Author Index: N

N. Abadian, P.
434d Studying the Effect of Flow-Rate on Bacterial Growth with Spri
434e Real-Time Monitoring of Bacterial Biofilm Growth and Removal Using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance
N. Asthagiri, D.
561f Incorporating Multi-Body Effects in SAFT: Impact on Model Patchy Colloid and Ion Hydration
Na, J.
265f Multi-Objective Optimization for High Heat Removal and Productivity in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Microchannel Reactor Using Discrete Catalyst Dilution Zone
577c Design of a Large-Scale Micro-Channel Fischer-Tropsch Reactor: Model Development for Barrels-per-Day-Scale Reactor
Na, Y.
690b Study on the Migration of Sodium during the Combustion and Gasification of Zhundong Coal
Nabar, G. M.
29b Nanoparticle Loaded Non-Spherical Block Copolymer Micelles with Multiple Morphologies Generated By Interfacial Instability Process
30f Block Copolymer Micelles with Multiple Morphologies Formed Via Electrospray Enabled Interfacial Instability
Nacy, A.
202e Multifunctional O2-Electrodes for Reversible Li-O2 Batteries
621ep Catalytic Performance of Supported Doped Nickel Catalysts Toward Direct Nonoxidative Conversion of Methane
View Modified Ni-Based Catalyst for Dry Reforming of Methane
Nacy, A.
View Non-Precious Metal Oxides As Cathode Electrocatalysts for Lithium-Air Batteries
247s Rapid Computation of Thermodynamic Properties over a Large Multidimensional Space of Nonbonded Parameters
Nadgouda, S.
673e Examination of Oxidative Coupling of Methane By Traditional Catalysis and Chemical Looping with Manganese-Based Oxides
724b Atomistic Simulation of Dynamics of Individual Molecules in Entangled Polymers Undergoing Homogenous Shear and Planer Elongational Flows
372e Examining Cell-Wall Transport Effects on Enzymatic Hydrolysis By Mechanistic Modeling
Nagami, H.
117c Metal Affinity Immobilized Liposome Chromatography for Recognition of Peptides
372b Kinetic Modeling Parameters of THF Co-Solvent Enhanced Production of Furfural, HMF, and Levulinic Acid
Nagasawa, H.
456e Development of a New Type of Accelerated Mineral Carbonation Process
Nagel, M.
298b Investigating the Influence of Monolayer Compressibility on Interfacial Fluid Dynamics with Combined Simulation and Experiment
Nagelli, E.
6jk Flowable Slurry Electrodes for Electrochemical Processes
Nagesh Rao, H.
88a Minimum Power Requirement for LNG Regasification
Nagib, M.
280b Electrochemical Recovery of Fission Platinoids in 1-Butyl-1methylpyrrolidinium Dicyanamide Ionic Liquid
Nagle, N. J.
573b Flowability of Biomass Solids: The Effects of Preprocessing
Nagpal, P.
80b Novel Light-Activated Therapy for Mutli-Drug Resistant Pathogens
159b Plasmon-Enhanced Energy Transfer and Other Photophysical Effects in Doped-Lanthanide Nanocrystals
159d Multiple Energy “Exciton-Shelves” in Quantum-Dot-DNA Nanobioelectronic Materials
220h Novel Light-Activated Nano-Therapeutics for Selective Cell Phenotypes
273a Quantum Molecular-Sequencing (QM-Seq): Single Molecule DNA and RNA Sequencing
335f Quantum Molecular-Sequencing (QM-Seq): Nanoelectronic Single Molecule DNA/RNA Sequencing and Epigenetics
414f Artificial Photosystem I and II: Highly Selective Solar Fuels and Tandem Photocatalysis
465g Specifically Tuned Light Activated Nano-Therapeutics for Selective Killing of Multi Drug Resistant Bacterial Strains
306f Synthesis of Layer-By-Layer Thick Mesoporous Titania Films with Vertically Oriented 2D-HCP Nanopores and Their Use in Lithium Ion Batteries As Negative Electrodes
Nagrath, D.
559h Understanding Tumor Microenvironment's Metabolic Regulation of Cancer Cells
Nagy, Z. K.
14g Process Optimization of an Integrated Chemical Reactor and Crystallization System for Higher Product Quality
183e Systematic Framework for the Design and Analysis of Control Systems for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
223d Automated Multi-Loop Direct Nucleation Control Using Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement in Multistage Continuous Mixed Suspension Mixed Product Removal Crystallizer
223f Controlling Crystal Size, Shape and Purity during Crystallization By Using Additives
328a Continuous Plug-Flow Crystallization with Anti-Fouling Control
443a Controlling Morphology and Polymorphism of a Zwitterionic Compound (OABA) Using Different Types of Additives and Solvents
481b Application of Raman and ATR-UV/Vis Spectroscopy for a Model-Free and Model-Based Active Polymorphic Feedback Control of Crystallization Processes
481d Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a Batch Crystallization Process
481e Modeling of Crystallization of Melt-Based Oral Dosages in a Drop-on-Demand Manufacturing System
509d Nonlinear Steady-State Data Reconciliation for a Continuous Tableting Line
550d A Drop-on-Demand Manufacturing System for the Production of Amorphous Drug Products
572g Process Intensification through Continuous Spherical Crystallization Using a Two-Stage Mixed Suspension Mixed Product Removal System
624l Improving Purity and Size Distribution in Biopharmaceutical Crystallization Using PAT-Based Feedback Control Strategies
652g Systematic Design and Optimization of Fines Removal in Mixed-Product Mixed-Suspension Crystallizer
707d Tailoring Polymorphism of Ortho-Aminobenzoic Acid (OABA) Using Combinations of Several Solvents and a Structurally Related Additive
758c Molecular Modeling to Design and Control (M2DC): A First Principles Approach to Polymorph Prediction and Crystallization Unit Design
Nah, T.
53c Secondary Organic Aerosols (SOA) from Nitrate Radical Oxidation of Monoterpenes: Results from Recent Laboratory and Field Studies
Nahavandi, M.
View Dielectrophoretic Separation of Healthy and Infected Red Blood Cells through Electric Driven Flow: An Electrokinetic Modeling
368j Opposing Shear Induced Forces Dominate Inertial Focusing in High Reynolds Numbers
620av Sorting and Analysis of Yeast, Based on Replicative Age, Using High Reynolds Inertial Focusing (Rapid Fire)
Naik, U. P.
72b An Integrated Engineering Control System Model of Primary and Secondary Hemostasis
Nair, N.
271c Enabling Selection in Directed Evolution of Enzymes Via Cellular Engineering
620ah Engineering a Xylose Regulon in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae for Efficient Lignocellulosic Biomass Utilization (Rapid Fire)
646d Discovery and Design of Novel Regulatory Noncoding RNA in Bacteria
Nair, N.
145a Development of a Molecular Model of Crude Oil: Applications in Enhanced Oil Recovery
Nair, S.
483e Temperature and Loading-Dependent Diffusion of Light Hydrocarbons in ZIF-8 As Predicted through Fully Flexible Molecular Simulations
435a One Pot Synthesis of Biobased Fuel Additive Ethyl Levulinate By Direct Transformation of Bagasse in Ethanol Media
Najera, M.
527d Structure-Toxicity Correlations for Ni/SiO2 Complex Engineered Nanomaterials Using High-Throughput Zebrafish Assays
Najman, J.
449d Mccormick Relaxations: Extension to Multivariate Outer Function and Analysis of Convergence Rates
Naka, G.
View Design of Layer-By-Layer Thin Films for pH-Triggered Release of Endosomolytic Nanoparticles
Nakagawa, T.
467f Evaluation of Electric Vehicle Energy Consumption for Traveling and Air-Conditioning
247c A New Lattice Monte-Carlo Simulation for the Dielectric Inhomogeneity of Ion-Containing Liquids
400h Effects of Dielectric Inhomogeneity in Ionic Liquids Between Charged Plates
400i Large Modification of Electrostatic Fields in Liquids Between Charged Plates: Effects of the Dielectric Response of Solvent Molecules
Nakamura, Y.
456e Development of a New Type of Accelerated Mineral Carbonation Process
Nakanishi, H.
652c Systematic Retrofitting Methodology for Pharmaceutical Drug Purification Processes
Nakano, C. M.
723e Adsorption and Electron Transfer of Bacterial Decaheme Cytochrome Mtrf on Gold Surface Studied with Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulation, Free Energy Computation and Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation
Nakashima, N.
337a Cathode Catalysts for Electroreduction of CO2 to Value-Added Products
Nallamothu, S.
480e Advances in Gas Sparging Simulation for Bioreactor Modeling to Create Comprehensive “Simulation Design Space”
Nam, D. H.
747f Generation of Protease-Inhibiting Monoclonal Antibodies By Novel Paratope Design
292a Oxidation Activities of Speciated Hydrocarbons over Commercial Three-Way Catalysts and Their Implications to Emission Control for Next-Generation Fuel-Efficient Vehicles
Nam, S. B.
292a Oxidation Activities of Speciated Hydrocarbons over Commercial Three-Way Catalysts and Their Implications to Emission Control for Next-Generation Fuel-Efficient Vehicles
42v Development and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Membranes for Membrane Distillation
Namani, M.
357c Nonlinear Rheology and Cavitation of a Triblock Copolymer Gel
Namdee, K.
726c Differential Role of Plasma Proteins Between Humans and Common Animal Models on the Adhesion Efficiency of Vtcs
Nan, Y.
280d Adsorption of Radioactive I2 and Tritiated Water from Spent Fuel Reprocessing Off-Gases By Reduced Silver Mordenite
395f Mechanistic Mass-Transfer Modeling for the Adsorption of Water Vapor By Molecular Sieves
431b Production of Ethanol-Based Biodiesel Fuel Via Sub/Supercritical Transesterification Reactions with and without Catalysts: Thermal Decomposition, Phase Behavior, and Reaction Kinetics
Nanchen, A.
83f Thermal Stability Predictions As a Tool for Inherently Safer Process Design
Nandakumar, K.
230c CFD Investigations and Optimization of a Novel Dynamic Oil Water Separator
586f CFD Investigations of Particle Segregation and Dispersion Mechanisms inside a Polyolefin 8-Leg Loop Reactor of Industrial Scale
Nandasiri, M.
364b Nanocomposite Particle Synthesis Using Switchable Ionic Liquids (SWILs)
Nandi, S.
448b Recovery and Purification of Recombinant Butyrylcholinesterase from Nicotiana Benthamiana Plants
303h Coarse Grained Parameterization of Gram-Negative Bacterial Outer Membrane
713f Multiscale Simulations to Characterize the Blood Brain Barrier Tight Junctions
493a Advances in Electron Diffraction of Three-Dimensional Microcrystals
Nantz, M. H.
154b Characterization of Microreactors for Capture of Trace Carbonyl Compounds
440b Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks Involving Power Production and Seawater Desalination
148a Conceptual Process Design and Economic Analysis for Biomass Conversion Technologies to Valuable Chemicals
Narang, A.
201d Discrete Element Modeling of High Shear Wet Granulation: Effect of Process Parameters and Equipment Scale on Particle Level Mechanisms
226a Compartment-Based Population Balance Modeling of High Shear Wet Granulation Processes Via Dry Binder Addition
Narani, A.
372f Predictive Modeling and Rheological Characterization of Mixed Feedstocks
Narasimhamurthy, V.
756b Large-Scale Release and Dispersion of CO2: Experiments and Simulation
Narasimhan, B.
9e Transport of Antigen from Administration Site to the Draining Lymph Node in Nanoparticle Formulations
64f Nanoparticle-Based Delivery of Drugs Dramatically Enhances Killing of Filarial Worms
416d High Throughput Synthesis of Nanovaccine Formulations
622d Evaluation of Nano-Formulated Neuroprotective Against Traumatic Brain Injury
633g Nanoadjuvants for Effective Vaccines Against Influenza A Virus
Narasimhan, S.
663e Data Reconciliation in Open Reaction Systems Using the Concept of Extents
Narasimhan, S.
663d Fault Detection and Accommodation in Sampled Data Process Systems with Measurements and Actuation Errors
Narayanam, S.
251z Dynamics of Lithium Polymer Electrolytes Using X-Ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy and Rheology
Narayanan, E.
700b A Colorimetric Plasmonic Nanosensor for Dosimetry of Therapeutic Levels of Ionizing Radiation
Narayanan, N.
676e Optimization of the Escherichia coli Methyl Erythritol Phosphate Pathway
Narciso, C.
16c Connecting Exogenous Stimuli to Patterned Calcium Signalling in a Regulated Epithelial Microenvironment
543b Patterning of Wound-Induced Intercellular Ca2+ Flashes in a Developing Epithelium
Naresh, A.
299b Design and Evaluation of Advanced Amsphere(tm) A3 Protein A chromatography Resin: The relationships and considerations of bead structure, pore structure, surface chemistries and ligand design on affinity resin performance targets
Narkeviciute, I.
621au Optoelectronic Properties of Tantalum Nitride (Ta3N5) for Photoelectrochemical (PEC) Water Splitting: A Theoretical and Experimental Study
56d Changes in Lignin Structure after Autohydrolysis Pretreatment Analyzed By Quantitative NMR Techniques
386d Investigation of Dissolved Lignin in Autohydrolysis Liquor
Narsimhan, V.
342c Mobility of Knots in Tensioned Polymer Chains
Narvaez, P. C.
257aq Solubility Measurement of Sucrose in Fatty Acid Methyl Esters in Systems Containing Emulsifiers
Narváez Rincón, P. C.
464e Liquid-Liquid Equilibria in Aqueous Two Phase System (K2HPO4/1,3-propanediol/water/methanol) for 1,3-Propanediol Extraction
Nascimento, C. A. O.
656b Potential Analysis for Biosynthesis of Copper Nanoparticles Using Fungus Hypocrea Lixii Cell Extract
Nascu, I.
169f Pop – the Parametric Optimization Toolbox
282c Paroc - a Unified Framework Towards the Optimal Design, Operational Operation and Model-Based Control of Process Systems
427d Simultaneous Multi-Parametric Hybrid Model Predictive Control and Estimation with Application to the Intravenous Anaesthesia
Naserifar, S.
373f Toward a New Generation of Reactive Force Fields: Polarizable Reactive Force Field (ReaxFP)
677e Reactive Atomic Simulations of Kinetic Friction and Its Velocity Dependence at SiC/SiC Interfaces
714b Theoretical Study of the Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics of Promising Green Energetic Materials: 2,4,6-Triamino-1,3,5-Triazine-1,3,5-Trioxide (MTO) and 2,4,6-Trinitro-1,3,5-Triazine-1,3,5-Trioxide (MTO3N)
Nash, C. A.
528c Small Scale Testing of a Floating Ion Exchange Bed for Nuclear Waste Treatment
Nash, C. P.
691b Experimental and Computational Investigation of the Deoxygenation of Acetic Acid over Molybdenum Carbide
Nash, E. H.
582h Deconstructing Detailed Reaction Mechanisms to Identify Species and Mine for Data
Nasir, M.
93f Synthesis and Characterization of Ce and N Co-Doping of Titania Mesoporous Nanoparticles for the Enhanced Visible Light Photocatalytic Activity
Nason, J. A.
290e Anatomy of a Highly Structured Material Balances Course
257b A New Adsorption Model for Describing Asphaltene Adsorption in Dynamic Condition at a High Temperature and Pressure
324c Development of Supported Solid Nanoparticles and Process for Hydrocarbon Recovery and Enhancing Water Recyclability from SAGD Wastewater
425m Silicate-Based Nanoparticles for Enhancing Heavy Oil Quality
603c Effect of NiO Nanosize Particle on Adsorptive and Subsequent Catalytic Oxidation of Visbroken Asphaltenes
Nasser, M.
324f Destabilization and Treatment of Produced Water-Oil Emulsions Using Different Charge Density of Anionic Polyacrylamides
531d Destabilization and Treatment of Produced Oil-Water Emulsions from EOR Application Using Polyacrylamides
531e Destabilization and Treatment of Produced Water-Oil Emulsions Using Anionic Polyacrylamide and Electrolyte of Aluminum Sulphate and Ferrous Sulphate
683j Rheological Characterization of NA2CO3 Activated Calcium Bentonite for OIL and Gas Drilling Applications
Natarajan, V.
94g Stiffness Mediated Regulation of Hepatocyte Functions
Natarajan, V.
243a Elastic Net with Monte Carlo Sampling for Data-Based Modeling in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities
759a A Case Study of Data Analytics for the Manufacturing of a Monoclonal Antibody
Nath, P.
94f Reconstruction of Human Respiratory Platform for in Vitro Drug Development
Nathan, L.
542e A Microfluidic Single Particle Tracking Platform for Screening Ebolavirus Antivirals
Naughton, M. S.
549f High Temperature Continuous Flow Synthesis of CdSe/CdS/ZnS, CdS/ZnS, and Cdses/ZnS Nanocrystals
Nayhouse, M.
663b Detection and Isolation of Batch-to-Batch Parametric Drift in Protein Crystallization
View Bioremediation of Heavy Metals Present in Contaminated Water Using Algae
Nazem-Bokaee, H.
629a In silico Analysis of Anaerobic Methane Oxidation By Methanosarcina Acetivorans
722e Reversing Methanogenesis to Capture Methane for Liquid Biofuels
Nazempour, A.
311d Engineering of Articular Cartilage: Challenges and Prospects
622s ß1-Integrin Surface Expression on Adipose Stem Cells Cultured in a Centrifugal Bioreactor with TGF-ß3 and Cyclic Hydrostatic Pressure
View Bovine Cartilage Digestion and Characterization of Cellular Surface Proteins Using Atomic Force Microscopy
Nazockdast, E.
227al Centering Mechanisms of the Pronuclear Complex
Nazockdast, E.
6aj Microstructure and Collective Dynamics of Cytoskeletal Assemblies
Neal, C. A.
View Effect of High Surface Area Carbon Addition to the Performance of a Non-Precious Metal Catalyst in a PEM Fuel Cell
576b Reduction Kinetics of Manganese Oxide Based Redox Catalysts for Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane
742b Methane Partial Oxidation Via a Cyclic Redox Scheme - Transient Pulse Studies
760b Core-Shell Redox Catalysts for Chemical Looping Reforming of Methane
Nealey, P. F.
415c Glass Transition Temperature, Viscosity and Dynamics of Thin Polymeric Films in a Leveling Experiment
600b iCVD Top-Coat for Sub-10nm Patterning with Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymer Film
Neeli, S. T.
571d Hydrothermal Deoxy-Liquefaction of Biomass Model Compounds with Formate Salt As Hydrogen Donor
Neely, B. J.
242c Prediction of the Impact of Water Fraction on Emulsion Behavior Using Quantitative Structure-Property Relationship (QSPR) Modeling
Neerup, R.
245a Production of Bio-Butanol from Wheat Straw: A Proposal for Sustainable Design
Neeves, K. B.
323g High Speed Controlled Propulsion of Wheel Shaped Microbead Assemblies
339c High-Throughput Linear Optical Stretcher for Mechanical Characterization of Blood Cells
Nefcy, E.
349g Modeling in Chemical Engineering Practice: Math, Science, and Something Different
Negash, M.
242c Prediction of the Impact of Water Fraction on Emulsion Behavior Using Quantitative Structure-Property Relationship (QSPR) Modeling
Negretti, S.
608a Composite Polymer/Oxide Hollow Fibers As Scalable Continuous Reactors for Heterogeneous Catalysis in Flow Chemistry
124b New Trends to Improve the Quality of Recycled Papers
Negron, F. A.
View Cerium Oxide Adsorption Efficiency of Antimicrobial Drugs in Water Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Nei, J.
400e Effect of Compositional and Structural Disorders on Electrochemical Properties in Substituted Nickel Hydroxide Spherical Powders
Neimark, A. V.
340b Characterization of Micro-Mesoporous Carbons By High-Pressure CO2 Adsorption with Hybrid QSDFT Methods
373e Incorporation of Chemical Equilibria into Dissipative Particle Dynamics
439g Characterization of Polyelectrolyte Membranes with in-Situ Metal-Oxide Nanoparticles
483a Polymer adsorption in nanopores and nanoporous substrates
654f Design of a Multicatalyst Polyelectrolyte Membrane for Decomposition of Chemical Warfare Agents
723f Nanoparticle Interactions with Lipid Bilayer Studied with Ghost Tweezers Method
View Flexible Transparent Conducting Electrodes Fabricated from Silver Nanowire-Nafion Composite Membranes
Neiro, S.
531c Reducing Drilling Fluid Losses Using a Lab Scale Shale Shaker
Nejahi, Y.
231d Development of the Parallel Gibbs Ensemble Monte Carlo Simulation Engine Gomc
Nejati, S.
6bw Polymerization within Porous Media: Transformative Coatings and Interfaces Lab (TCIL)
Nekouei, M.
149e Dynamics of Trapping and Squeezing of Confined Drops in Constricted Microcapillaries
227l Numerical Simulation of Droplet Formation in Microfluidic T-Junction Devices
227n Hydrodynamic Resistance and Flow-Induced Squeezing of a Trapped Microfluidic Drop
Nelea, V.
484i Modeling Chiral Recognition Between Amino Acids and Vaterite Surfaces
Nellums, R. R.
753a Reduced Aging, Mechanically Activated Aluminum Reactives Incorporating Alternative Fluorocarbons
Nelson, C. M.
12b Intercellular Forces Regulate Mitosis and Migration within Epithelial Tissues
16f Dynamic Tensile Forces Drive Collective Migration through Three-Dimensional Extracellular Matrices
Nelson, C. W.
227a Transport Across Spontaneously Generated Interfaces with Ultralow Tension
227i Microfluidic Platforms for Characterization of Flocculation and Gelation in Colloidal Suspensions
Nelson, D. L.
621du Machine Learning Approaches to Design Catalysts for C1 Chemistry
Nelson, J.
6ge Corona Phase Molecular Recognition of Fibrinogen
700d Protein Targeted Corona Phase Molecular Recognition
Nelson, N.
349a Combining Interactive Thermodynamics Simulations with Screencasts and Conceptests
Nelson, R. D.
26a Low-Temperature Approaches to Inorganic Photovoltaic Thin Films
Nemer, M. B.
436c Thermo-Physical Properties of Liquefied Polyurethane Foams at High Temperatures and Pressures
Nemoto, A.
620bk Screening and Characterization of Rabbit ScFv Antibodies Recognizing Cell Surface Antigen from ScFv-Displayed Phage Library
293c Hybrid Distillation – Membrane Process to Increase Capacity and Reduce Costs for Production of Propylene and Ethylene
679a Process Intensification of Polyolefin Synthesis Using Novel Stable Perfluoro Based Membranes
Neogi, P.
208f Contact Line Instability in Receding Dynamic Contact Angles
Neoh, K. G.
527c Assessment on the Treatment of Carbon Soot for Activated Carbon Applications: Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis Induced in Human Cell Lines
672g Rapid Toxicity Screening of Gasification Ashes
Neri-Calixto, E. P.
248v Volumetric Properties of Binary and Ternary Mixtures of Tetrabutylphosphonium Bromide + Water + Amine
Nery Azevedo, R.
153d In Situ Measurements of Particle Electrophoresis in Dynamic Environments
Nesarikar, V.
183b Predicting Roller Compaction Process Capability
Neti, S.
319e High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage Using Phase Change Materials
Neubauer, P.
482g Stabilization of Biogas Production in a Two-Stage Reactor Process
Neuber, M.
361e Thin Film Manganese Oxide Electrodes for Batteries and Supercapacitors As Grown By Atomic Layer Deposition
Neuhaus, D.
200d CO2 Reforming of CH4 with an Isothermal Redox Membrane Reactor
Neumann, A.
View Platinum Alloys for Oxidation of Oxalic Acid
Neumann, T.
View Bench Scale Evaluation of the Intramicron Desulfurization Technology Suite
Neurock, M.
513e Chain-Length and Framework Effects in Alkane Cracking on Solid Acid Catalysts
Neuschaefer, C.
266a Dynamic Modeling of Steam Thermal Power Plants for Real-Time Optimization
Nevoral, V.
217g Effects of Nonlinear Responses of the Huang-Ferrell Model of MAPK Cascades on the Character of Autocrine Communication
Newalkar, G.
View Characterization of Biomass Derived Chars Using Raman Spectroscopy
Newalkar, G. M.
430f Langmuir-Hinshelwood Kinetic Studies of High Pressure Switchgrass Char Gasification
439i Oriented Nanochannel Membranes from Anodized Aluminum Oxide (AAO) and Sulfonated Polystyrene Composites for Flow Battery Applications
521g Solvatochromism and Conformational Changes in Fully Dissolved Poly(3-alkylthiophene)s
Newcomb, G.
59a Career Planning: Would I Fit or Be a Misfit? Understanding Organizational Culture, a workshop for Students and Young Professionals
Newkirk, M. S.
436d High-Temperature, High-Pressure Viscosity Measurements for the Binary System Cyclohexane + n-Hexadecane at Extreme Conditions
Neyerlin, K. C.
496f Highly Active and Durable Extended Surface Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts
720d Extended Surface Electrocatalysts in the Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Nezam, I.
579d Enhanced Acrylate Production from 2-Acetoxypropanoic Acid Esters
Ng, A.
614a Construction of Robust, Multi-Input Genetic Circuits Linked with Feedback Loops
Ng, B.
181f Optimization Under Uncertainty with Rigorous Process Models
Ng, D. Z. L.
686d Microfluidic Spherical Crystallization and Co-Formulation of Drugs and Excipients – Controlling Morphology and Polymorphism
Ng, D.
66c A Gold-Supported NiOx-Based Catalyst As a High-Performance Water Oxidation Electrocatalyst
66g The State of Development of Hydrogen and Oxygen Evolving Electrocatalysts for Solar-Fuels Generating Devices
603a Nitrogen-Doped Hierarchical Carbon for High-Performance Oxygen Reduction and Evolution Catalysis
Ng, K. Y. S.
190c A Nano-Structured Electrocatalytically Active Cathode Material for Liquid Electrolyte Lithium Sulfur Battery
287f A High Capacity Carbon Free Cathode Material for Lithium/Dissolved Polysulfide Batteries
306a Novel Centrifugation-Assisted Preparation (CAP) of Additive-Free Carbon-Decorated Fe3O4 Electrodes with Superior Electrochemical Performances for Lithium-Ion Batteries
400e Effect of Compositional and Structural Disorders on Electrochemical Properties in Substituted Nickel Hydroxide Spherical Powders
400f Computational Study of Zr2Ni7 and Zr7Ni10 Defect Models for Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries
Ng, K.
23f Oxygen-Responsive Genetic Circuits Constructed in Synechocystis Sp. PCC 6803
614a Construction of Robust, Multi-Input Genetic Circuits Linked with Feedback Loops
Ng, N. X. Y.
267d Robust Parallelization of Triphasic Micro/Millireactors for Sustainable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Ng, S.
53c Secondary Organic Aerosols (SOA) from Nitrate Radical Oxidation of Monoterpenes: Results from Recent Laboratory and Field Studies
Ng, S.
185a Mechanistic Study of Water/Solids Settling in a Diluted Bitumen System: Statistical and Image Analysis
Ng, T. N.
253a Manipulating Particle Size and Morphology of Mesoporous Silica
253c Freestanding ZIF-8 Membrane in Microfluidic Channel
Ng, W. C.
527c Assessment on the Treatment of Carbon Soot for Activated Carbon Applications: Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis Induced in Human Cell Lines
672g Rapid Toxicity Screening of Gasification Ashes
Ng, Y. C.
205c Investigation of CO2-H2o Co-Adsorption on Amine Functionalized Cellulose in a Closed-Loop Differential Bed
Ngan, M.
437d Iodide-Based Ionic Liquid and Water Mixtures: A Combined Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Study
Ngan, M.
View A Combined Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Study of Iodide-Based Ionic Liquid and Water Mixtures
Ngo, L.
231e Scalable Forward Flux Sampling, Scaffs: Enabling Large Scale Simulations of Rare Events
Nguengoue, S.
9e Transport of Antigen from Administration Site to the Draining Lymph Node in Nanoparticle Formulations
Nguon, H.
261c Stimuli Responsive Elastomer Based Hybrids with Tunable Multi-Functionality
343c Multi-Responsive Surface Via Wrinkling
473g High Throughput Identification of Clinically Approved Pharmacological Agents Which Prime Cells for Efficient Nonviral Gene Delivery
Nguyen, C.
229c Incorporation of Inherent Safety and Environmental Aspects in Process Design and Supply Chain Optimization
Nguyen, D. T.
248af Osmosis Membrane Bioreactor for the Removal of 3-Chloroaniline
227ag Buckling Instabilities and Complex Dynamics in a Model of Uniflagellar Bacterial Locomotion
Nguyen, H.
248au Three-Dimensional CFD Analysis of Hydrodynamics and Concentration Polarization in an Industrial RO Feed Channel
Nguyen, H.
24a Impact of Mass Spectrometer Capillary Probe on the Measured Concentration in a Monolith Reactor
Nguyen, M. D.
465c Fluorophore-Gold Nanoparticle Contrast Agent for Specific and Sensitive MMP-14 Detection
Nguyen, N. T.
View Development of Hierarchical Pore Structure MFI Zeolites for Biomass Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis
View Investigation of Mesoporous Y-Zeolites on Adsorptive Desulfurization of Model-Diesel Fuels
Nguyen, N.
262h Controlling Compartmentalization through Active Colloidal Confinement
Nguyen, N. Q.
248au Three-Dimensional CFD Analysis of Hydrodynamics and Concentration Polarization in an Industrial RO Feed Channel
Nguyen, N.
7b The Application of Reactive Dyes to Functionalize Fibers with MOFs, Quantum Dots, and Gold Nanoparticles
Nguyen, Q.
753c Combustion of Boron in Air- Acetylene Pre-Mixed Flame
Nguyen, Q.
625an Evaluation of Bulk, High Moisture Corn Stover Performance in Anaerobic Storage
Nguyen, T. H.
327a Oriented MFI Membranes By Gel-Less Secondary Growth of Sub-100nm MFI-Nanosheet Seed Layers
Nguyen, T. Y.
688d Evaluation of Fed-Batch Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF) of Celf-Pretreated Corn Stover to Enhance Ethanol Concentrations at Low Enzyme Loadings
Nguyen, T. Q. N.
489c Synthesis and Stability Study of Polymorphic Transformed Mannitol/ LB Agar Microcarriers for Pulmonary Drug Delivery
Nguyen, T.
473a 2D and 3D Biomaterial Platforms for Cancer Drug Screening
Nguyen, T.
494e Chronic Hypertension Increases Aortic Endothelial Hydraulic Conductivity By Upregulating Endothelial Aquaporin-1 Expression
Nguyen, T.
14e Effect of Low Temperature Gel Aging on Zeolite LTA Particle Size and Morphology in Template-Free Hydrogel Process
Nguyen, T. V.
118b Alkaline Hydrogen Iodine Fuel Cell
287a Advances in Hydrogen Bromine Fuel Cells
287b Effect of Br2 Complexation on a Hydrogen-Bromine Flow Battery Performance
Nguyen, T.
139d Electrochemical Activation of Methane at Low Temperatures for Applications in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Energy Conversion Devices
426f A Method for Sustainable Carbon Dioxide Utilization Process Synthesis and Design
Nguyen, V.
280a Developments in the Integrated Flowsheet for Treating Hanford's Radioactive and Hazardous Liquid Waste
Nhiem, D.
215c Beyond Air-Water Diffusion: Improving Integrity Test Accuracy for Sterilizing and Virus Membrane Filters By Measurement of Permeate Gas Composition
42o Novel Solvent Recovery Method for Solvent Deasphalting Process
618c Kinetic Analysis Using Master Plot Method and Distributed Activation Energy Model for Non-Isothermal Pyrolysis of Heavy Oil
Ni, F.
616e Minimum Work Analysis of Adsorption Applied to TSA and Chemical Looping Processes for Carbon Capture
621cc The Effectiveness of Sorption Enhanced Reaction Processes
Ni, X.
208i Increasing the Quantum Capacitance of Semiconducting C-Based Electrodes
Nichols, M.
340e The Impact of Activated Carbon's Pore Size Distribution on Heel Formation during Adsorption of Organic Vapors
364e Pilot-Scale Multistage Fluidized Bed Adsorber
584d Effect of Operational Parameters on the Performance of a Multistage Fluidized Bed Adsorber
717d Effect of Temperature and Heating Rate on Heel Build-up during Microwave Regeneration
717e The Effect of Regeneration Purge Gas Impurity on Irreversible Adsorption of Organic Vapors
Nicholson, B.
347d Solving Large-Scale Dynamic Optimization Problems in Parallel By Exploiting Structure
449g Modeling Abstractions and Frameworks for Optimization Problems with Differential Equations in Pyomo
Nicholson, D. A.
724e Molecular Modeling of Nucleation Under Shear and Extension in Short- and Long-Alkane Melts
Nicholson, M. A.
58f CO2 Capture from Flue Gas By PSA: Bench Scale Demonstration of a Novel Structured Adsorbent
Nickens, A.
497c IRI2038 Futures Study: A Journey into the Future of R&D Management
Nickerson, S.
View A Combined Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Study of Iodide-Based Ionic Liquid and Water Mixtures
Nickerson, S. D.
437d Iodide-Based Ionic Liquid and Water Mixtures: A Combined Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Study
Nicolaou, S. A.
722a Improved Functional Screening of Metagenomic Libraries Via Heterologous Sigma Factor Expression
Nicoll, S.
387f Mimicking Cell-Cell Interactions in 3D with Proteolipobeads
Nicolle, A.
315f A Multi-Scale Modeling Study of Methyl Trans-3-Hexenoate Oxidation By HO2
Nicoud, L.
534f The Fragmentation of Amyloid Fibrils Occurs in Preferential Positions Depending on the Environmental Conditions
683e Therapeutic Protein Aggregation: A Colloid Science Perspective
Nie, H.
753b Heterogeneous Oxidation of Mechanically Alloyed Al-Mg Powders By Oxygen and Water
Nie, L.
130e Fundamental Understanding of Spinel Stabilized Metal Catalysts
Nie, Y.
397a Reactor modeling and recipe optimization of polyether polyol processes: Polypropylene glycol
Nie, Y.
647f Integrating Scheduling and Control for a Mixed-Mode Process
Niedzwiedzki, D.
337f Facile Development of ZnO-CuO Nanowires for CO2 Photoreduction into Hydrocarbon Fuels
657b Self-Assembled Nanoparticle-in-Nanoparticle Metal/Lipid Complex
Niepa, T. H. R.
6bf Controlling the Metabolic Activity of Bacterial Cells By Physico-Chemical Factors
524c Bacterial Response to Interfacial Stress in a Model of Hydrocarbon Bioremediation
743h Selectively Permeable Microbial Nanoculture System
Nierode, G. J.
473b Three-Dimensional Cell Culture Platform for High-Throughput Toxicity and Differentiation Screening of Human Neural Stem Cells
View Generation and Use of a Pure Titanium Pillared MCM-36 Structure As a High Efficiency Carbon Dioxide Capture Platform
Nigra, M. M.
6as Nature-Inspired Approaches to Catalytic Materials Design
603d A Nature-Inspired Approach to the Confinement and Control of Catalytic Active Sites
743e Protein Confinement in Mesoporous Silica – Effects of Surface Curvature Investigated By Neutron Scattering and Catalysis
Nijmeijer, A.
42w Use of Forward Osmosis- Membrane Distillation Process in Treatment of Hyper-Saline Produced Water
152d Application of Direct Contact Membrane Distillation for Treating High Salinity Solutions: Impact of Membrane Structure and Chemistry
Nijmijer, A.
596e Carbon Nanofiber Adsorbent Membranes: Applications in Treatment of Oily Wastewater
Niknaddaf, S.
364e Pilot-Scale Multistage Fluidized Bed Adsorber
717d Effect of Temperature and Heating Rate on Heel Build-up during Microwave Regeneration
Nikolaki, S.
288d PAH Exposure and LUNG Cancer Risk Assessment By Internal Dosimetry Metrics
Nikolakis, V.
91b Process Design and Optimization of Chemicals' Production from Biomass Feedstocks
495g Solvent Effects on the Stability of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural: Understanding the Undesirable Side Reactions
Nikolaou, A.
445f Scaling-up Microalgae Production Systems: Inferring Biomass Productivity in Raceway Ponds Using Numerical Simulation
Nikolaou, M.
156g A Model-Based Approach for Predicting Gas Well Leaks from Cemented Annulus and Identifying Well Construction Factors Responsible for Such Leaks
345e Applying Predictive Analytics to Detect and Diagnose Impending Problems in Electric Submersible Pumps Used for Lifting Oil from Wellbores
702a Using Prior Knowledge for Multivariable Model Identification for Integral Controllability
Nikolic, H.
517d Autothermic Chemical Looping Process for Hydrogen Production Using Activated Carbon As a Catalyst
Nikolla, E.
202e Multifunctional O2-Electrodes for Reversible Li-O2 Batteries
285e Design of Ni-Based Electrocatalysts for Co-Electrolysis of CO2 and H2O from First-Principles Calculations
495b Nickel Based Catalysts Supported on HZSM-5 for Hydropyrolysis and Hydrogenolysis of Lignin Model Compounds
621bk Nanostructure Engineering of Nickelate Oxide Electrocatalysts for Enhanced Oxygen Exchange and Reduction Kinetics
621dx Fundamental Insights on the Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Using Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells
621ep Catalytic Performance of Supported Doped Nickel Catalysts Toward Direct Nonoxidative Conversion of Methane
View Non-Precious Metal Oxides As Cathode Electrocatalysts for Lithium-Air Batteries
View Modified Ni-Based Catalyst for Dry Reforming of Methane
View Synthesis of Shape-Controlled Layered Lanthanum Nickelate Oxides with Enhanced Oxygen Exchange Properties
View Evaluation of Polymer-Supported Carbon Electrodes for Implantable Glucose Fuel Cells
Nilsson, B.
View Investigating the Coassembly of Enantiomeric Amyloid Peptides
430d Dehydration Kinetics over Metal-Modified Zeolites: Impact for Biomass Pyrolysis
749g Entrained Flow Reactor to Minimize Vapor:Catalyst Contact Time for Biomass Pyrolysis
Ning, J.
271a Discovery of Novel Strong Yeast Promoters for Refactoring Fungal Natural Product Gene Clusters
Nino, J. C.
261d Porous Ceramic Foams By Emulsified Alumina Powder Suspensions in Water
149j Toroidal Drops in Compressional Flow
Niroomand, H.
487g Detergent-Mediated Photosystem I (PS I) Based Proteoliposome Formation: A First Step Towards Bio-Mimetic Device Fabrication
Nishimura, T.
257y The Scale up Technique Using Numerical Simulation for Coating Process of TiN Thin Film By a Thermal CVD Method
749h Study on the heat transfer and chemical reactions during pyrolysis of Cellulose, Xylan and Lignin
Nitodas, S.
6cj Novel Nanostructured Coatings for Use in Transport Applications
Nitodas, S. F.
261b Use of MULTI-Wall Carbon Nanotubes in Cement-Based Materials for the REAL-Time Monitoring of SMART Structures
363g Hybrid Polymer Nanocomposites with Low Flammability and Enhanced Mechanical Strength for Transport Applications**
Niu, Q.
92e Fabrication of High-Quality Graphene Oxide Nanoscrolls and Application in Supercapacitor
256q Preparation and Characterization of High-Performance Graphene Oxide and Polyether Amine Composite Films
345i An Integrated Scheme for Oscillation Detection and Diagnosis from Industrial Data
703g Visualization and Data-Driven Monitoring of Batch Processes
Niyogi, K.
265b Numerical Hydrodynamics Study of Gas Solid Vortex Reactor for Process Intensification in Fluidization Technology
91a Novel Processes for the Production of Olefins and Aromatics from Methane Via Methanol: A Comprehensive Process Synthesis and Global Optimization Approach
156c Small-Scale Gtl Processes for Utilizing Stranded Gas: Model Identification, Process Synthesis, and Global Optimization
165h Natural Gas to Liquids, Olefins, and Aromatics: A Systematic Approach for the Optimal Production Trade-Offs
282b Natural Gas to Liquid Transportation Fuels: Process Synthesis Under Feedstock and Product Pricing Uncertainty Using Robust Optimization
563b Optimal Production of Light Olefins from "Wet" Shale Gas: An Integrated NGL Cracking and Dry Gas Reforming Approach
613b Novel Processes for the Conversion of Municipal Solid Waste to Liquid Transportation Fuels, Olefins, and Aromatics: Process Synthesis and Global Optimization Strategies
639b Biomass to Liquid Transportation Fuels Utilizing Biological and Thermochemical Conversion: Process Synthesis and Global Optimization
735c Integrated Biomass and Natural Gas Refineries for the Co-Production of Liquid Fuels, Olefins, and Aromatics: Optimization Under Uncertainty
Njoroge, I. G.
693d Surface-Initiated Polymerization of Ionic Liquids
Nkansah, R.
452b Enhanced Spray Drying Throughput with High Productivity Hypromellose Acetate Succinate
230d Assessment of Polysulfone Membranes Embedded with Carbon Nanotubes and Polyester Non-Woven Fabric Support for the Treatment of Oil and Gas Produced Wastewater
514b Desulfurization of Diesel Fuel Using a Polymer-Supported Imidation Agent and Carbon Nanotubes As a Catalyst
Noble, R. D.
58a Ionic Liquid Composite Membranes for CO2/Light Gas Separations
71d Ionic Liquid Composite Membranes for Separation of CO2/Light Gas Mixtures
407a Influence of Propane on CO2/CH4 and N2/CH4 Separations in CHA Zeolite Membranes
437d Iodide-Based Ionic Liquid and Water Mixtures: A Combined Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Study
Nofen, E. M.
255f Early Damage Detection in Epoxy Matrices Via a Dimeric Anthracene Mechanophore
476d Structure and Responsiveness of Colloidal Lattices at Ionic Liquid-Water Interfaces
654b A Dimeric Anthracene Mechanophore for Early Damage Detection in Epoxy Matrices
View A Combined Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Study of Iodide-Based Ionic Liquid and Water Mixtures
Noguchi, M.
456e Development of a New Type of Accelerated Mineral Carbonation Process
585c Preparation of Geopolymers from Wastes
282g Restriction-Based Algorithms and Kkt-Based Bounding Procedures for Semi-Infinite Programming
Noisomran, R.
138f Photocatalytic Degradation of Diuron in Microreactor
Nolen, S.
423h Professional Formation of Engineers: Revolution at OSU
Nolte, M. W.
277c Ex Situ Hydrodeoxygenation in Biomass Pyrolysis Using Molybdenum Oxide and Low Pressure Hydrogen
557e Mechanistic Modeling of Fast Pyrolysis of Glucose-Based Carbohydrates in the Presence of NaCl
Noor, H.
175b 3D Printed Microfluidic Device for Dynamic Investigation of the Blood Brain Barrier
Nopens, I.
489d Detailed Simulation of Particle and Liquid Distribution in the Mixing Zone of a Twin-Screw Granulator
572d Experimental Investigation Linking Granulation Performance with Residence Time and Granulation Liquid Distributions in Twin-Screw Granulation
Nordlund, D.
66f Using in Situ X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy to Study the Electronic Structure of Manganese Oxide with Gold for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Nordstierna, L.
View Formulation of Two-in-One Microcapsules for Coating Applications
Nordstrom, F.
686c Primary Nucleation Under High Shear Conditions
Nordwald, E.
271f Crystallograhic Investigation of Imidazolium Ionic Liquid Effects on Enzyme Structure and Inactivation
248al Modeling of Physical-Chemical Variables Behavior in Rivers Using the Streerter-Phelps MODEL
Noriega, R.
521c Percolation, Tie-Molecules, and the Microstructural Determinants of Charge Transport in Semicrystalline Conjugated Polymers
Noriler, D.
350e Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Single-Phase Flow in a Thermosyphon
368i Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Isothermal Two-Phase Flow over a Tube Bundle
192b Numerical Simulation of a Thermal Cracking Continuous Reactor
738f Numerical and Physical Experimentation of the Erosion in Cyclones
754a Experimental and Numerical Study in the Inlet Region of a Circulating Fluidized Bed
Norris, D. J.
435c Co-Liquefaction of Mixed Culture Microalgal Strains Under Subcritical Water Conditions
6ez Hybrid Nanomaterials for Energy Harvesting
Norskov, J. K.
75c A Theory of Transition Metal Heterogeneous Catalysis
285c Theory-Guided Screening of Binary Alloy Thin Films for Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide
457e Computational and Experimental Insight into the Intrinsic Selectivity of Syngas Conversion over Rh(111)
603a Nitrogen-Doped Hierarchical Carbon for High-Performance Oxygen Reduction and Evolution Catalysis
Northrup, S.
25e Molecular Modeling of Pyrolysis Induced Shrinkage of Cellulose
631b Molecular Modeling of Select Organic Molecules at the Air-Water Interfaces
Norton, C. G.
40l A Novel Apparatus for Gravimetric Sorption Analysis of Minute Sample Quantities
6bz Molybdenum Dioxide-Based Catalysts for the Generation of Electrical Power from Biofuels
Norton, M. G.
496h Fuel Flexible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with High Power Density: Potential for Future Hybrid Electric Vehicles
514c Mo2C Supported NiMo Alloys for Synthesis Gas Production Via Partial Oxidation of Surrogate Biodiesel
515f Silica-Supported Ni-Mo Nanoparticle Alloys As Catalysts for Hydrogen Production Via Fuel Reforming
Noshadi, I. Sr.
477a Pervaporative Enrichment of 1,3-Propanediol from Model Fermentation Broths By Hydrophobic Specialty Polymers
Notestein, J.
621at Ethanol Carbonylation over Rh Based Catalysts
Nounou, H.
244s Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Batch and Fed-Batch Bioreactor System Using PCA, PCR, PLS with Glr Method
Nounou, M.
244s Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Batch and Fed-Batch Bioreactor System Using PCA, PCR, PLS with Glr Method
631c Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Amphiphilic Graphene Oxide As a Tunable Colloidal Surfactant in Oil/Water Mixtures
723g Graphene Oxide Nanocarrier for Doxorubicin Anticancer Drug, a Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
248j Simultaneous Energy Integration and Low Grade Waste Heat Recovery Technologies Targeting for Eco-Transformation
Nourse, J. L.
177d Optimizing Neural Stem Cell Sorting with Dielectrophoresis
View Optimizing Neural Stem Cell Sorting with Dielectrophoresis
Novaes de Souza, S.
View Modified Ni-Based Catalyst for Dry Reforming of Methane
314f Coupling of Ethanol Dehydration and Catalytic Combustion of Methane in a Multifunctional Reactor
423j Development of a Small Scale Fluidized Bed Dryer
Novikova, G.
488b Mechanisms of Metal Mineralization on Biotemplates for Nanowire Synthesis
Nowak, M.
250h Nano-Organohydrogels: Hydrogel Nanoparticles with Oil Nanodroplets for Controlled Encapsulation and Release
View Designing Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Diacrylate Hydrogels with Controlled pH-Responsive Swelling
Nowakowski, R.
94a Differential Effects of Acellular Embryonic Matrices on Pluripotent Stem Cell Expansion and Neural Differentiation
Nowbahar, A.
524i Interfacial Polymerization Kinetics for Reverse Osmosis Membranes
Nuhn, J.
137f Cancer Cell Migration Decisions in Engineered Environments
Nukala, R.
425e Prediction of Pipeline Erosion Uncertainty for Scale-up
Nune, S.
364b Nanocomposite Particle Synthesis Using Switchable Ionic Liquids (SWILs)
Nunes, A.
624c Phytochemical Profile and DPPH Free Radical Scavenging of Amazonian Plant Extracts
Nunes, S.
168a Self-Assembly for Membrane Formation: Influence of Solvent Quality, Hydrogen Bonds and Coulombic Interactions
404c Polymeric Membranes Manufactured from Solutions in Ionic Liquid
Núñez, M.
706e First Principles Prediction of Active Sites for Bimetallic Catalysts
Nuñez Velez, V. L.
664f Protein Engineering As a Tool to Improve the Surfactant Activity of OmpA Protein from Escherichia coli
Nunhez, J. R.
301g Influence of MESH Refinement Near Walls in HEAT Transfer Predictions in Stirred Tanks
View Heat Transfer in Stirred Tanks - Update
Nunn, W. T.
263c Rapid Room-Temperature Synthesis of HKUST-1 Powder, Patterns and Coatings Using ZnO
Nuraje, N.
26e Effect of Uniquely Assembled Nanostructures on Photovoltaic Properties
558c Self-Assembly of Hydrophobically Modified Polymeric Betaines
Nutaifi, A.
248j Simultaneous Energy Integration and Low Grade Waste Heat Recovery Technologies Targeting for Eco-Transformation
Nuxoll, E.
358b Wireless, Thermal Deactivation of Medical Device Infections Using an Iron Oxide Nanoparticle / Polymer Coating
387e Poly(vinyl alcohol) Tissue Phantoms for Robust Modeling of in Vitro Thermal Transport
465e Biofilm Mitigation on Implanted Devices
Nyankson, E.
250e Surfactant-Loaded Halloysite Clay Nanotube Dispersants for Crude Oil Spill Remediation
355h Hydroxylated Soybean Lecithin for Crude Oil Spill Remediation
Nye, J. A.
605g Spectroscopy Assisted Process Design for Complex Multi-Phase Organic Reactions
Nyein, H. Y. Y.
334a A Wearable Integrated Sensor Array for Perspiration Analysis
532h Comparative Study on Red Mud Gasification of Coal/Biomass Mixtures
Nykaza, J.
118c The Hydroxide Conductivity and Chemical Stability of a Polymerized Ionic Liquid Diblock Copolymer for Alkaline Fuel Cells Using Rotating Disk Electrode
575f Functionalization Using Minerals and Reactivity of Gasification Biochars
710f Syngas Production over Nickel-Based Catalysts Via Dry Reforming of Methane: Influence of Catalyst Support