o Fe-EDTA Transformation Affecting Factors and the Cost-Optimal Operation Conditions for NO Removal in a Chemical Absorption-Biological Reduction Integrated Reactor
Xia, Y.
135b Experimental and Theoretical Design of Novel Pt-Pd Nanocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
212b Maximizing the Mass Activity of Pt-Based Catalysts Toward Oxygen Reduction
Xia, Z.
551a A TFM-KTGF Simulation of Catalytic Coal Gasification in a Pressurized Jetting Fluidized Bed with Embedded High-Speed Air Jets
Xiang, C.
6y A New Hybrid Modeling Strategy: Data-Driven Models with First-Principle Constraint
96c Modeling and Simulation of Solar-Fuel Generators
286b A Fully Integrated, Efficient and Stable Solar-Driven Water-Splitting Prototype
644c Solar-Driven Electrochemical Water-Splitting at Near-Neutral pH Conditions – Operating Strategies and Their Limitations
Xiang, Q.
421h Velocity-Dependent Foam Rheology in Porous Media for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Xiang, X.
8d Biogas Production and Nutrient Recovery from Batch Anaerobic Digestion of Lipid Extracted Freshwater and Marine Algal Biomass: Chlorella vulgaris and Cyclotella Sp
507a Techno-Economic Analysis of Glucosamine and Lipid Fuels Production from Autotrophic Diatom Algae
Xiang, Y.
457g CO-Induced Layer Sequence Reconstruction By CO Adsorption on Cocu Model Catalysts
710b Catalytic CO Hydrogenation for the Synthesis of Short- and Long-Chain Alcohols
Xiang, Y.
193c Using the Personal Glucose Meter to Quantify a Wide Range of Targets
245c Characterization of Microfluidic CO2 Absorption in Water By Computational Fluid Dynamics
Xiao, H.
629b Genome Scale Loss-of-Function Screening in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Using Crispr/Cas9 System
Xiao, H.
412c Continuum Modeling of Density Segregation for Bidisperse Granular Materials
410c Multiscale Modeling for Surface Composition of Spray-Dried Powders
481f Towards Predictive Modeling of Crystallization Fouling: Taking into Account Fouling Layer Structures
Xiao, W.
166g Reaction Pathway and Kinetics of Methanol to Olefin Process over HZSM-5
246v An Ant Colony Optimization Based Methodology for the Design of Vacuum Transfer Line
531a The Research on a Polyamidoamine-Based Demulsifier for Oil/Water Separation
345a Planning of Industrial-Scale Integrated Petrochemical Plants Using a Big-Data Analysis and Global Optimization Framework
Xiao, Y.
707f Polymorphism in Dabigatran Etexilate Mesylate: Nucleation and Transformation
Xiao, Y.
338f An Experimental and Theoretical Study of Glycerol Selective Oxidation to 1,3-Dihydroxyacetone Via Bimetallic Platinum-Bismuth Catalysts
557c Catalytic Deoxygenation of Guaiacol Using Methane
Xiao, Y. C.
41a Construction of Vapor-Induced Covalently Interconnecting Polymeric Network (CIPN): A Potential Method to Mitigate Non-Selective Interfacial Voids in Mixed Matrix Membranes with Enhanced Molecular-Sieving Properties
696e Effect of Cross-Linker on 6FDA-Durene-ZIF71 Mmms for Hydrogen/Carbon Dioxide Separation
Xiao, Y.
65b Experimental and Computational Study of Liquid Bridge Formation Between Two Spheres with Uniform Film Thickness
442x Experimental and Computational Study of Liquid Bridge Formation Between Two Spheres
Xiao, Z.
540a Enhanced Rhamnolipids Production By Pseudomonas Aeruginosa BC1 in a Membrane Bioreactor with the Convenient Permeate Substances Separation
Xiaoyu, Q.
371f Al-Si-Cr Coating and Its Inhibition of Coke Formation during Naphtha Thermal Cracking
Xie, H.
250l Rebalancing Surface Hybridization Thermodynamics
Xie, L.
250d Design of Biodegradable Layer-By-Layer Films for Efficient, Localized, and Sequential Gene Delivery
634j Assembly of Bioreducible Layer-By-Layer Films for Sequential DNA Delivery
681a Design of Biodegradable Polycations for Localized Gene Delivery from Layer-By-Layer Coatings
154f Oscillatory Microprocessor for High-Throughput in-Situ Characterization of Semiconductor Nanocrystals
265d Model-Based Optimization of Reaction and Process Conditions for the Reactive Absorption of Carbon Dioxide
Xie, R.
6cz Smart Gating Membranes with K+-Responsive Pore Size and Surface Property
14a Monodisperse Erythrocyte-Sized and Acid-Soluble Chitosan Microspheres Prepared Via Electrospraying
29f Hydrogel Walkers with Electro-Driven Motility for Cargo Transport
29i Near-Infrared Light-Responsive Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)/Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite Hydrogels with High Elasticity
49b Uniform Microparticles with Controllable Highly-Interconnected Hierarchical Porous Structures
49c Monodisperse Core-Shell Microparticles with Ultrathin Hybrid Shell for Rapid Enzymatic Reaction
300g Plug-n-Play Microfluidic Systems from Flexible Assembly of Glass-Based Flow-Control Modules
621bm Fabrication of Glass-Based Microfluidic Devices with Dry Film Photoresists As Pattern Transfer Masks for Wet Etching
643c A Novel Smart Microsphere with K+-Induced Shrinking and Aggregating Property Based on Responsive Host-Guest System
679e pH-Responsive Poly(ether sulfone) Composite Membranes Blended with Amphiphilic Polystyrene-Block-Poly(acrylic acid) Copolymers
693h Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-benzo-12-crown-4-acrylamide) Hydrogels with Dual Molecular-/Ion-Recognition Responsive Properties
725i Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-Clay Nanocomposite Hydrogels with Responsive Bending Property As Temperature-Controlled Manipulators
Xie, R.
18c Detoxification of Biomass Hydrolysates with Nucleophilic Amino Acids Enhances Microbial Fermentation
Xie, S.
332b Advanced Biological and Chemical Design for Lignin Bioconversion
386f Simultaneous Conversion of All Cell Wall Components By Oleaginous Fungus without Chemi-Physical Pretreatment
Xie, S.
135b Experimental and Theoretical Design of Novel Pt-Pd Nanocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Xie, T.
281e Molecular-Level Details about Liquid H2o Interactions with CO and Sugar Alcohol Adsorbates on Pt(111) Calculated Using Density Functional Theory and Molecular Dynamics
Xie, W.
286f Performance Metrics and Design Principles for Cost-Effective Separators in Non-Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries
Xie, W.
679d Aquaporin Based Biomimetic Membrane for Low Energy Water Purification
Xie, X.
255c Fabrication of CdTe Quantum Dots-Doped Supramolecular Hydrogel
487a Sub-Cell Size Spiky Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery
488e Determining the Time Window for Dynamic Nanowire Cell Penetration Processes
622q Controlled Release of CGRP Antagonist Peptide By Temperature-Dependent Hydrogel Prolongs Analgesia in the Spared Nerve Injury-Induced Neuropathic Pain in Rats
Xie, X.
643f Fabrication of Sub-Cell Size "Spiky" Nanoparticles and Their Interfaces with Biological Cells
Xie, X.
287g Parameters Distribution Analysis and Optimization Strategy for Redox Flow Battery Based on Finite Element Method
Xie, X.
622q Controlled Release of CGRP Antagonist Peptide By Temperature-Dependent Hydrogel Prolongs Analgesia in the Spared Nerve Injury-Induced Neuropathic Pain in Rats
Xie, Z.
78d Detection of Acetone in Exhaled Breath By Gold Nanoparticle Gas Sensors
Xie, Z.
431a Enhanced Hydroformylation of Propylene in Propane-Expanded Liquids with Rh-Based Complexes
Ximenes, E.
372c Enzymatic Liquefaction of Corn Stover and Pericarp (Fiber)
755b Effect of Liquid Hot Water Pretreatment on Enzyme Loading and Hydrolysis of Hardwood
Xin, D.
154g Synthesis of Ethyl Diazoacetate in Microchemical System
227t Identification and Evaluation on Bubble Uniformity in a T-Junction Microchannel
300i Phenomenological Model of Air-Water Distribution in Dichotomic Structured Microchannels with Stochastic Differential Equation
337g Synthesis of ZnFe2O4-TiO2 Nanobelts Heterostructure for Photocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide in Cyclohexanol
370e Intensified Formation Rate of Methane Hydrate Under Enhanced Heat Transfer Resulted from Phase Change of n-Tetradecane
Xin, G.
747f Generation of Protease-Inhibiting Monoclonal Antibodies By Novel Paratope Design
Xin, H.
184b Generalized Catalyst Design Approach with Linear Scaling Relationships and Machine Learning of Ab-Initio Adsorption Energies
285a Development of Multi-Metallic Pt Alloy Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in PEM Fuel Cells
621bk Nanostructure Engineering of Nickelate Oxide Electrocatalysts for Enhanced Oxygen Exchange and Reduction Kinetics
621bs Design of {100}-Terminated Bimetallic Electrocatalysts for CO2 Reduction to C2 Species
338b Selective Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Multi-Functional Biorenewable Molecule 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) over Pd-M Bimetallic Nanoparticles
621o Electrocatalytic Processing of Biorenewables for Generation of Electricity, Chemicals and Fuels
658g Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution over Amorphous Ni-Fe Nanoparticles in Alkaline Electrolyte
Xin, N.
257bc Critical Properties for Binary and Ternary Mixtures of 2-Methyl-1-Propanol and Alkanes
Xin, X.
511c Fabrication of Bi-Modal Porous PLGA Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Using Supercritical CO2 Foaming
Xin, Y.
410d Two-Dimensional Heat Transfer through Simple Composite Planar Solids: Effectiveness of the One-Dimensional Thermal Circuit Analysis
Xin, Z.
30g The Crystallization Behavior of Isotactic Polypropylene Induced By a Novel Anti-Nucleating Agent and Its Inhibition Mechanism of Nucleation
235e Fluorine-Free Superhydrophobic Film Based on Polybenzoxazine
514d Water Vs. Ethanol: Effects of Impregnation Solvent on Ni/SBA-15 Catalyst for CO Methanation Reaction
576e Effect of MoO3 on Catalytic Performance and Stability of the SBA-16 Supported Ni Catalyst for CO Methanation
Xin-gang, L. Sr.
257h A Molecular Insight on the Azeotropic Phenomenon from Monte Carlo Simulations
Xing, H.
464a Nonaqueous Lyotropic Ionic Liquid Crystals: Preparation, Characterization and Application in Extraction
Xing, X. H.
620be Expression and Characterization of a Novel Acinetobacter Baumannii-Originated Alkaline Xanthine Dehydrogenase in Escherichia coli
722g Engineering of Mevalonate-Synthesis Pathway from Methanol in Methylobacterium Extorquens AM1
Xing, Y.
760c A Flame Spray Pyrolysis Process for Making Complex Metal Oxide Nanopowders for Lithium Ion Battery
Xingang, L.
370e Intensified Formation Rate of Methane Hydrate Under Enhanced Heat Transfer Resulted from Phase Change of n-Tetradecane
Xiong, K.
621bo Understanding the Catalytic Ring Opening of Furfural on Iridium
6ce Modeling the Impact of Bubbling Bed Hydrodynamic Oscillations on the Yield of Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Oil
25b Multi-Scale CFD+Kmc Simulation of Methanol Partial Oxidation over Ceria in a Fixed Bed
430c Incorporating Intra-Particle Temperature Gradient in Dpm Modeling of Biomass Fast Pyrolysis
Xiong, S.
600b iCVD Top-Coat for Sub-10nm Patterning with Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymer Film
Xiong, S.
695c Novel Organic-Inorganic Thin Film Composite Membranes for Forward Osmosis Applications with Improved Water Flux and Anti-Fouling Performance
Xiong, X.
614c A Crispr-Cas9 Enabled Efficient and Scalable Method for High Throughput Chip-Seq Analysis
Xu, B.
17b Mechanistic Studies of the Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 on Gold
66a Universal Dependence of Hydrogen Oxidation/Evolution Reaction Activity on pH and Hydrogen Binding Energy
458a Catalytic Dehydration of Methyl Lactate: Selectivity Control
471f Correlating Hydrogen Oxidation/Evolution Reaction Activity with the Minority Weak Hydrogen-Binding Sites on Ir Catalysts
495e Mechanisitc Investigations of Furanics Upgrade Via Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation
533f ATR-SEIRAS Studies of Alkaline Solutions at the Electrochemical Interface
Xu, C.
620n Characterization and Reduction of Host Cell Protein Contaminants Via Mass Spec, Purification Optimization and Cellular Engineering
Xu, C.
492d Process Synthesis of Mixed Refrigerant Cascade System for Ethylene Plants
Xu, D.
338c One Step Synthesis of Hierarchical Sn Containing Zeolite for Production of Fructose
Xu, D.
620n Characterization and Reduction of Host Cell Protein Contaminants Via Mass Spec, Purification Optimization and Cellular Engineering
Xu, D. L.
248aa The Enhancement of CO2 Sequestration of Limestone By Modified with Attapulgite
248z Limestone Modified By Carbon Additives to Enhance the Sequestration of CO2 in Cement Industry
456f Investigation of the CO2 Capture of Flue Gas By Ca-Based Sorbents from Cement Industrial
Xu, D.
580d The Shale Gas-to-Syngas Chemical Looping Process for High Purity Syngas Production
635e Coal to Methanol Process Using Chemical Looping Gasification for Syngas Production and in-Situ CO2 Capture: Experimental, Thermodynamic and Techno-Economic Analysis
424f Visualization of Miscanthus x Giganteus Cell Wall Deconstruction Subjected to Dilute Acid Pretreatment for Enhanced Enzymatic Digestibility
Xu, F.
192f Towards a Cost-Competitive Ionic Liquid Based Pretreatment: Insights from Technoeconomic Analysis
625au One-Pot High-Gravity Bioethanol Fermentation from Choline-Based Ionic Liquid Pretreated Corn Stover
Xu, H.
620ba Enhanced Isoprenoid Production in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae through Xylose Utilization (Rapid Fire)
Xu, J.
246h Simultaneous Scheduling of Front End Crude Transfer and Refinery Processing
Xu, J.
330g Recombinant Expression of Thermostable Endo-Arabinase in Vitro and in Planta for Generating Functional Oligosaccharides from Plant Cell Wall for Colon-Specific Health Benefits
620bn Engineering Designer Glycopeptides As a Molecular Carrier for Cell Wall-Modifying Enzymes Expressed in Planta
Xu, J.
307e Substrate Channel Evolution and Circular Permutation of an Esterase for the Synthesis of Cilastatin
Xu, J.
6dp Preparation and Carbon Dioxide Separation Performance of a Hollow Fiber Supported Ionic Liquid Membrane
391g A One-Step Microfluidic Approach for Controllable Preparation of Nanoparticle-Coated Patchy Microparticles
Xu, J.
227q Effect of Surfactant on Secondary Breakup in the Bag Breakup Regime
Xu, J.
6eq Efficient Accumulation of Carbonhydrate in Microalgae and It's Utilization
Xu, L.
344g The Hydrodechlorination Mechanism of 1,2-Dichloroethane over Platinum Catalysts
Xu, L.
621cu Catalytic Performance of Ru Catalysts Supporting on Different Carbon Material for Acetylene Hydrochlorination
Xu, L.
391a Engineering Tunable, Multifunctional Composites Inspired By Paper Art
Xu, L.
53c Secondary Organic Aerosols (SOA) from Nitrate Radical Oxidation of Monoterpenes: Results from Recent Laboratory and Field Studies
Xu, L.
127a Producing Renewable Indoles By Thermo-Catalytic Conversion and Ammonization of Bio-Derived Furans over Zeolites and the Mechanism Study
579f Direct Conversion of Biomass to N-Heterocycles
Xu, M.
430d Dehydration Kinetics over Metal-Modified Zeolites: Impact for Biomass Pyrolysis
Xu, N.
365b Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Host and High Biopharmaceuticals Producing CHO Cell Lines
624d Analysis of Post-Translational Regulation of Engineered CHO Using Proteomics
Xu, P.
6az Engineering Cell Metabolism for Better Health, Safe Environment and Efficient Fuels
629g Engineering Redox Homeostasis and Aldehyde Detoxification to Improve Lipid Production in Y. Lipolytica
711g Rapid Evolution of Regulatory Elements for Multiplexed Combinatorial Metabolic Engineering
Xu, Q.
88d Pressure-Driven Dynamic Simulation for Flare Minimization and Greenhouse Gas Reduction during an Ethylene Plant Startup
244t Steam Load Shedding System Design Using Dynamic Simulation
245o Olefin Furnace System Scheduling with the Consideration of Relay Cracking of Recycled Ethane/Propane
246g Hierarchic Cyclic Hoist Scheduling for Multi-Stage Material Handling Processes
246h Simultaneous Scheduling of Front End Crude Transfer and Refinery Processing
246i Reactive Scheduling for Optimal Decoking Operation of Ethylene Cracking Furnace System
246o Ethylene Splitter Startup Strategy Development through the Integration of Dynamic Simulation and DCS Control System
492d Process Synthesis of Mixed Refrigerant Cascade System for Ethylene Plants
556d Optimization of Two-Dimensional Hoist Scheduling and Production Line Design for Multi-Stage Material Handling
Xu, Q.
583c Single-Step Formulation of Feedback Control for an Exothermic Plug-Flow Reactor
Xu, R.
218a Solar Evaporation Enhancment Using Floating Copper Oxide Deposited Cellulose Paper
Xu, R.
742g Deposition of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Onto an Oxidic Support Using a Novel Gas-Expanded Liquid Process and Its Application in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Xu, S.
345i An Integrated Scheme for Oscillation Detection and Diagnosis from Industrial Data
Xu, X.
617c Amphiphilic Block Copolymers and Their Self-Assembled Thermosensitive and Crystallizable Nanoparticles
583h Nonlinear Observer Design for a Class of Hyperbolic PDE Systems
Xu, X.
40g Development of a New Lithium Sorbent
Xu, Y.
428f How Modeling Tools Benefit Early to Late Stage Formulation Development and the Design of Clinical Studies
Xu, Y. Sr.
541b A Novel Hydrophilic Nanofiltration Membrane with Excellent Performance
Xu, Y.
466e Isotopically Nonstationary 13C Flux Analysis of Isobutyraldehyde Production in Synechococcus Elongatus
144d Complementing Surface Science Experiment with Theory for Detailed Understanding of Surface Reactivity of CeO2(111)
Xu, Y.
142a Nanosheet Conformation Dynamics during Flow
131c Residual Solvent Release from Froth Treatment Tailings-Part 2
217b Investigation of the Antibiotics-Triggered Perturbation in the Metabolism of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Via a Metabolic Modeling Approach
6gg Towards Accurate and Fast Discovery of Compound Materials As Catalysts: Lessons Learned from Oxides
392g Relationships Between the Surface Electronic and Chemical Properties of Doped 4d and 5d Late Transition Metal Dioxides
403a Tuning Oxide Activity through Modification of the Crystal and Electronic Structure: From Strain to Potential Polymorphs
Xu, Z.
535f Olefin Oligomerization over Carbon-Supported Cobalt Catalysts
Xue, D.
308b Event-Triggered Fault-Tolerant Control of Networked Process Systems
Xue, J.
223e Digital Phase Diagram of K2SO4-KOH-H2O and Crystal Growth of K2SO4 in the Strong Alkali Solution
Xue, W.
413h Microstructure of Two-Dimensional Grains in Copper Thin Films By Laser Induced Rapid Lateral Solidification
Xue, Y.
579a Enhancing Hydrocarbon Production through Synergistic Effect Between Biomass and Plastics during Catalytic Co-Pyrolysis