Author Index: V

Vaccari, L.
524c Bacterial Response to Interfacial Stress in a Model of Hydrocarbon Bioremediation
Vaclaw, M. C.
387d Chitin-Protein Interactions That Control the Mechanical Properties of Beetle Elytral Cuticle, a Multicomponent Biomaterial
218b Bottom-up Assembly of Metal Silicide Nanowires into Highly Efficient Bulk Thermoelectrics
Vadhana, V.
284c Glassy Dynamics for Monoatomic and Molecular Fluids Confined Between Mica Surfaces
Vadigepalli, R.
379a Systems Engineering Approaches to Study the Brain
545c Computational Model of Single Cell Transcriptional Regulation and Cellular Networks Driving Liver Regeneration Following Surgical Resection
641a Single-Cell Transcriptional Analysis Reveals Principles of Neuronal Phenotype Organization and Plasticity
Vadodaria, S.
697f Dynamic Modeling and Advanced Control of Tablet Press
Vagia, E.
644a A Thermodynamic and Process Analysis of the Thermochemical Steps of the Hybrid Photo-Thermal Sulfur-Ammonia Water Splitting Cycle
Vahdat, N.
414c Synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization of Graphene-Metal and Metal Oxide Nanocomposites
571b Conversion of Soybeam Oil into Biodiesel in a Monolithic Catalyst Flow Reactor
715b Optimization of Fenton's Oxidation Conditions for Removal of Chrysene in Aqueous Solutions
Vahid, A.
631d Dynamics of Photo Switchable Patchy-Charged Surfaces
Vahid, A.
6hg Non-Equilibrium Self-Assembly and Structures
450i Anisotropic Effects in Non-Equilibrium Self-Assembly
Vaidyaraman, S.
119b Model Based Approach to Control Pinacol Precipitation Risk in in Telescoped Miyaura Borylation/Suzuki Cross-Coupling Process
Vaish, A.
726b Design of Biofunctionalized Surfaces Using Poly(dopamine)
Vajjala Kesava, S.
363f Shear Alignment of Thermoplastic Elastomers Utilizing Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear
Vakakis, A. F.
264g Nonlinear Resonances and Anti-Resonances in Engineered Granular Crystals
Vakharia, V.
42e Continuous Roll-to-Roll Fabrication of Amine-Containing Membranes for CO2 Separation and Capture
58b Scale-up of Amine-Containing Membranes for CO2 Capture and Separation
Valdivia, E.
6go Recovery of Folded Heterologous Proteins in the Extracellular Space from Bacterial Culture
570a Refolding of Heterologous Proteins in the Extracellular Space after Secretion
Valencia-Gallegos, J. A.
47f Novel Dendron-Based Chromatographic Adsorbents for HIC
Valentine, D.
646g Reconstructing Anaerobic Microbiomes from the ‘Bottom-up': New Techniques to Decipher Interwoven Metabolism
Valerino, M.
View Bandwidth Expansion for Lippmann-Bragg Holographic Photopolymers
270f New Biopolyester from Co-Product of Biodiesel Industries: Synthesis, Characterization and Blending
Vali, H.
484i Modeling Chiral Recognition Between Amino Acids and Vaterite Surfaces
Valla, J. A.
717a Investigation of Bifunctional Zeolites for the Adsorptive Desulfurization of Fuels
View Development of Hierarchical Pore Structure MFI Zeolites for Biomass Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis
View Investigation of Mesoporous Y-Zeolites on Adsorptive Desulfurization of Model-Diesel Fuels
Valla, J. A.
429g The Effects of Hierarchical Pore Structure ZSM-5 on the Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass
Valsaraj, K. T.
247r Molecular Simulation of the Partitioning Phenomena of Oil and Dispersant Components in Air-Seawater-Oil System
303b Molecular Simulation of Oil and Dispersant Components in Interfaces Involving Air, Seawater and Oil
Valtiner, M.
141g Influence of Molecular Dipole Orientations on Long-Range Exponential Interaction Forces at Hydrophobic Contacts in Aqueous Solutions
610a Direct Measurement of Single Molecule Interaction Free Energies at Solid/Liquid Interfaces
Van Cauwenberge, D. J.
586c First Principles Based Design of 3D Pyrolysis Reactors Using LES
Van Cleve, T.
6ib Rational Design of Catalytic Sites for Energy Applications
135d Mechanistic Analysis of Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction and Development of Economical Silver Alloy Catalysts for Low Temperature Fuel Cells
285a Development of Multi-Metallic Pt Alloy Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in PEM Fuel Cells
Van de Vyver, S.
458e C-C Coupling through Direct Aldol Condensation Using Lewis Acid Zeolites
Van der Borght, K.
219g Ethanol Conversion to Hydrocarbons on HZSM-5: Reaction Mechanism Elucidation Via Steady State and Transient Experiments
van der Munnik, N.
534b Quercetin and Metabolites Reduce Amyloidß-Induced Apoptosis Associated with Alzheimer's Disease
van der Munnik, N. P.
713g Statistical Thermodynamics of Amyloid-β Oligomerization
Van Deventer, J. A.
272e Constructing, Evaluating, and Screening Bioconjugates on the Yeast Surface
van Duin, A.
208d Reaxff Molecular Dynamic Research on Tribochemistry of Si/SiO2 Surface and Role of Water Molecules to Surface Wear Damage
247f Theoretical Investigation of Thermal Oxidation of Carbon-Coated Aluminum Nanoparticles Using the Reaxff Reactive Force Field
van Duin, A. C. T.
118d A Multiscale Approach Toward the Design and Understanding of Stable and Conductive Anion Exchange Membrane Materials
247t Reaxff Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulations with Explicit Electrons and Applications to Battery Interfaces
247u Developing Reaxff Force Field to Study Syngas Combustion Kinetics and Extending It for Larger Hydrocarbons
476f Hypergolic Combustion of Nitric Acid with Protonated Dicyanamide and with Nitro-Dicyanamide-Carbonyl: A Reactive Molecular Dynamics Study
Van Geem, K.
586c First Principles Based Design of 3D Pyrolysis Reactors Using LES
van Haandel, L.
739g Shining Light on Hydrotreating Catalyst Activation
Van Hooghten, R.
411e Millimeter Scale, Free-Standing, Planar Phospholipid Bilayers
Van, J.
633c Microneedle-Based Immune Monitoring Platform Samples Cells and Interstitial Fluid from Tissue in Situ
725c Engineering Glycosaminoglycan Gels to Control Physical Properties
Van Kirk, C.
686b Process Development for a Co-Crystal of Telaprevir (VX-950) and 4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid
Van Lehn, R.
493b Regulation of Multispanning Membrane Protein Topology Via Kinetic Annealing of the Stop-Translation Ensemble
726f Mechanism of Lipid Bilayer Insertion By Amphiphilic, Monolayer-Protected Gold Nanoparticles
669a Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis on ALD-Synthesized Catalysts
742c Epitaxial ALD of Co Catalysts
13f Understanding the Dispersion of Powders in Liquids
369b Model-Based Optimization of a LED-Based Photocatalytic Reactor
398f An Adhesive CFD–DEM Model for Simulating Nanoparticle Fluidization
611i Time-Resolved X-Ray Tomography of Fluidized Beds
738a Pickup Velocity of Nanoparticles
742e Catalyst Manufacturing Using Atomic Layer Deposition
Van Rite, B.
747d Targeted Enzyme Prodrug Therapy for Prostate Cancer – a Comparative Study of L-Methioninase, Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase, and Cytosine Deaminase
van Swol, F.
208h Electrostatic Properties of Semiconductor-Electrolyte Interface with Surface Charge Regulation
631f Solvent Effects on the Properties of Electric Double Layers with Surface Charge Regulation
Van Valkenburg, B. J.
View Synthesis of Near-Infrared Photothermally Responsive Materials
van Wachem, B. G. M.
398f An Adhesive CFD–DEM Model for Simulating Nanoparticle Fluidization
Van Wesenbeeck, S.
749b Attainment of the Theoretical Fixed-Carbon Yield of Biocoke from Avicel Cellulose
Van Wie, B.
311d Engineering of Articular Cartilage: Challenges and Prospects
622s ß1-Integrin Surface Expression on Adipose Stem Cells Cultured in a Centrifugal Bioreactor with TGF-ß3 and Cyclic Hydrostatic Pressure
View Bovine Cartilage Digestion and Characterization of Cellular Surface Proteins Using Atomic Force Microscopy
VanAntwerp, J. G.
243a Elastic Net with Monte Carlo Sampling for Data-Based Modeling in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities
759a A Case Study of Data Analytics for the Manufacturing of a Monoclonal Antibody
Vanapalli, S. A.
149e Dynamics of Trapping and Squeezing of Confined Drops in Constricted Microcapillaries
227j Fluid Mechanics and Cancer: Breakup of Tumor Cells in Flow
227l Numerical Simulation of Droplet Formation in Microfluidic T-Junction Devices
227m The Effect of Variation in Channel Cross-Section on the Pressure Drop of Confined Microfluidic Droplets
227n Hydrodynamic Resistance and Flow-Induced Squeezing of a Trapped Microfluidic Drop
257w Microfluidic Study of CO2 Solubility in Aqueous Single and Mixed-Electrolyte Solutions
300j Highly Parallelized Microfluidic Manometry to Quantify Fluid Resistance in Complex Geometries
460e Mechanisms Driving Fluid Transfer during Confinement-Guided Coalescence Between Drops
473d A Pipette-Integrated Nanoliter-Volume Well Plate for Cell-Based Drug Assays
542g Microfluidic Cell Squeezing for Testing the Deformability of Tumor Cells
View Pressure Drop of Confined Microfluidic Droplets
Vanarase, A.
572a Characterization and Modeling of Feeders: A Critical Component in Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Vance, B.
View Determining the Efficacy of Coaxing Porcine Cardiac Scaffolds into Human Hearts
Vance, N.
View Evaluation of a Novel Series of Mechanism-Based Inhibitors of Glutamate Racemase Isozymes
620z Soy isoflavones target amyloid-β oligomers associated with Alzheimer’s disease (Rapid Fire)
Vandadi, V.
616g Performance Improvement of Superadiabatic Radiant Burner By Using SiC Foam
VandenBerg, M.
750e An Integrated Process to Clean up Biogas, Reclaim Water and Utilize Solid Residues - Magnifying Sustainability of Anaerobic Digestion
VanDer Kamp, K.
509c Considerations in Choosing Between the Use of Process Data and Analytical Data to Monitor and Control Cqa's in Continuous Drug Product Processes
Vandermeersch, T.
587b On the Geometrical Features of the Optimal Membrane Contactor
Vandersickel, A.
463h Electrothermal Electricity Storage Using Organic Rankine Cycles
Vandiver, M. A.
439h Effect of Hydration on Mechanical Properties of Anion Exchange Membranes
Vanfleet, R. R.
286g The Performance of Structured High-Capacity Si Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
572d Experimental Investigation Linking Granulation Performance with Residence Time and Granulation Liquid Distributions in Twin-Screw Granulation
Vann, T.
126b Conversion of Furfural to Cyclopentanone over Ru/TiO2
513g Kinetics of C-C Coupling Reactions with Carboxylic Acids and Oxygenates over Zeolites
VanNess, K. D.
View Different Modes of Shear during Quasistatic Compression of a Bulk Metallic Glass
Vannucci, C.
640b Nanoconfinement and Chemical Structure Effects on Permeation Selectivity of Self-Assembling Graft Copolymers
Varanasi, K. K.
317e Visible-Light-Responsive Materials for Separation of Oil-Water Mixtures
Varanasi, S.
621dt High-Yield Conversion of Glucose to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) Under Mild Reaction Conditions
625aq High-Yield Production of Fuels and Oleochemical Precursors from Vegetable Oils in a Novel Continuous-Flow Pyrolysis Reactor
625at Synthesis of Nylon Precursors Via Cross-Metathesis of Methyl Oleate and Unsaturated Alcohols
625w Towards Sustainable Synthesis of Nylon 11–13 Precursors Using Ring-Closing Olefin Metathesis Strategy
648e Pyrolytic Fractionation: A Thermo-Chemical Technique for Processing Oleaginous Algae
Varanasi, U.
734c Design Principles of a Robust Genetic Switch Using Antisense Transcription
Varga, Z.
518b The Hydrodynamics of Colloidal Gelation
227f Study of Asphaltene Particle Aggregation and Deposition from Destabilized Crude Oil Using Porous Microfluidic Channel
355f Asphaltene Aggregation and Deposition in Porous Micromodel
Vargas, S.
519b Development of Ceramic Metal Oxide Membranes By Means of Reactive Electrospinning
Vargas, W. L.
257au Experimental and Computational Implementation of Heat Flow Control with Metastructures
Vargason, A.
622y The Relationship Between Oxidative Stress and Breast Cancer Cell Adhesion Using an Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury Model
Vargason, A.
View Quantification of the Internalization of Poly(trolox ester) Nanoparticles
Varghese, J. J.
276d Solvation Dynamics and Energetics of Hydride Transfer Reactions in Cellulosic Biomass Conversion
461g First-Principles Investigation of the Contribution of Electronic and Geometric Effects and Collision Dynamics to the Dissociation and Coupling of Methane on Small Copper Clusters
621v C-H Bond Activation on Metal Oxides: Insights into the Role of Surface Lattice Oxygen
Vargis, E.
View A Proposed Method to Isolate, Concentrate, and Identify Bacteria By Dielectrophoresis and Raman Spectroscopy
Varhue, W.
381b Enabling Ultrafast Immunoassays By Dielectrophoretic Biomarker Enrichment on a Nanoslit Device Platform
Varma, A.
259d Acetophenone Hydrogenation over Rh/Al2O3 Catalyst:  Intrinsic Kinetics, Pore Diffusion and Trickle-Bed Reactor Studies
338f An Experimental and Theoretical Study of Glycerol Selective Oxidation to 1,3-Dihydroxyacetone Via Bimetallic Platinum-Bismuth Catalysts
485e Acetophenone Hydrogenation on Rh/Al2O3 Catalyst: Flow Regime Effect and Modeling of a Trickle Bed Reactor
485g The Transition to the Bubbly Flow Regime in Trickle Bed Reactors
557c Catalytic Deoxygenation of Guaiacol Using Methane
608b Kinetic Study of Pd-Catalyzed Hydrogenation of N-Benzyl-4-Fluoroaniline
621cd Acetophenone Hydrogenation on Rh/Al2O3 Catalyst: Intrinsic Reaction Kinetics and Effects of Internal Diffusion
Varma, S.
746b The Impact of Glycation on Protein Color
Varner, V. D.
16f Dynamic Tensile Forces Drive Collective Migration through Three-Dimensional Extracellular Matrices
View A New Approach to PVT Properties and Compressibility Charts Using the SRK Equation of State
Vasava, V.
738b Distribution of Particle Velocity in Pneumatic Conveying System Using Particle Tracking Velocimetry
Vaseashta, A.
440c Effect of Different Objectives in Optimal Sensor Placement on Water Network System with Better Optimization of Non-Linear Uncertain Systems (BONUS) Algorithm
41q Diffusion of CH4, CO and CH4/CO Mixture Under the Single-File Conditions By Pulsed Field Gradient NMR
284f Single-File Diffusion of Gas Mixtures By High Field Diffusion NMR
Vashisth, H.
713e Thermodynamics of Peptide Folding in Aqueous and Membrane Environments
Vasiraju, V.
218b Bottom-up Assembly of Metal Silicide Nanowires into Highly Efficient Bulk Thermoelectrics
Vaskan, P.
326d Multi-Objective Optimization Applied to Sustainable Rain-Fed and Irrigated Crop Production: A Case Study of Wheat Production in Spain
Vasquez, E.
View Characterization of pH and Temperature Responsiveness in Poly(methacrylic acid)-Block-Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)
Vasquez, E. S.
251e Surface and Rheological Effects of Mucus/Mucin Coupled with Chitosan-Coated Gold Nanoparticles
310f Thermal, Stability, and Morphological Effects of Multicore Surface-Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles
415e Counterion, pH, and Temperature Effects on Poly(dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) Thin Films
537e Implementation of a Two-Fluid Eulerian-Eulerian Modeling Approach for Particle Transport and Deposition in Different Case Studies
Vasquez, N.
738d Effect of Material Elasticity and Friction on Particle Dynamics during Dilute Pneumatic Conveying
Vasquez, V. R.
198b Hydrothermal Carbonization of Different Biomass Types
731d Hexaboride Pair Potentials from Density Functional Theory and Molecular Dynamics
Vasquez-Montoya, G. A.
9f Simulating Lymphocytes Dynamics within the Lymph Node Towards Complex Cellular Distribution Patterns
Vassallo, A.
246e Planning and Scheduling of Nanogrids with Multiple Generataion and Multiple Storage
Vatamanu, J.
208i Increasing the Quantum Capacitance of Semiconducting C-Based Electrodes
250j A Study of Bulk and Interfacial Properties of Li Based Electrolytes Utilized in Lithium Ion Batteries
303f Screening Functions for Polarizable Force-Fields Via Force-Matching: A Promising Approach for Coarse-Graining Electrostatic Interactions
303g Fluctuating Charge Approach for Modeling Polarizable Electrodes in Classical Molecular Simulations
348e Non-Faradic Energy Storage By Room Temperature Ionic Liquids in Nanoporous Electrodes
476c A Comparative Study of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids and Their Organic Solvent Mixtures Near Charged Electrodes
524h Dynamic Relaxations in the Electric Double Layers Comprised of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids
Vatamanu, M.
250j A Study of Bulk and Interfacial Properties of Li Based Electrolytes Utilized in Lithium Ion Batteries
348e Non-Faradic Energy Storage By Room Temperature Ionic Liquids in Nanoporous Electrodes
Vaughey, J. T.
190e High-Throughput Methods to Identifying and Probing High Concentration Redox Electrolytes
Vayttaden, S. J.
View Investigation of TLR Pathway Activation in Macrophages By Single and Dual Ligands
Vazquez Pufleau, M.
621dc Kinetics of Carbon Elimination in Silicon Kerf Using Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis Estimations
Vazquez-Anderson, J.
598b Understanding Accessibility for Targeting Nucleic Acids in Living Cells Via a Thermo-Kinetic Model of in Vivo Oligonucleotide Hybridization
Vazquez-Pufleau, M.
254b Rates of Silicon Nucleation and Condensation during Silane Pyrolysis
Vecchiarello, N.
620aj Design, Selection and Optimization of Affinity Peptides for Applications in Bioprocessing (Rapid Fire)
Vecchiolla, D.
298c Dynamic Crystalline Structures of Flowing 2-D Foams in Microfluidic Devices
Vechot, L.
View Determination of the Maximum Gas Generation Rate Following the Decomposition of Cumene Hydroperoxide Under Runaway Conditions for Pressure Relief Vent Sizing Determination
Vedachalam, R.
737h Modeling of Drying Stage in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed Coal Gasifier
Veer, C.
436e Monte Carlo Simulation of Near- and Super-Critical Hexane Fluid and Physisorption Phase Behavior
57b Long Term Glycemic Control Using Polymer Encapsulated, Human Stem-Cell Derived β-Cells in Immune Competent Rodents
511b The Foreign Body Immune Response to Implanted Scaffolds Is Dependent on Size and Shape in Rodents and Non-Human Primates
Veisi, Z.
252d Dispersion of Amyloid Beta Peptide Fiber Via Cactus Mucilage As a Potential Disruptor of Alzheimer's Disease Plaques
Vekaria, J.
489g Enhanced Dissolution of Itraconazole from Surfactant-Free Nanocomposite Microparticles
465a High-Throughput Biomimetic Assay Designed to Quantify Antimalarial Efficacy
610f Molecular Interactions at a Solid-Liquid Interface Determine the Inhibition Mechanism of Hematin Crystallization By Antimalarial Drugs
637f Differential Dynamic Microscopy of Weakly-Scattering and Polydisperse Suspensions of Colloids or Protein-Rich Liquid Clusters
659g Mechanism of Hematin Crystallization and Inhibition in Biomimetic Solutions
Vela Ramirez, J.
622d Evaluation of Nano-Formulated Neuroprotective Against Traumatic Brain Injury
Velankar, S.
561a Liquid Mixtures Freezing at Room Temperature: More Insights into Crystallization and Applications of Poly(trimethylene glycol)/Water Mixtures
Veld, P. I.
316b Atomistic Simulation of the Structure and Mechanics of Semictystalline and Heterogeneous Polymer Systems
243e Gibbsian Game Theory for Competitive Decisions
322b Conversion of Penn State's Chemical Engineering Program Assessment and Evaluation Process
323a Transport of Active Colloidal Particles By Chemically-Driven Transport
Velev, O.
6ey Directed Assembly at All Length Scales: The Pathway Towards Future Metamaterials
141b Multicomponent Multidirectional Assembly of Isotropic Particles By Field-Induced Anisotropic Interactions
323h Microbots and Colloidal Origami: Dynamically Interacting and Self-Reconfiguring Assemblies of Metallo-Dielectric Janus Microcubes
450a Scalable Fabrication of Anisotropic Polymer Particles and Nanofibers in Sheared Liquid-Liquid Systems
450h Simulations of the Phases and Structures Formed from Field-Induced or Permanently Polarized Off-Center Dipolar Colloids
637a Capillary Bridging of Particles As a Tool for Supracolloidal Assembly
656a Synthesis and Characterization of Environmentally-Benign Silver Ion/Lignin Antimicrobial Nanoparticles
View Novel Deactivation Strategies for Norovirus Using Copper-Infused Lignin Nanoparticles
Vélez, J.
197c Effect of Charge Patterning and Polymer Architecture on Polypeptide-Based Coacervates
Velez, S.
701f Changeover Formulations for Discrete-Time Mixed-Integer Programming Scheduling Models
Velikokhatnyi, O.
486b Nanostructured Robust Cobalt Alloy Based Anode Electro-Catalysts with Superior Electrochemical Activity for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
216f Prediction of Membrane Plasticization Via Molecular Simulation
Vella, J. R.
731c Predictive Power of Embedded-Atom Method (EAM) Force Fields for Lithium
Veltzke, T.
350g Assessment of Multicomponent Flux Models at Increased Rarefaction for Application in Heterogeneous Catalysis
Vemula, P.
View An on-Demand Drug Delivery Depot for the Treatment of Inflammatory Arthritis
Vemuri, S. H.
227ac Generalized Multiphase Lattice Boltzmann Method for High Density Ratios
Venegas, J.
560d Chemical Modification of Hydrothermal Chars Using Mechanical Energy
Venegas, J.
576g Supported Transition Metal Oxide Catalysts at Monolayer Coverage for Natural Gas Upgrading
Vengsarkar, P. S.
742g Deposition of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Onto an Oxidic Support Using a Novel Gas-Expanded Liquid Process and Its Application in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Venkat, M.
40o Aging Effect of Bead-Shaped Activated Carbon Exposed to Volatile Organic Compounds
23a Improved Butanol Production from Clostridium Pasteurianum from Crude Glycerol Feedstock
722a Improved Functional Screening of Metagenomic Libraries Via Heterologous Sigma Factor Expression
Venkataramani, D.
68e Introduction to Gas Hydrate Formation and Mitigation
136d Investigating Emulsion Stability and the Impact of Surfactant Type on Transient Emulsion Behavior Using Diffusion Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques
219c Controlled Reaction Selectivity Using Functionalized Silica in Biphasic Systems
242c Prediction of the Impact of Water Fraction on Emulsion Behavior Using Quantitative Structure-Property Relationship (QSPR) Modeling
352b The Impact of Shear and Solid Stabilizers on Cyclopentane Hydrate Formation in Emulsions
Venkatesh, S.
369g Development of a Visible Light Photochemical Process for the Manufacture of API Intermediate
Ventre, D.
620bz Investigating Neural Control of Epithelial Barrier Function of the Small Intestine with an in Vitro Engineered Model System
View Therapeutic Innovations: Re-Examining the Design of the Neonatal Bubble-CPAP for Application in the Developing World
368i Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Isothermal Two-Phase Flow over a Tube Bundle
Verduzco, R.
52f Role of Molecular Linker in Charge Separation in All-Conjugated Block Copolymers
289b Rational Design of Thermally Stable, Cocontinuous Donor/Acceptor Morphologies for Use As Organic Solar Cell Active Layers
357d Liquid Crystal Elastomers with Reversible Crosslinking and Low Tg
Vergara, J.
251q Synthesis and Characterization of Model Amine Curing Agents for Corrosion Protection
228c Allotrope Foundation: Collaborating to Deliver an Innovative Framework for Laboratory Data Based on Open Standards
Vericella, J.
58c Microencapsulation of Advanced and Novel CO2 Sorbents
Verma, A.
545c Computational Model of Single Cell Transcriptional Regulation and Cellular Networks Driving Liver Regeneration Following Surgical Resection
Verma, A. A.
328b Mechanistic Details and Process Implications of Azide Mediated Conversion Route of Carboxylic Acid to Isocyanate
Verma, S.
296c A Robust Control Strategy for Surface Pressure Pulsation Minimization in Hydraulic Fracturing
View Novel Fracturing Process Utilizing Natural Gas
Verma, S.
337a Cathode Catalysts for Electroreduction of CO2 to Value-Added Products
Vermant, J.
298b Investigating the Influence of Monolayer Compressibility on Interfacial Fluid Dynamics with Combined Simulation and Experiment
355g Structure and Dynamics of Model Asphaltene Molecules at an Oil-Water Interface
411e Millimeter Scale, Free-Standing, Planar Phospholipid Bilayers
Vermeulen, N.
582e Application of a Genetic Algorithm to Screen Metal-Organic Frameworks: Pre-Combustion CO2/H2 Separation
Vernacchio, V.
722f Development of an E. coli Co-Culture for the Improved Conversion of Phenylpropanoic Acids to Catechins in Vivo
Verónico-Sánchez, F. J.
257r Solid-Liquid-Gas Phase Diagram of Palmitic Acid + Carbon Dioxide System
Verónico-Sánchez, J.
248v Volumetric Properties of Binary and Ternary Mixtures of Tetrabutylphosphonium Bromide + Water + Amine
483e Temperature and Loading-Dependent Diffusion of Light Hydrocarbons in ZIF-8 As Predicted through Fully Flexible Molecular Simulations
Vervaet, C.
572d Experimental Investigation Linking Granulation Performance with Residence Time and Granulation Liquid Distributions in Twin-Screw Granulation
Veser, G.
517a Production of Inherently Separated Syngas Streams Via Chemical Looping
527d Structure-Toxicity Correlations for Ni/SiO2 Complex Engineered Nanomaterials Using High-Throughput Zebrafish Assays
665a Predicting Stability and Charge of Metal Nanoparticles Supported on Amorphous Silica
Vestal, C.
129c Teamwork and Teaching Large Sophomore Level Courses
115f Experiences in Inorganic Fouling Removal from Condensate Polishing Resin Using Weak-Acid Based Cleaner in Badak LNG
Vetter, T.
394f Continuous Separation of Enantiomers By Combined Crystallization-Distillation Systems: A Proof of Concept Study for Continuous Viedma Ripening
744d Determination of Crystal Growth Rate of Racemic Ibuprofen Crystals from Enantiomerically Enriched Solutions
Veuillez, N.
593b The Use of an on-Line Peer-Review Process in the Framework of a Student Chemical Engineering Project
Vi, T.
225f Kinetics Studies of Polymer Interfacial Reaction in Solutions
Viamajala, S.
621dt High-Yield Conversion of Glucose to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) Under Mild Reaction Conditions
625aq High-Yield Production of Fuels and Oleochemical Precursors from Vegetable Oils in a Novel Continuous-Flow Pyrolysis Reactor
625at Synthesis of Nylon Precursors Via Cross-Metathesis of Methyl Oleate and Unsaturated Alcohols
625w Towards Sustainable Synthesis of Nylon 11–13 Precursors Using Ring-Closing Olefin Metathesis Strategy
648e Pyrolytic Fractionation: A Thermo-Chemical Technique for Processing Oleaginous Algae
662b Development and Validation of a Reduced-Index Dynamic Model of an Industrial High-Purity Column
Vianna, L. L. L.
757e Characterization of an Industrial Refuse Derived Fuel
Vicente, J.
442t Particle Engineering through Continuous Solvent Precipitation
489f Production of Amorphous Nano-Solid Dispersions Using a Solvent Controlled Precipitation Process – Benchmarking with the Spray Drying Process
Vickroy, B.
480a Correlation of Non-Baffled, Angled and Off-Center Agitated Process Vessel Blend Times
Victor, P.
621ae Coal-Supported Metallic Catalyst for Steam Reforming of Hydrocarbons
621cg Effect of Pyrolysis Temperature on the Gasification Reactivity of Solvent Extracted Ash-Free Coals and Insoluble Residual Coals
Vidic, R. D.
38c An Industrial Ecology Approach for Managing Wastewater from Shale Gas Production
Vidyapati, V.
412a Simulation of Powder Segregation Phenomena in a Storage Hopper
Viell, J.
639d Conceptual Process Design with Energetic Analysis for a Bio-Based 2-Butanone Production
Viereck, S.
31f A Method for Monitoring Salt Deposition in a Salt Separator of a Hydrothermal Biomass Gasification Process
Vigeant, M.
423g First Year Ranch: Introducing Chemical Engineering through Salad Dressing Design
525a The Higher Ed Maker Initiative and the Opportunity for Cheme
View Engineering Design Process in Education
Vigil, D.
View Thermochemical Conversion of Rice with Varying Cell Wall Composition
View Cobalt-Based Thin Film Nanostructures As Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Overall Water Splitting
Vigil, R. D.
438e Numerical Investigation of Bubble Effects on Taylor-Couette Flow Patterns in the Weakly Turbulent Vortex Flow Regime
438g CFD Investigation of Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer in a Multiphase Taylor-Couette Reactor
445d Effect of Mixing, Mass Transfer and Light/Dark Cycles on Microalgae Growth in a Taylor Vortex Photobioreactor
507b Comprehensive Computational Model for Combining Fluid Hydrodynamics, Light Transport and Algal Growth Kinetics in a Taylor Vortex Reactor
Vijayasankaran, N.
746b The Impact of Glycation on Protein Color
736a U.S. Doe Carbon Storage R&D Program: Advancing Carbon Storage Technologies Towards Commercialization
Vikas, A.
563f Shale Gas - It's Commercial Viability and Rising Importance As the ‘Next' Fuel
402c Highly Efficient Fuel Processor and System for Hydrogen Production
515a Fuel Flexible, High Efficiency Catalytic Reformer for Hydrogen Generation
Villa, C.
514g Spectroscopic Analysis of Coke Precursors on Acid Catalysts
Villagrana Pacheco, X.
593a Tendencies of Chemical Engineering in the Last 10 Years
Villanueva, M. E.
508d Bifurcation and Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Using Complete Search
365c Proteomic Time Profiling of Mab Producing CHO Fed-Batch Bioreactor Cultures
Villwock, J.
530a Influence of Ions and Fluid Dynamics on Coalescence in Liquid/Liquid Dispersions
Vilt, M. E.
404a Supported Liquid Membranes for Recovery of Cephalexin
Vimal, P.
View Establishing an In Vivo RNA Accessibility Probing System and Transitioning to High-Throughput Characterization
Vinals, J.
565h Liquid Crystals Enabled Electrokinetics
Vincent-Bonnieu, S.
355d Effect of Gas Type and Composition on Foam Rheology in Porous Media for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Viney, C.
707c Depiction and Prediction of Practical Pathways for Crystallization
Vinter, K. P.
610g Particle-Surface Interactions of High Temperature Pyrolyzing Cellulose
89f Mechanistic Modeling of Autoxidation of Ethyl Benzene
560a Production of High Quality Bio-Oil Via Fast Co-Pyrolysis (FCP) of Cellulose and Polypropylene
628a Kinetics of Isothermal and Non-Isothermal Fast Pyrolysis of Alkali Lignin
Vinueza, N. R.
386d Investigation of Dissolved Lignin in Autohydrolysis Liquor
Virani, K.
543g Theory & Experiment for Tumor Growth, Regression & Metastasis
711c Towards a Genetically-Engineered Bacterium for Gastrointestinal Wound Healing
Virk, P.
89b Severe Pyrolyses of C6 to C12 Monocyclo- and Normal-Alkanes
562h Pipe Flow Development and Polymer Degradation during Turbulent Drag Reduction
Virnelson, R. C.
349f Process Control – Learning It and Doing It through Labview-Based Design
Visco, D. Jr.
462e Creating an in silico Drug Discovery Pipeline for Faster Drug Discovery
624g Computer Aided Search for Drug Candidates: Cathepsin-L
Vishnyakov, A.
373e Incorporation of Chemical Equilibria into Dissipative Particle Dynamics
439g Characterization of Polyelectrolyte Membranes with in-Situ Metal-Oxide Nanoparticles
581g A Coarse Grained Model for PCL: Conformation, Self-Assembly of Mepeg-b-PCL Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymers
654f Design of a Multicatalyst Polyelectrolyte Membrane for Decomposition of Chemical Warfare Agents
723f Nanoparticle Interactions with Lipid Bilayer Studied with Ghost Tweezers Method
Vishnyakova, M.
227b Dynamics of Droplet Absorption into Fibrous Materials
Vishwasrao, H.
View Optimization of Magnetic Nanoclusters for Quality Control, Drug Loading, and MRI Contrasting
402e Syngas Production By Biogas Steam and Oxy Steam Reforming Processes on Rh/CeO2 Catalyst Coated on Ceramics Monolith and Open Foams
Vitale, G.
324c Development of Supported Solid Nanoparticles and Process for Hydrocarbon Recovery and Enhancing Water Recyclability from SAGD Wastewater
425m Silicate-Based Nanoparticles for Enhancing Heavy Oil Quality
603c Effect of NiO Nanosize Particle on Adsorptive and Subsequent Catalytic Oxidation of Visbroken Asphaltenes
13e Convective and Wall-to-Solids Heat Transfer Coefficients in Flighted Rotary Kilns: Experimental Measurement and Modeling
View Functionalization of Pyrolyzed Biomass and Their Characterizations
Vlachos, D.
127e Kinetic Regime Change in the Diels-Alder Cycloaddition of Biomass-Derived Furans with Solid Acids
146b Modern Catalytic Technologies for Converting Biomass to Renewable Fuels and Chemicals
259c Design Principles of Bifunctional Catalysts:  Hydrogenation, Dehydrogenation, and Hydrogenolysis
281c Fast Estimation Methods of Catalytic Cycles of Lignin Molecules on Pt(111)
392c Computational Investigation of Bifunctional Catalysts for Bio-Oil Upgrade
392d Investigation of Sugar Isomerization Mechanism on Homogeneous Sn-Silicate Catalysts
403b Towards a Molecular Understanding of the Reactivity of Oxide Catalysts
407c Design Principles of Bimetallic Core-Shell Catalysts
461d Computational Insight into the Effect of Sn-Beta Na Exchange and Solvent on Glucose Isomerization and Epimerization
495e Mechanisitc Investigations of Furanics Upgrade Via Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation
495g Solvent Effects on the Stability of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural: Understanding the Undesirable Side Reactions
513f The Effect of Brønsted Acidic Zeolites on the Synthesis of Aromatics from Furans
621be Dehydration Reactions in Lewis Acidic Zeolites
621bo Understanding the Catalytic Ring Opening of Furfural on Iridium
621dd Unraveling Metal/Lewis Acid Synergy in Hydrogenolysis of Furfuryl Alcohol
621ee Investigation of Sugar Transformation Mechanisms on Homogeneous Sn-Silicate Catalysts
645c Electronic Structure Effects on Adsorption on Bimetallic Surfaces
658a Nano Tungsten Carbide Catalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells
691g C-O Bond Hydrogenolysis over Metal/Lewis Acid Catalysts
706e First Principles Prediction of Active Sites for Bimetallic Catalysts
Vlahakis, J.
View Parylene Microfabricated Filters in Cancer Spheroid Detection
149b Electrohydrodynamic Deformation of a Particle-Coated Drop
208g Electric Field Effects of the Thermal Undulations of Lipid Bilayer Membranes
262g Self-Organization in Active Suspensions of Micro-Rotors
460f Hydrodynamic Self-Organization and Mixing in Suspensions of Micro-Rotors
Vlcek, L.
375d Novel Approaches to the Understanding of Hydration Phenomena in Aqueous Electrolytes: Molecular-Based Tools Toward the Interpretation of Challenging Neutron Diffraction Experiments
712c Ion Hydration at Short and Long Length Scales
731b Similarity Between Statistical Mechanical Systems and Its Application to Molecular and Coarse-Grained Model Development
731e Molecular Modeling of Aqueous Electrolytes Based on the Gaussian Charge Polarizable Approach: Gaussian Charge-on-Spring Versus Dipole Self-Consistent Field Strategies to Induced Polarization
74d Phase Equilibria of Ternary Mixtures of Two Nematic Liquid Crystals and CO2 for CO2 Capture
Vlysidis, M.
341d Simulations of Stochastic Chemical Reaction Networks
Vo, M.
142d Stability of Carbon Nanotube Dispersions with a Mixture of Nonionic and Ionic Surfactants in DPD Simulation
683i Effects of Particle Shape on the Stability of Polymer Grafted Carbon Nanoparticles Under Shear Flow
Vobecka, L.
279f Electrochemical Characterization of an Ion-Exchange System Consisting of a Single Ion-Exchange Particle
565d The Effect of the Structure of Ion-Exchange Membranes on Ion Concentration Polarization and Associated Electrokinetics
Vocelle, D.
681e Engineering Delivery Vehicles for siRNA Therapeutics
Vogel, F.
31f A Method for Monitoring Salt Deposition in a Salt Separator of a Hydrothermal Biomass Gasification Process
Vogiatzis, K.
260a Discovery of Optimal Zeolites and Metal-Organic Frameworks for Challenging Separations and Chemical Conversions through Predictive Materials Modeling
582f Computational Screening of MOFs with Open Metal Sites
Vogt, B. D.
122d Supramolecular Hydrogels: Simple Processing, Remarkable Properties
Vogus, D. R.
350c Measuring Concentration Fields in Microfluidic Channels in Situ with a Fabry–Perot Interferometer
632d Tuning Nanoparticle Elasticity for Improved Biological Function
Vohs, J.
472a Thermally Stable and Coking Resistant Supported Metal Nanoparticle Catalysts
Voigt, C. A.
6hi Pathway Engineering in Yeast: Overcoming Challenges in Design and Optimization By Scaling and Parallelizing Elements of the Design-Build-Test-Learn Cycle
711f Composability and Design of Parts for Application to Large-Scale Pathway Engineering in Yeast
Vojvodic, A.
66c A Gold-Supported NiOx-Based Catalyst As a High-Performance Water Oxidation Electrocatalyst
472c Investigation of Thin Cobalt/Nickel/Manganese Oxides Supported on Au(111) and Other Fcc Metals
Vojvodic, A.
748a Rational Catalyst Design for Nitrogen Reduction and Water Splitting
von der Assen, N.
687c Carbon Dioxide Utilization in the Polyurethane Supply Chain: An Environmental Perspective
von Harbou, E.
21d Quantitative NMR Spectroscopy Study of Chemical Synthesis of Bio-Based Materials: Formation of Formyl-Oxy-Stearic Acid from Oleic Acid
Vonderheide, A.
430g D-Labeling Study of Selective Hydrogenation of 2-Methylfuran and 2,5-Dimethylfuran over Carbon Supported Noble Metal Catalysts
Voorhies, W.
625am Sequential Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Galdieria Sulphuraria Algal Biomass to Enhance Biocrude Oil Yield
Vora, A.
244b Quantifying EV Battery Lifespan and Its Impact on Battery Warranty Strategy through a Battery Aging Model and a Micro-Level Transportation Network
Vora, N.
77c Environmental Life Cycle Evaluation of Multistage Torrefaction and Pyrolysis for Biofuel Production
View Food-Energy-Water Nexus: Quantifying the Energy and GHG Emissions of Water Embodied in Food Flows within the U.S
Vora, S. R.
209g Surface Pressure and Microstructure of Carbon Nanotubes Adsorbed at an Air-Water Interface
336b Award Submission: Surface Pressure and Microstructure of Carbon Nanotubes Adsorbed at an Air-Water Interface
Vorontsova, M.
637f Differential Dynamic Microscopy of Weakly-Scattering and Polydisperse Suspensions of Colloids or Protein-Rich Liquid Clusters
599c Nanometals: Production, Characterization, and Applications for HEMs
714f Combustion Synthesis and Characterization of Energetic Borides
Voskov, D.
163c Fully Compositional Multi-Scale Reservoir Simulations with Mineral Deposition Using the Coupled AD-Gprs/Gflash System
Voss, C.
685d Investigation of Heat Transfer and Adsorption in Indirect Heated Adsorbent Beds
Voter, A. F.
316d Accelerating Ring-Polymer Molecular Dynamics Simulation: A Parallel-Replica Dynamics Approach
Voth, G. A.
588b Hydroxyl and Water Transport in Stable Anion Exchange Membranes
Voutetakis, S.
180f Energy Exchange in Autonomous Isolated Networks with Renewable Energy Sources Empowered By a Multi-Agent Internet of Things (IoT) Architecture
244f Efficient Decision Making Based on a Hybrid Power Distribution Strategy - Application to a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle
245l Design and Development of a High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell System for Charging of Li-Ion Battery Stacks
463f A Systematic Sensitivity Analysis Approach for the Design of Organic Rankine Cycles and the Selection of Efficient Working Fluids Under Operational Variability
544g Deployment of a Search Space Reduction Algorithm to an NMPC Problem - Comparative Experimental Analysis to a Fuel Cell System
Vreeland, E. C.
View A Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor for the Systematic Control of Gold Nanoparticle Size
Vryzas, Z.
83a A Multivariate Herschel-Bulkley Rheological Model for Nanoparticle-Based Drilling Fluids
Vu, A. T.
40p Mesoporous MgO for Carbon Dioxide Capture at an Ambient Condition and the Effect of Calcination Steps to Sorption Performances
Vu, A.
338a Polymeric Solid Acid Catalysts for Biomass Hydrolysis and Dehydration
718f Inverse Colloidal Crystal Membranes for Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
Vu, D.
53e How Will Modern Light-Duty Diesel Vehicles Modify CCN?
Vukojevic, S.
457a High Throughput Testing of Catalysts with Different Time Scales of Deactivation for Methanol-to-Hydrocarbons (MTH)
Vukovic, L.
209a Comparative Dynamics and Sequence Dependence of DNA and RNA Binding to Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Vukovinsky, K.
50c Establishing Content Uniformity Criteria throughout 3-Stage Validation: Estimate, Confirm, and Control
Vuong, S.
227i Microfluidic Platforms for Characterization of Flocculation and Gelation in Colloidal Suspensions
Vupputuri, S.
133e Protein Encapsulation for Delivery to Erythrocytes